Slike strani

New Madrid Locations of Lands.

Oregon and California,
Notes of the decision of the Supreme Court Greenhow, authorized, February 20, 1845,
under act of February 17, 1815, chap. 45,

603 Distribution of the copies purchased, 723
New Orleans.

Limits of the port of New Orleans, February Orphans' Court of Alexandria County.
9, 1837,


Salary of the Judge of the Orphans' Court
The Collector of New Orleans may, with the

of the county of Alexandria, in the Dis-

trict of Columbia, Junc 28, 1838, 253
approbation of the Secretary of the Trea-
sury, employ, not exceeding ten additional Osage Indians.
inspectors, March 3, 1845,


Provisions to be furnished to them. Farmers

to be employed, and stock to be purchased
New York.

for them, January 16, 1838,

Four regular terms to be held by the District

Court for the northern district of New York, Paintings for the Rotundo of the Capitol.
to be held at Albany, Utica, Rochester and A contract to be made with American artists
Buffalo, July 7, 1838,

295 for four historical paintings, June 23, 1836,
Circuit Court for the northern district of New


295 Passengers on board of Steam Vessels.
Circuit Court of New York, March 3, 1839, Owners of steam vessels to make a new en.

338 rolment and take out a new license, July
Representatives in Congress according to the 7, 1838,

sixth census,

491 Inspectors of steam boilers and machinery
The Clerk of the District Court for the north-

on board vessels to be appointed by Dis.
ern district of New York may appoint a trict Judges,

deputy. The Clerk to be responsible for Examination and certificates of inspection,
his acts, August 11, 1842,

. 506

See Courts-Judiciary.

Safety-valves to be opened whenever vessels
North Carolina.


Representatives in Congress according to the

Regulations to be observed on board of steam
sixth census,


The appropriation for the hospital at Ocra- An act to modify the act entitled "An act
coke, North Carolina, not to revert to the

to provide for the better security of the
surplus fund, &c., February 27, 1843, 602

lives of passengers on board of vessels pro.
Time of holding the Circuit Courts of North

pelled in whole or in part by steam," ap-

731 proved July 7, 1838, March 3, 1813, 626

Vessels propelled by steam to be provided
with additional steering apparatus,

North-eastern Boundary of the United States.

Vessels provided with certain apparatus may
Appropriation to provide for the expenses of

use heinp tiller ropes, &c.,

making a survey and exploration of that

Freight vessels propelled by sails and Erick.
part of the north-eastern boundary line of

son's propeller, not required to provide suc.
the United States which separates the States tion hose, &c.,

of Maine and New Hampshire from the

Experimental trials of inventions to prevent
British provinces, July 20, 1840,

explosions, &c.,

Further appropriations, February 27, 1841,

413 Patents for Public Lands.
Officers of Congress.

Patents to be issued to heirs, devisees, and
Extra pay to officers of Congress, 462 assigns, May 20, 1836,


An act to confirm land patents, March 3, 1841,

Northern boundary of Ohio established, June Literal exemplifications of records of patents
15, 1836,


and other evidences of title, to be as valid
Establishment of the northern boundary line

as if the names of the officers signing and
of Ohio, June 23, 1836,


countersigning the same had been fully in.
Description of the east and west line, 57

scrted in such record, March 3, 1843, 627
Change of the time of holding the Circuit Patents for useful Inventions.
and District Courts of Ohio, June 1, 1842,

A Commissioner of Patents to be appointed,
July 4, 1836,

Representatives in Congress according to the

Proceedings to obtain patents,

sixth census,


Patents to be signed by the Secretary of State
Repeal of the act to amend the act of March

and the Commissioner of Patents, 118
10, 1838, entitled "An act to change the

Interfering applications,

time of holding the Circuit and District

Sums to be paid for patents by citizens of the
Courts in the district of Ohio," March 26,

United States—by the subjects of Great

Sec CourtsJudiciary:

Britain, and by other persons,


Assignments of patents and records thereof,
Oregon and California.

Purchase of certain copies of the History of Patents invalid from defective exemplifica.
Oregon and California, &c., from Robert tions. Additions to patent,


See Courts-—Judiciary:



Patents for useful Inventions.

Suits for violations of patents,

123 the United States for the western district
Actions cognizable in the Circuit Courts, 124 of Pennsylvania, to commence on the first
Library of the patent office. Models, · 125 Monday in October, July 27, 1842, · 496
An act in addition to the act to promote the Circuit Courts to be held at Williamsport, in

progress of science and the useful arts, the western district of Pennsylvania, March
March 3, 1837,

3, 1843,

Patents issued, and assignments executed and Proceedings now pending in the District

recorded prior to December 15, 1836, may Court transferred to the Circuit Court, 628
be recorded anew,


See CourtsJudiciary.
Measures to be taken to obtain patents, &c., Pensions.
to be recorded,


The laws authorizing the Bank of the United
Certified copies of records to be evidence.

States to pay pensions repealed, and pen-
Renewal of new patents. Duplicates of

sions to be paid according to the direc.
models. Patents returned for correction,

tions of the Secretary at War, April 20,

When specification has been too broad, or a

Appropriations for the payment of revolution.
mistake made in filing a declaration, may

ary pensioners, April 14, 1836,

make disclaimer, &c.,


Limitation of the denomination of bank notes
Clerks to be appointed,


to be paid for pensions, and all bank notes
Annual statement of expenditures, &c., to be

paid to be equivalent to specie, and con-
laid before Congress,

An act in addition to “An act to promote the

vertible into gold and silver without loss
when paid,

progress of the useful arts,” March 3, 1839,

The act of January 1828, chap. 2, to prevent

defalcations on the part of the disbursing
Distribution of the Digest of Patents, Sept.

agents of the government, shall not apply
1, 1841,

An act in addition to an act to promote the

to the pension of any pensioner of the

United States, May 20, 1836,
progress of the useful arts, and to repcal

A pension agency to be established at Wheel.
all acts and parts of acts heretofore made

ing, Virginia, June 7, 1836,

for that purpose, August 29, 1842, 543

A pension agency to be established at Pu-
Moneys paid as fees under mistake to be paid

laski, Tennessee, June 28, 1836, 60

The third section of the act of March 3,

Five years' half pay to widows or orphans of

those who have died in the service of the
1837, chap. 43, extended to patents granted

United States, since April 20, 1818, July 4,
prior to December 15, 1836, though lost


subsequently, :

Benefit of the act of June 7, 1832, extended,

Any alien &c. who may have resided one year

in the United States, may obtain a patent on The benefits of the act of July 1836, chap.
making an oath of his intention to become

362, not to be withheld from any widow
a citizen of the United States,


who has been allowed a pension, in conse-
Penalties for infringing patent rights,


quence of her marriage subsequent to the
Articles patented, when offered for sale to be

allowance of a pension to her, March 3,


Pauper Lunatics in the District of Columbia,

Widows of persons who continued in service
Provision for the maintenance of pauper lu-

till November 3, 1783, and were married
natics in the District of Columbia, August

before that day, entitled to the benefits of
3, 1841,

the third section of the act of July 1836,

Pea Patch on the Delaware.

All money after having remained in the hands
Purchase of the Pea Patch on the Delaware

of the pension agent unclaimed for eight
authorized, March 3, 1839,


months, to be repaid to the Treasury of the
Penitentiary in the District of Columbia.

United States. To be paid to the Treasurer
Appropriation for the Penitentiary in the

of the United States by draft from the
District of Columbia, February 16, 1839,

Commissioner of Pensions, April 6, 1838,

Appropriation for purchasing materials for the

Appropriations for revolutionary and other


pensioners, March 10, 1838,
Penitentiary in the District of Columbia,
August 31, 1842,

• 579 A pension agency to be established at Tus.

caloosa, Alabama, June 28, 1838, 254

The pension agency at Decatur, to be re.
District Court for the western district of Penn- moved to Huntsville, Alabama, July 5, 1838,
sylvania, May 8, 1840,

The District Court for the eastern district of Five years' pension granted to certain widows

Pennsylvania to hold a special session, of officers and soldiers, July 7, 1838, 303
March 19, 1842,


No pledge or mortgage of the half pay or
Representatives in Congress according to the pension to be valid. Not liable to be scized

The October Term of the District Court of

for debt,

The benefits of the act of July 4, 1836, chap.

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362, not to be withheld from the widows
of those whose husbands have died, or shall
die since the passage of the act, July 7,

Appropriation for the payment of revolution-
ary pensioners for the year 1839, February
19, 1839,

Appropriations for the payment of revolu-
tionary and other pensioners for the year
1841, February 18, 1841,

Appropriations for pensions in the year 1842,
February 12, 1842, -

Pensions to Cherokee warriors, April 14,

Marriage of a widow to be no bar to her pen-

sion under the act of July 7, 1836, chap.
362, and July 18, 1838, chap. 189, if a
widow at the time of her application for a
pension, August 23, 1842,

The benefits of the act of July 7, 1838, not

to be withheld from widows, August 16,

Appropriations for pensions, February 14,

Appropriations for the payment of navy pen.

sions for 1843, March 3, 1843, 610
Pensions to certain widows, under the pen.

sion acts, to be continued for five years,
March 3, 1843,

Appropriations for the payment of revolu.

tionary and other pensioners for the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1845, April 30, 1844,

On application to any pension agent in Ken.

tucky, the name of the pensioner shall be
transferred to the agency in Cincinnati,

Act of 1813, chap. 102, extended for four
years from March 4, 1844,

Widows entitled under the act of 1838, chap.

189, to have the benefit of this act, 680
Appropriations for the payment of revolu-
tionary and other pensioners for the year
ending June 30, 1846, February 20, 1845,

Widows' pensions limited,

Resolution that the act of April 30, 1844,

chap. 15, shall not be construed to affect
the clairns of widows whose application for
pensions or arrears of pensions, at the
time of the passing of this resolution, had
been made and filed in the office of the
Commissioner of Pensions, January 23,

Pier on Winnebago Lake.

Appropriation for building a pier at the
northern extremity of Winnebago lake,
March 3, 1839,


Pilots, when licensed by either State, may be

employed on the waters which are the
boundaries of the States, March 2, 1837,

Notes of the cases in the courts of the United

States as to pilots and pilotage, 153
Ports of Entry and Delivery.

Ports of Sippican and Mattapoisett in Mas-
Vol. V. -104

Ports of Entry and Delivery.

sachusetts, to be known as ports under
these names within the collection district
of New Bedford, and the vessels belonging
to these places to be described as belonging
to the respective places, May 27, 1840, 381
The port of delivery and the office of Sur.

veyor of the Customs at Currituck Inlet in
North Carolina, to be abolished, March 3,

Robbinston, in the State of Maine, to be a

port of delivery, March 3, 1843, 609
Port of entry in the district of Passamaquoddy

in the State of Maine, May 31, 1844, 658
Lafayette, in Louisiana, to be a port of deli-
very, June 12, 1844,

Vessels proceeding to the port of Lafayette,

in the State of Louisiana, to make report
and entry at New Orleans,


An act to change the organization of the

post-office department, and to provide more
effectually for the settlement of the ac-
counts thereof, July 2, 1836,

Regulations of the post-office departinent, and

duties of the postmasters and auditors, 80
Settlement of the accounts of the post-office

Compensation of assistant Postmasters-Gene.
ral, auditors, clerks, &c.,

Postmaster-General authorized to change the

time of termination of contracts for carry-
ing the mail, March 3, 1837,

The walls of the post-office building destroy.

ed by fire to be taken down, and the mate.

rials preserved, March 19, 1838, 310
An act further to regulate the transportation

of the muil of the United States on rail.
roads, January 25, 1839,

An act providing for the erection of a fire-

proof building for the use of the general
post-office, March 3, 1839,

A complete edition of the laws and regula-

tions of the post office to be printed, August
29, 1842,

An act to authorize the extension of the con-

tract for carrying the mail on the mail
routes between Mobile and New Orleans,
June 6, 1842, -

Resolution for the extension of the contract for

carrying the mail on the Potomac, August
31, 1842,

The chief clerk in the office of the Secretary

of State authorized to frank letters and do.
cuments from the office, .

Appropriations for the service of the post-
office for the fiscal year, ending June 30,
1845, June 15, 1844,

The Postmaster-General to make arrange-

ments with the British government for the
transinission of the mails between Boston
and Canada, and the mail between the
United States and Europe, June 15, 1844,

Mail between Bremen, Havre, &c., 718
Regulations to be established for the mail,

Franking privilege of officers of government
taken away, March 3, 1845,


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Pre-emption Rights to Public Lands.
Reduction of postage on letters to five cents Qualifications necessary to entitle settlers to

for less than 300 miles, and ten cents for the benefits of the act of May 29, 1830,
any distance exceeding 300 miles, 733

chap. 208, June 25, 1838,

Postages on newspapers,


An act supplementary to the act entitled “An
Postages on printed handbills,


act to grant pre-emption rights to settlers
Postages on pamphlets,


on the public lands," approved June 22,
Regulations relative to mails,

1838, June 1, 1810,

Deputy postmasters to be paid postage on Provisions relating to pre-emption of public
business letters,

734 lands, by the act to appropriate the pro-
Transportation of the mail by railroads, 738 ceeds of public lands, and to grant pre.
Appropriations for deficiencies of the revenue emption rights, September 4, 1846, 455
of the post-office,

739 Provisions relating to entry of land under
Franking privilege to members of Congress, pre-emption rights,

to Presidents of the United States, Mrs.

Seitlers at Mineral Point, Wisconsin, who
Madison and Mrs. Harrison, - 733, 739 have been refused entry, to be allowed to
Provisions relating to violating the post-office

re-enter land elsewhere, August 23, 1842,



Patents to issue for lands entered under pre-
Appropriations for the post-office for the year

emption laws, but withheld on account of
ending June 30, 1046, March 3, 1845, 739

the quantity exceeding that specified in the
An act to reduce the rates of postage, to law, August 26, 1842,

. 534
limit the use and correct the abuse of the

Act of September 4, 1841, chap. 16, not to
franking privilege, and for the prevention confer a right of pre-emption by reason of
of frauds on the revenue of the United

a settlement on a tract heretofore sold, 535
States, March 3, 1845,

. 732

An act to authorize an investigation of al.
The Postmaster-General authorized to make leged frauds under the pre-emption laws,

contracts for the transportation of the mail and for other purposes, March 3, 1843,
from the United States to foreign countries,

March 3, 1815,

748 Provisions for the execution of the act, 619
Contracts to be made with American citizens, Patents to issue on all entries made at St.


Augustine under the act of June 22, 1838,
Regulations for transporting the mail, 749 chap. 119, notwithstanding any informality
Consuls of the United States authorized to in the mode of entry or defect of proof,
pay the postage on letters detained for June 15, 1844,

• 673
postage in foreign countries,


Presents from the Emperor of Morocco.
Preference to be given to steam-ships for Such as cannot be conveniently deposited in
carrying the mail,


the office of the Secretary of State, to be
Steam-ships to be delivered to the govern- disposed of, July 20, 1840,

ment, at their full value, on demand, 750 Presents from the Imaum of Muscat.
Transportation of the mail to the Gulf of The horses to be sold,

Mexico in steamers,


President and Vice President of the United States.
The Postmaster-General may contract for

A uniform time for holding elections of elec-
carrying the mail on railroads without ad-

tors of the President and Vice President
vertising for contracts, February 20, 1845, of the United States, January 23, 1845, 721

A resolution to fix the time when the act to Prisoners of the United States in Rhode Island.
reduce the rates of postage, and limit the

The prisoners of the United States to be kept
use and correct the abuse of the franking

under the like restrictions and penalties as
privilege, and for the prevention of frauds on

prisoners committed under the authority of
the revenue of the post-office department,

Rhode Island, June 19, 1840, - - 385
shall go into effect, March 3, 1845, · 800 Property lost or destroyed by the enemy.
Post Roads.

Officers and others to be paid the value of
An act to establish certain post roads, and horses, &c., lost in the United States' ser-
to alter and discontinue others, &c., July 2, vice, January 18, 1837,


90 Volunteers and militia to be paid for arms,
Post roads in Missouri and Arkansas esta.

&c., lost,

blished, March 10, 1836,
131 Adjustment of claims,

· 143
An act to establish certain post roads and to Horses, &c. turned over to the service of the
discontinue others, July 7, 1838, 271

United States by the commanding officer,
Post roads in Mississippi and Tennessee, to be paid for, October 14, 1837, 204
April 14, 1842,

473 Claims to be adjusted by the Third Auditor,
An act establishing certain post roads, Au.

gust 31, 1842,
568 Acts to extend to mules,

Establishinent of certain post roads in Flo- The act of January 18, 1837, chap. 5, relating


to property lost or destroyed in the military
An act to establish post routes, March 3, 1845, service of the United States, continued in

778 force for two years, July 7, 1838, 288

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Properly lost or destroyed by the enemy.
The act of January 18, 1837, chap. 5, con.

tinued in force for two years, February 27,

Amendment of the act of January 18, 1837,
chap. 5, August 23, 1842,

To include claims for horses lost by abandon.

ment by order of the commanding general,

or by being shot or lost by accident, 511
Appeal from the Auditor to the Second Comp-

troller on the rejection of the claim, 511
The act providing for the payment of horses

and other property lost in the revolutionary
service of the United States, passed Janu.
ary, 18, 1837, chap. 5, continued in force
for two years, March 3, 1843,

Appropriation for the payment of horses lost
by the Missouri volunteers in the Florida
war, June 15, 1944,

Property of the United States.

The banking-house of the Bank of Michigan,

which has been purchased by the United
States, to be set apart for the courts of the
United States and the post-office at Detroit,
March 3, 1843,

The property of the Bath bank, in the State

of Maine, purchased by the United States,
to be in the charge of the Secretary of the

The use of the building of the United States

at Lazaretto Point, given to the Corpora.
tion of Baltimore,

Protection of Passengers on board of Steamboats.
Act of July 7, 1838,

Protection of the Northern Frontier of the Union.

Appropriation, to be expended under the di.

rection of the Secretary of War, January
30, 1838,

Protection of the Northern and North-western Fron-

tiers of the United States.
Appropriation for the protection of the north-

ern and north-western frontiers of the

United States, March 3, 1839, 351
Protection of the Western Frontier.

A military road to be surveyed. Military

posts to be established, July 2, 1836, 67
The troops of the United States to be em.

ployed in the labor of making the road,

Providence Custom-house.

Appropriation for the repair of the custom-

house at Providence, Rhode Island, 496
Public Buildings.

The claims of workmen, &c. on the public

buildings to be examined by the Coinmis-
sioner of Public Buildings and to be paid,
January 18, 1839,

Public Documents.

Exchange of books in the library, and docu-

ments authorized, July 20, 1840, 403
Additional copies of the journals and docu-
ments to be printed,

Public Lands

Notes of the decisions of the courts of the

United States upon land titles from the
United States, and titles to the public lands,


Public Lands.

A General Land Ofice established, July 4,

The sale of the lands acquired by the treaty

of Dancing Rabbit Creek, suspended, May
9, 1836, -

Moneys received from sales, to be paid into

the treasury, January 9, 1837, 135
Sales of land ceded by the Indians, 135
Investments of stock required by Indian

A tract of land on the Coosa river granted to

Cherokee county, Alabama, for a seat of

justice in the county, July 5, 1838, 254
The sale of certain lands of ihe United States

ncar the Wabash and Erie canal, author.
ized, July 7, 1838,

Certificates of deposite renewed in the pur-

chase of public lands, under the act of
1820, may be surrendered, and other certi.
ficates issued, February 28, 1830,

Provisions in relation to settlers on the public

The Register of public lands authorized to ad.

minister oaths, and no compensation to be
charged, June 12, 1840,

An act to amend an act entitled "An act to

authorize the State of Tennessee to issue
grants and perfect titles to certain lands
therein described, and to settle the claims to
the vacant and unappropriated lands with-
in the same," passed the 18th day of April,
1806, February 18, 1841,

An act to provide for the early disposition of

lands acquired from the Cherokee Indians
by the treaty of December 29, 1835, March
4, 1842, .

Entries of lands in the State of Louisiana, in

the land district north of Red river, con-
firmed, and patents to be issued, April 14,

Settlers at Mineral Point, in Wisconsin, who

have been refused entry under the pre-emp-
tion act of June 19, 1794, allowed to enter
one quarter section elsewhere. The claim.

ant to make oath, August 23, 1842, 521
An act in relation to lands in the Greensburgh,

late St. Helena land district, in Louisiana,
August 29, 1842,

The sale of the lands on which buildings have

been erected for the use of United States'
agents, teachers, farmers, mechanics, and

others, authorized, March 3, 1843, - 611
Land may be sold with each building, under

the direction of the Secretary of War, 611
Certain lands in Ohio, ceded by the Wyan.

dott tribe of Indians, to be sold, March 3,

Provisions for the sale of the lands, 625
Lands in Wyandott reserve in Michigan to be
offered for sale,

When public lands are occupied as a town

site, the corporate authorities may enter the
same in trust for the occupants, March 23,

The execution of the trust shall be regulated

by the Legislature of the State or Terri.
tory where the land is situated,


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