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Assistance Without a Presidential Declaration (Continued)

Fire Suppression Assistance. The Stafford Act authorizes the President to provide assistance-including grants, equipment, supplies, and personnel to a State for the suppression of a forest fire or a grassland fire on public or private lands that threatens to become a major disaster. The Governor or the Governor's Authorized Representative must request such assistance through the FEMA Regional Director and should support the request with detailed information on the nature of the threat and the Federal assistance needed.

Health and Welfare. The Department of Health and Human Services may provide assistance to State and local welfare agencies and to State vocational rehabilitation agencies. The Public Health Service can aid States and local communities in emergency health and sanitation measures. The Food and Drug Administration may work with State and local governments in establishing public health controls through decontamination or condemnation of contaminated food and drugs.

Emergency Conservation Program.
The State Director may designate areas
for the Farm Service Agency (formerly the
Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation
Service), administered by the U.S.

Department of Agriculture. This program provides for cost-sharing grants to rehabilitate farm lands damaged by natural disasters.

Emergency Loans for Agriculture. Rural Economic and Community Development may make emergency loans to farmers, ranchers, and aquaculturalists in areas designated as eligible by its Administrator or the Secretary of Agriculture.

Disaster Loans for Homeowners and Businesses. The Small Business Administration (SBA) can provide both direct and bank-participation disaster loans to qualified homeowners and businesses to repair or replace damaged or destroyed private property when the Administrator declares a disaster loan area under the SBA's statutory authority. Economic injury loans can help small firms suffering economic losses as a direct result of a disaster.

Repairs to Federal Aid System Roads. The Federal Highway Administration of the Department of Transportation can provide assistance to restore roads and bridges on the Federal Aid System.

Tax Refunds. The Internal Revenue Service can assist individuals in applying for casualty losses resulting from natural disasters.

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Southern Baptist Convention, Church of the Brethren, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee-Provide assistance in cleanup activities and temporary repairs to owner-occupied homes.

• Southern Baptist Convention and Church of the Brethren-Provide safe, quality child-care services.

• Society of St. Vincent De PaulAssists in the distribution of donated items.

• Church World Service-Assists in the development of a Church Interfaith Committee to utilize donated church funds to provide for various unmet needs.

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Programs Knowledge

Instructions: This short exercise will help you assess your current understanding of Disaster Assistance Programs. Please provide the correct response(s) for each question, then check your answers against the answer key on pages 69 and 70.


Following a Presidential declaration of a major disaster or emergency, what three types of
Federal disaster assistance become available?


Disaster Housing, Individual and Family Grants, and Tax Assistance are in which category of disaster assistance?

3. Crisis Counseling services are available only after special request by the Governor and approval by which Federal agency?


Disaster Loans are available for homeowners, renters, business owners, and nonprofit organizations. This program is administered and funded by which Federal agency?

5. Name the three types of disaster loans that are available.

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