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three years,

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A regiment of dragoons to be raised and or. An act to provide revenue from imports, and
ganized, May 23, 1836,


to change and modify existing laws on im,
Repeal of so much of the act of 230 August, ports, and for other purposes, August 30,
1842, as requires the second regiment of 1842,

dragoons to be converted into a regiment Duties laid on particular articles,

of riflemen, March 4, 1844,
654 Articles exempt from duty,

The regiment to be remounted,

654 Twenty per cent. duty on articles not 'enu.

Drawback on Merchandise exported to Chihuahua

Addition of ten per cent. on importations in
and Santa .

foreign vessels,

Draw back on merchandise exported to Chi.

These additional duties not to be levied on
huahua and Santa Fé, March 3, 1845, 750

goods imported in foreign vessels entitled
Drawback on Goods exported to the British North by treaty or by any act or acts of Congress
American Provinces.

to be entered in the ports of the United
Drawback on goods exported to these pro-

States on payment of the same duties paid
vinces, March 3, 1845,

751 on the same goods imported in American
Ports from which goods may be exported,


Duties to be paid in coin,

Goods exported, if brought back, to be for- Regulations as to unclaimed goods, 562


No drawback to be paid unless exported in
Two and an half per cent to be received by

the Collectors for the United States, 752

Amount of the market value in the country

whence the goods were imported to be


The act of July 14, 1839, not to be construed Drawbacks on foreign sugar refined in the
to include spikes, pins, or chains as rail-

United States,

road iron, July 1, 1836,

61 Unfinished articles to be rated as finished, 564
Repeal of the 7th section of the act of March Examination of owners and others on oath
2, 1799, chap. 22, which requires a certifi. authorized,

cate to be given to the inspector on the Appraisement of goods,

landing of wines, July 4, 1836, 131 Authority to lessen the duties on the articles
Repeal of the 10th and 12th clauses of the 2d

in certain cases,

section of the act of July 14, 1832, chap. Duties on unenumerated articles which bear
227, entitled an act to alter and amend the a similitude to articles enumerated, 565
several acts imposing duties on imports, Examination of invoices and packages, 565
May 31, 1838,

234 Regulations for the collection of the duties,
The duties on goods destroyed by the great

conflagration in New York to be ascertain. Importation of indecent prints and paintings
ed by commissioners appointed by the act, prohibited,

and to be remitted, July 7, 1838, 284 Ten per cent. on the proceeds allowed to cer.
An act for the relief of umbrella-makers, tain States suspended,

March 3, 1839,

329 The second section of the act of March 2,
Duties which have been paid by umbrella. 1839, chap. 81, not to be construed to im-
makers refunded,

329 pair the right of any persons who have
Notes of the decision of the Supreme Court on paid or shall pay any duties to a collector

the construction of the 2d section of the of the customs on merchandise imported
act of March 3, 1839, 3 Howard R. 236, by him to ascertain and try the validity of
and of the act explanatory of the act of the claim to the duties, and to have the
March 3, 1839,

349 right to a trial by jury touching the same,
Act relating to duties and drawbacks, Sep- according to due course of law, February
tember 11, 1841,
463 26, 1845,

After 30th September, 1841, certain articles The South Carolina Railroad Company al-

to pay a duty of twenty per cent. ad valo. lowed to import free of duty such pipes
rem, September 11, 1841,


and machinery as have been invented for
Articles exempt from duty,

463 the application of the atmospheric pressure
Duty on two enumerated articles, and on ar- as a propelling power, Feb. 26, 1845, 727

ticles manufactured from two or more arti. Limitation of the importation and the use of

464 the working of the machinery to be under
Drawback on sugars and wines,

464 the direction of the Secretary of the Trea-
Duty on French wines,


. 727
The act to release railroad iron duty re. Duties on cargoes of French ships, the growth

pealed, and a duty of twenty per centum and produce of the islands of Miquelon and
on iron,

465 St. Pierre, to be admitted at the same duties
This act not to apply to vessels which sailed as in-American vessels, March 3, 1845, 748

from ports beyond the Cape of Good Hope, Exiles from Poland.

or Cape Horn, before August, 1841, 465 Acts now in force for the sale of the public
Value of the pound sterling at the Custom. lands extended to lands granted to Polish
house, July 27, 1842,
496 exiles, April 14, 1842,



Exploring Erpedition.

Distribution of the works on the Exploring Grant of land to the government of the State

Expedition, February 20, 1845, • 797 of Florida for schools, March 3, 1845, 788
Express Mail.

Application of the laws of the United States
Postage in advance to be paid on letters sent

to Florida,

by the express mail, October 12, 1837, 207 Florida to compose one district, to be called

the district of Florida,

False Swearing by Collectors, Naval Officers, or

A District Court established, which shall in

all things exercise the jurisdiction given to
False swearing to accounts required by the

the Judge of the District Court of Ken-
fifth section of the appropriation act of

tucky under the act to establish the Judi.
March 3, 1841, chap. 35, to be deemed

cial Courts of the United States, 788
perjury, and to be prosecuted, 433 Act of September 20, 1789, chap. 22.
Fiscal Year of the Treasury of the United States.

Organization of the Court,

Extra sessions of the Court,
On and after July 1, 1843, the fiscal year at

Annual sessions of the Court,

the treasury shall commence on the 1st of

Compensation of the Judge,

July, and reports shall be made in confor.

United States' Attorney to be appointed-his
mity annually, August 26, 1842, . 536


Reports and estimates to be made on the 30th

A Marshal to be appointed – his
June annually, August 26, 1842, 537


Title of appropriation acts,

Publication of receipts and expenditures, 537

Nothing in the resolution of April 30, 1843,
Statements of the commerce and navigation to

or in any other resolution, shall be con-
be made according to the fiscal year, 537

strued to prevent payment by the Secretary

at War for supplies or loans of money for

the defence of the inhabitants of Florida,
An act authorizing a special term of the March 1, 1845,

Court of Appeals of Florida, and for other

See Pre-emption Rights Public Lands-
purposes, February 25, 1836,


School Lands - Canals Harbors and Ri.
The county of Franklin added to the middle


Act of the Legislature of Florida incorpo.

Florida Land Claims.
rating certain Banks and Insurance Com.

Certain lands in the town of Fernandina, in

panies, annulled, July 1, 1836,


Florida, confirmed to the town,
Lands granted for the University of Florida

Patents to issue for certain lands in the St.
may be sold by the Governor and Legisla.

Augustine land district where applications
tive Council of the territory, July 1, 1836,

and payments were made to J. C. Cleland

and not returned, June 15, 1844, . 671
Regulation of the terms of the Superior Court Foreign Commerce.

in the territory of Florida, July 2, 1836, 69 Changes in the commercial systems of other
Acts relating to Appalachicola, Franklin coun- nations to be laid before Congress annually

ty, and for holding a Superior Court at In. by the Secretary of State, August 16, 1842,
dian Key, annulled, July 2, 1836, 70

Resolution authorizing rations to be furnished Foreign Moneys at the Custom-Houses.

to the inhabitants of Florida, February 1, Value of foreign moneys at the Custom-houses,

March 3, 1843,

An act lo reorganize the Legislative Council
of Florida, and for other purposes, July 7,

Forfeitures and Penalties.
Limitation of suits for penalties,


Appropriation for the compilation of the laws

Remission of penalties and forfeitures, 322
of Florida, July 7, 1838,

288 | Fortifications.
An act to establish a new judicial district in Appropriations for fortifications at Castle

the territory of Florida, July 7, 1838, 294 Island, Fort Adams, Fort Schuyler, &C.,
Appropriation for the erection of public July 2, 1836, -

buildings in Florida, March 3, 1839, 323 Appropriations for certain fortifications for
Appropriation for certain improvements in the year 1838, July 7, 1838,

Florida, June 15, 1814,

670 Resolution directing the purchase of a site
Choctaw hatchie and Holmes rivers, 670

for a fort at or near the western boundary
Survey for a railroad across the peninsula of of Arkansas, April 4, 1839,


670 Appropriation for the year 1840, July 21,
Connecting Indian river and Musqueto la- 1840,


670 Appropriations for certain fortifications for
Mark's river,

670 the year 1841, March 3, 1841,
Florida admitted into the Union, March 3, Appropriations for fortifications for the year
742 1841, September 9, 1841,

Florida to have one Representative in Con. Appropriations for fortifications for the year

743 1842, August 31, 1842,
Appropriation for certain military services in Appropriations for fortifications for the year
Florida, March 3, 1845, -
745 1843, March 3, 1843,




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Harbors and Rivers.
Appropriations for fortifications for the fiscal mouths of certain rivers, and for other
year ending June 30, 1845, May 31, 1844, purposes, during the year 1837, March 3,


Appropriations for fortifications for the year An act to provide for certain harbors and for

ending June 30, 1846, March 3, 1845, 743 the removal of obstructions in and at the
Fulton's Heirs.

mouths of certain rivers, and for other
The petition and papers relating to the claims purposes, for the year 1838, July 7, 1838,
of the heirs of Robert Fulton referred to

the Secretary of the Navy, June 23, 1836, Examination and survey with a view to the


establishment of a naval depôt at Memphis,
General Land Office.

March 3, 1843,

The General Land Office reorganized, July 4,

Appropriations for the improvement of cer-


tain harbors and rivers, June 11, 1844,
Office of the Solicitor of the Land Office abo-

lished. His duties to be performed by the

Improvement of Grant river, Wisconsin, 663
Receiver, or such other person in the Land

Appropriations for improvements on the
Office as the Commissioner of the Land

western shore of Lake Michigan, 668
Office may direct, June 12, 1844, 662 Appropriations for the improvement of the
The clerks in the General Land Office to be

harbor at Racine, to be expended under


the direction of the Secretary of War, 668
See Commissioner of the General Land Ofice. Harrison, Mrs.

Appropriation for Mrs. Harrison, widow of

the late President of the United States,
The corporation of Georgetown empowered

June 30, 1841,

to receive fines and forfeitures imposed
under the charter, August 19, 1841, 449

Letters and packages to and from Mrs. Har.

rison to be free of postage, September 9,
An act to extend the jurisdiction of the cor-


poration of Georgetown, July 27, 1842,

497 | Harrison, William Henry.

Appropriation for the expenses of the funeral
Representatives in Congress according to the of William Henry Harrison, late President
sixth census,


of the United States, September 1, 1841,
Appropriation to indemnify the State of
Georgia for the services of her militia,

A resolution manifesting the sensibility of
called out to suppress Indian hostilities, Congress upon the event of the death of
August 11, 1842,

504 William Henry Harrison, late President
Payment of the militia of Georgia, August

of the United States, July 14, 1841, 466
11, 1842,

504 Home Squadron of the Navy.
Payment of seven companies of Georgia mili.

Appropriation for the pay, subsistence, &c.,
tia for services rendered in 1840 and 1841,

of a home squadron, August 1, 1841, 438
February 4, 1843,

Time of holding the Circuit Court in Georgia, Illinois.


Board of Commissioners to be appointed to
Grampus, Schooner.

adjust the titles to lots laid out on Bean
An act for the relief of the widows and or-

river, Illinois, July 6, 1836,

phans of the officers, seamen and marines After the claims to lots shall be adjusted by
of the United States' schooner Grampus,

the Commissioners, the residue of the lots
June 15, 1844,


shall be sold, and the proceeds appropriated
Pensions granted,


to the erection of public buildings and
wharves in the town of Galena,

Harbors and Rivers.

Representatives in Congress according to the
Repeal of the second section of the act of May

sixth census,

23, 1828, preventing the State of Alabama
selling at a price less than the minimum Imprisonment for Debt.
price of public lands, the residue of the Imprisonment for debt on process issuing out
lands granted for the improvement of the of the courts of the United States abolished
Tennessee, Coosa, and other rivers, June in certain cases, February 28, 1839, 321
23, 1836,

57 A supplement to the act to abolish imprison.
The State of Alabama may impose tolls on ment for debt, May 14, 1841, 410

the canal around the Muscle or Colbert's No person shall be imprisoned for debt on a


judgment from which an appeal has been
Appropriations for harbors and rivers, July taken and remains undecided, or on which
2, 1836,


a writ of error has been sued out, which
Appropriations for the improvement of cer- has not been finally disposed of for one

tain harbors for the year 1836, July 4, year after such judgment shall be finally


disposed of; but every such person shall
An act to provide for certain harbors and for have the benefit of the prison rules and the

the removal of obstructions in and at the limits and liberties of the jail or prison, for

Imprisonment for Debt.

Indian Hostilities.
one year after the final decision on the ap- Appropriations for the suppression of Indian

peal or writ of error, March 3, 1843, 629 hostilities in Florida, July 2, 1836,- 65
New bonds to be given,

629 Appropriations for the suppression of Indian
No female shall be imprisoned for debt upon hostilities, January 9, 1837,

mesne or final process,

629 An additional appropriation for the suppres-
The prison bounds as established not to be sion of Indian hostilities, March 2,1837, 152

629 Additional appropriations for the suppression
Indemnity from the British Government for the of Indian hostilities in 1837, October 16,
loss of Slaves.


The balance of the indemnity received from Appropriations for the suppression of Indian
the British government for the loss of hostilities, January 30, 1838,

slaves on board the Comet and Endymion Appropriations for suppressing Indian hos.
to be distributed among those entitled to tilities for the year 1838, and arrearages
the same,

· 601
for 1837, June 12, 1838, -


Appropriations for preventing and suppress-
Circuit and District Courts in Indiana, Illi. ing Indian hostilities for the year 1839,
nois, and Michigan,

March 3, 1839,

Representatives in Congress according to the Appropriations for preventing and suppress-
sixth census,

491 ing indian hostilities in Florida, 434
Indian Department.

Indian Reserrations.
Appropriations for the Indian department,

Commissioners to be appointed to adjust
Indian annuities, &c., for 1836, June 14,

claiins to reservations under the treaty


with the Choctaws. Their duties, salaries,
Appropriations for the Indian department,

&c., March 3, 1837,

and for fulfilling Indian treaties, March 3,

The sale of the Creek Indian reservation's

158 under the treaty of 1832, authorized and
Appropriations for the Indian department, sanctioned, March 3, 1837, - . 186
and for fulfilling Indian treaty stipulations,

The inoney received from the purchasers to
July 7, 1838, -

298 be paid to the persons entitled thereto, 186
Appropriations for the Indian department, Patents may issue to the last purchasers of

and for fulfilling Indian treaties for the Creek Indian selections, July 5, 1838, 256
year 1833, March 3, 1839,

323 | Indian Treaties.
Appropriations for the Indian department, An act to carry into effect the treaty with the
and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with Chickasaw Indians, April 20, 1836, 10

the Indian tribes, July 20, 1810, . 402 Provisions relative to the sales of lands and
Appropriations for the Indian department, payments of moneys,

and for Indian treaties, for the year 1841, Appropriations for carrying into effect trea-
March 3, 1811,

417 ties with the Cherokees, Osages, Choctaws,
Appropriations for the Indian department, Ottawas, Chippewas, &c., and expenses of

and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with va. delegation to Washington, July 2, 1836, 73
rious Indian tribes, for the year 1842, July Appropriations for Indian treaties, July 7,
17, 1842,


Appropriations for the Indian department, Appropriations for Indian treaties, July 20,
and to fulfil treaty stipulations with the In. 1840,

dians, for the fiscal year, from January 1, Appropriations for Indian treaties in 1841,
1813, to June 30, 1843, and for the fiscal

year from July 1, 1843, to the 30th June, Appropriations for Indian treaties, July 17,
1844, March 3, 1813,
· 612 1842,

Appropriations for the Indian department, An act to provide for the satisfaction of claims

and for fulfilling Indian treaties, for the arising under the fourteenth and nineteenth
fiscal year, ending June 30, 1845, June 17, article of the treaty of Dancing Rabbit

704 creek, concluded in September, 1830, Au-
Appropriations for the Indian department, gust 23, 1842,

and for fulfilling Indian treaties, for the Proceedings of the commissioners appointed
fiscal year ending June 30, 1846, March 3, under the treaty,


766 Appropriations for Indian treaties, March 3,
Indian Hostilities.


Appropriations for suppressing hostilities with Insane Hospital in the District of Columbia.

the Seminole Indians, January 14 and Ja- Appropriation for certain expenses in the erec-
nuary 29, 1836,

1 tion of a penitentiary in Iowa, August 29,
Part of appropriations to be transferred to the 1842,

credit of subsistence, March 19, 1836, 6 An act to provide an insane hospital for the
Appropriations for suppressing hostilities with district of Columbia, August 29, 1842, 537

the Indians in Florida, April 1, 1836, 8 A board of inspectors to be appointed-their
Further appropriations for suppressing Indian duties,

hostilities in Florida, April 29, 1836, 17 Appropriation for the support of insane per.
Appropriations for the suppression of hostili. sons in the district of Columbia, June 15,
ties by the Creek Indians, May 23, 1836, 33 1844,


Insane Hospital in the District of Columbia. Iowa.

Use of the insane hospital for an infirmary To have one representative in Congress, 743
granted to the medical faculty, 672 Not to interfere with the public lands,

Insolvent Debtors of the United States.

Jurisdiction of the District Court of lowa the
The acts of March 2, 1831, chap. 62, July 14, same as that given to the District Court of

1832, chap. 230, June 7, 1834, chap. 45, ex. Kentucky by the act of September 24, 1789,
tended for two years, March 2, 1837, 154

chap. 20,

An act to extend for a longer period the se.

District Attorney and Marshal to be appoint-
veral acts now in force for the relief of in.


solvent debtors of the United States, May

Grants of lands for schools and for a univer.
27, 1840,
381 sity,

The acts for the relief of insolvent debtors of

Laws of the United States extended to lowa,
the United States revived and continued for

three years, January 28, 1843, • 597 Propositions to be submitted to the Legisla-
Insurance against Fire.

ture of Iowa, -

A Fire Insurance Company in the town of

Alexandria, in the district of Columbia, in. Jackson, General Andrew.
corporated, February 17, 1836,

2 The fine imposed on General Andrew Jackson
Notes of decisions of the courts of the United at New Orleans, on the 31st day of March,

States on insurances against fire, 2 1815, to be repaid to him with interest at

the rate of six per centum, February 16,
Notes of the decisions of the courts of the 1844,

United States on the subject of interest,

518 Judiciary.

The District Court of the western district of
An act to divide the territory of Wisconsin, Virginia, to be holden at Clarksburg, to sit

and to establish the territorial government on the first Monday of April and Septem-
of Iowa, June 12, 1838,

ber, July 1, 1839,

Notes of the acts relating to the territory of Regulations of the Supreme Courts of the

235 Territory of Florida, July 2, 1836, 69
The President of the United States authorized The District Court of Arkansas to have the

to cause the southern boundary line of the same jurisdiction as other District Courts
Iowa territory to be run, June 18, 1838, of the United States, March 1, 1837, 147

248 The Supreme Court of the United States to
Salaries of officers in the territory of Iowa, consist of a Chief Justice and eight Asso-

266 ciate Justices, March 3, 1837, - 176
A grant of land to Iowa territory for the Establishment of the second, third, fourth,
erection of public buildings, March 3, 1839, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth circuits,

Compensation to the judges of the Supreme Notes of acts relating to the courts of the
Court in Iowa, March 3, 1839, 331 United States,

Eastern boundary line of the territory of The acts vesting the jurisdiction of Circuit

Iowa to be defined and established, March Courts in certain District Courts, repealed,
3, 1839, -

The Legislative Council of Iowa authorized Regulations of the Circuit Courts established,
to provide by law for the election of sheriffs,

and of a delegate to Congress, March 3, Circuit and District Courts in Alabama, Feb.

22, 1838,

Assent of Congress to an extra session of the Times of holding the District Courts in In.

Legislature of Iowa, April 30, 1844, 657 diana, Illinois, and Michigan, March 10,
Certain lots granted to the town of Dubuque, 1838, -

June 18, 1844,

666 A Circuit Court to be held annually in each
Appropriations for certain improvements in district,

the territory of Iowa,

670 Circuit Court jurisdiction restored to the Dis-
Dubuque harbor,


trict Courts of the western district of Vir.
Bridges on the agency road,
670 ginia,

Bridges on the military road from Dubuque District Courts in the State of Mississippi,
to Missouri,

June 18, 1838,

Iowa admitted into the Union, March 3, 1845, A District Court established in the western


district of Tennessee, June 18, 1838, 249
Boundaries of Iowa,

742 Salary of the Judge of the Orphans' Court
Iowa to have concurrent jurisdiction of the of the county of Alexandria, in the District
Mississippi and other rivers. The Missis- of Columbia, June 28, 1838,

sippi river, and the navigable waters lead. Circuit and District Courts in the western dis.
ing into the river, to be a common high- trict of New York, July 7, 1838, 295

743 An act to change the times of holding the
Ordinance of Iowa, appended to the constitu- United States Circuit Court in the district

tion, not to be obligatory on the United of East Tennessee, and the Maryland dis-

trict, July 7, 1838,

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