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vii. An Act for improving the Drainage of Feltwell Second District in the County of Norfolk, and for amending the Acts relating to the same. Page 725 viii. An Act for lighting with Gas and supplying with Water the Town and Borough of Darlington and the Suburbs thereof in the County of Durham. Ibid.

ix. An Act for enabling the Nottingham Gaslight and Coke Company to raise a further Sum of Money, and for amending some of the Provisions of the Act relating to such Company. Ibid. x. An Act for more effectually assessing and collecting the Poor Rate and all other Rates and Assessments in the Parish of Epsom in the County of Surrey, and for the better Management of the Business and Affairs of the said Parish; and for other Purposes relating thereto. Ibid.

xi. An Act for making and maintaining Docks near to Wareham in the County of Dorset, with an Entrance thereto from Wareham Channel. Ibid. xii. An Act for better assessing the Poor Rates on small Tenements in certain Parishes and Places within the Union of Kidderminster. Ibid. xiii. An Act for the Dissolution of the Argyll Canal Company, and for the Abandonment of their Undertaking. Ibid. xiv. An Act to amend an Act for the better regulating and improving the Port and Harbour of New Ross in the Counties of Wexford and Kilkenny.

Ibid. xv. An Act to enable the Edinburgh and Northern Railway Company to raise a further Sum of Money. Ibid. xvi. An Act for the Management and Disposal of the Freemen's Pastures in the Parish of Great Grimsby in the Parts of Lindsey in the County of Lincoln; and for other Purposes. 726 xvii. An Act for better supplying the Town, Port, and Harbour of Whitehaven and other Places with Water. Ibid. xviii. An Act for altering the Mode of assessing the Drainage Rates authorized by the Act for draining and improving Marshland Smeeth and Marshland Fen in the Country of Marshland in the County of Norfolk, and to provide for the Repair of Roads within the Limits of the said Act. Ibid. xix. An Act for enabling the North-western Railway Company to make an Extension of the Lancaster Branch of their Railway, and a new Road to Settle Station, and to abandon the William Lands Branch; and for other Purposes. Ibid.

xx. An Act for authorizing the Bradford Waterworks Company to raise a further Sum of Money. Ibid. xxi. An Act for incorporating the Bury Saint Edmund's Gas Company, and for better supplying the Town and Borough of Bury Saint Edmund's in the County of Suffolk with Gas. Ibid. xxii. An Act to incorporate the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society; to enable the said Society to sue and be sued, and to take and hold Property; and for other Purposes relating to the said Society.


xxiii. An Act to amend and equalize the Rates and Duties leviable at the Port and Harbour of Perth, to authorize the borrowing of an additional Sum of Money, and for other Purposes in relation thereto.

Ibid. xxiv. An

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