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Public Lands.

Branch pilots of the port of New Orleans au- The construction of a railroad through the
thorized to enter certain lands, June 17, lands of the United States, at Springfield,

715 Massachusetts, authorized, April 29, 1836,
The title to lots of land in Perrysburg and

and Croghansville confirmed, February 20, A street may be laid out through the lands


of the United States, at Chelsea, Massachu-
Holders of warrants for lands issued under

setts, July 1, 1836,
the act of 1804, chap. 61, to General La. The right of way through the public lands
fayette, which have been found to confiict granted to the New Orleans and Nashville
with older and better grants, authorized to railroad company, July 2, 1836, 65

enter other lands, February 26, 1845, 729 Certain companies authorized to construct a
Public Revenue.

railroad in Florida, January 31, 1837, 144
Conditions to be complied with,

No difference to be made between the differ.

Reservation of public lands through which
ent branches of the revenue, as to the mo-

the railroad may pass,

ney or medium of payment of debts to the

United States, May 31, 1838,

Continuation of Cumberland road in Ohio,

Indiana and Illinois, March 3, 1837, 195
An act to provide for the safe-keeping, trans-

fer, and disbursement of the public revenue,

Repairs of Cumberland road,
July 4, 1010, -


The right to pass over the public lands in

Florida granted to the Atchafalaya rail.
Public Stock and Treasury Notes.

road and banking company, March 3, 1837,
No stock authorized by the act of July 21,

1841, chap. 3, and April 15, 1842, chap. The right to pass over the public lands grant-
26, to be sold below par, August 31, 1842, ed to the New Orleans and Carrolton rail.


road company, March 3, 1837, 197
Issue of treasury notes to be limited, and An act of the Legislature of Florida incor.
amount authorized,


porating the Florida Peninsula Railroad
No certificates of stock to be issued but to the

and Steamboat Company confirmed, and
owner of a bona fide loan to the United

the right of way through the public lands


granted to the company, June 28, 1838,
Public Works.

Resolution directing the Attorney-General to

Appropriations for certain roads in Florida,
examine the titles of lands or sites for the

July 7, 1838,

erection of armories and other public build. Appropriation for the Mars Hill military road,
ings, September 11, 1841,
468 July 7, 1838,

Regulations to carry this resolution into ef. The title of the United States in a road from


the foot of the rapids of the Miami of the
The Treasurer's certificates of deposites for

Lake to the Connecticut western reserve,
the purchase of lands under the act of 1820, granted to the State of Ohio, July 7, 1838,
chap. 49, when assigned, to be received in

payment for public lands, June 12, 1844, An act making an appropriation for certain


roads in the Territory of Wisconsin, July
Putnam's Ploughing Machine.

7, 1838, -

A resolution directing an examination of

Appropriation for the improvement of rivers
Putnam's ploughing machine, March 3,

and roads in Wisconsin, March 3, 1839,


An act for the improvement and survey of
Raft of Red River.

certain rivers, and the repair of certain
Appropriation for the removal of the great

roads in Florida, March 3, 1839, 331
raft of Red river, April 20, 1838, 228 Appropriation for opening a road from Du.

buque, in the Territory of Iowa, to the
Reports of the Decisions of the Supreme Court.

boundary line of Missouri, March 3, 1839,
An act to provide for the reports of the deci.

sions of the Supreme Court of the United Rush Island.
States, August 29, 1842,

. 545

Proceedings to ascertain the title to Rush
Revenue Cutters.

Island, Louisiana, to be instituted, August
No revenue cutter or steamer to be built with. 29, 1842,

out an appropriation therefor, March 3,

795 Sac and Fox Indians.

A survey of the western line of the reserva-
Revenue Laws.

tion for the half-brceds of the Sac and Fox
Appeals to be from the Circuit to the Supreme

Indians to be made, March 3, 1843, 622
Court in any case arising under the reve-

nue laws, May 31, 1844,


The city authorities in Savannah authorized
Rhode Island,

to open certain streets, which are closed by
Representatives in Congress according to the the works of Fort Wayne, June 18, 1838,
sixth census,



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School Lands.

An act to amend an act entitled "An act to the loss of slaves on board the Comet and

carry into effect in the States of Alabama the Encomium, February 18, 1843, · 601
and Mississippi the existing compacts with Smithsonian Legacy.
those States with regard to the five per The President authorized to appoint an agent
cent. fund and the school reservations,"
June 13, 1842,

to prosecute the claims of the United States

to the bequest of James Smithson, of Lon-
The county cornmissioners of Lee county in

don, July 1, 1836,

the territory of Iowa authorized to make
selections of land in lieu of those granted.

All inoneys arising from the bequest of James

Smithson to be invested in State stocks,
Rules and regulations of the land which

July 7, 1836,

may be patented, August 23, 1842, · 522

Investment of the funds obtained from the
Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee

bequest of the late James Smithson, Sep.
authorized to sell the lands appropriated tember 11, 1841,

for the use of schools in those States, Feb.

South Carolina.
ruary 15, 1843,

School lands in Florida,


Representatives in Congress according to the

sixth census,
Repeal of the fourth section of the act of July

4, 1836, respecting the selection of school

Time of holding the Circuit Court of South

Carolina, March 1, 1845,


See CourtsJudiciary.
Selection of school lands by the Governor of

728 Spain.
Provisions as to lands selected by the Go- An act to carry into effect the convention be.
vernor of Alabama,

728 tween the United States and Spain, June 7,
See Public Lands - Wisconsin Florida

Arkansas Illinois - Indiana - Ohio Statements of Appropriations, New Offices, fc.
Iowa. .

The Secretary of the Senate, and the Clerk

of the House of Representatives to furnish
Seamen in the Merchant service.
An act in addition to the several acts regu-

statements of all appropriations made dur.

ing the session, of new offices created, their
lating the shipment and discharge of sea.

salaries, and a statement of the offices the
men, and the duties of consuls, July 20,

salaries of which have been increased, July

4, 1836, -

Acts relating to seamen of the United States,

394 States of the United States in default of payment
Appropriations for the relief and protection of Interest.
of American seamen, February 12, 1842,

A resolution directing the Secretary of the

470 Treasury, whenever any State shall have
The provisions and penalties of the act of been in default for the payment of the in-

July 16, 1798, chap. 77, extended to the terest or principal on investments in its
coasting trade, and measures to be taken stocks or bonds, held by the United States
to secure the collection of hospital money in trust, to retain certain moneys to which
from the officers, seamen and owners of

the State is entitled, for the purpose of
coasting vessels, March 1, 1843,

602 paying such interest or principal, March 3,
Appropriation for a deficiency in the appro-


priation in 1844, for the relief and protec- Statue of Washington, by Greenough.
tion of American seamen, January 22, Measures to be taken for the importation of


the statue of Washington, by Greenough,
Seminole Indians.

March 27, 1840,

Appropriation for the temporary support and Expenses incurred in the execution of the

removal of the Seminole Indians froin Flo. pedestal for the statue to be paid, Septem-
rida, February 13, 1839,
316 ber 3, 1841,

Appropriation for the expenses of a delegation Expenses of crecting the statue to be paid,
of the Seminole Indians, west of the Mis.

sissippi, to Florida, March 2, 1841, · 414 Stockbridge Tribe of Indians.
See Indian Trealies.

Lands reserved for the Stockbridge tribe of

Indians to be divided, March 3, 1843, 645
Shawnee Indians.
A resolution authorizing the Secretary of

Commissioners to be elected by the tribe to
make the division,

War to pay any balance that may be due

Proceedings of the Commissioners, 645, 646
to the Shawnee Indians who served in the
Florida war, March 3, 1845,


To report to Congress,

After the report and map shall be filed by the
Shenandoah Bridge Company.

Commissioners, the Indians shall be citi.
A bridge at Harper's Ferry on lands of the zens of the United States,

United States, may be erected by the Com.

Submarine Battery.
pany, July 1, 1836,


Experiments to be made to ascertain the value

of the submarine battery, and for other
Indemnity from the British government for purposes, August 31, 1842,



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Submarine Telescope.

Territories of the United States.
The Secretary of the Navy to institute exper- apportionment of representatives, June 15,
iments to test the utility of the submarine 1844,


667 Justices of the peace to be elected by the peo-
Sub- Treasury.


Repeal of the act establishing a sub-treasury Texas.

of the United States, August 13, 1841, 439 An act to provide for carrying into effect the
Sufferers by Fire in the City of New York.

convention between the United States and

the Republic of Texas, for ascertaining the
The time of payment of bonds for duties, ex-
tended, March 19, 1836,

boundary between them, January 11, 1839,

Provisions of the act of March 19, 1836, chap.
42, limited, April 5, 1836,


Boundary between the United States and

Surgeons in the Army.

A joint resolution annexing Texas to the
An additional number of surgeons and sur. United States, March 1, 1845,

geon's mates to be appointed, July 4, 1836; Transportation of the Mail.

The contract for carrying the mail to expire,
Sword and Camp Chest of Washington and Staff

&c., on the 30th of June succeeding the 31st
of Franklin.
Resolution accepting the sword of Washing-

of Dec. in each year, May 11, 1836, - 132
ton and the staff of Franklin, March 4, Treasury Notes.

716 Authority to issue not exceeding ten millions
Resolution of respect for the memory of the

of dollars in treasury notes, October 12,

owner of the sword of Washington and the
staff of Franklin,


Provisions relating to the issuing and pay.
Resolution accepting the camp chest of Wash. ment of the treasury notes authorized by


the act of October 12, 1837,


Punishment for forging treasury notes, 203

Treasury notes to be issued according to the
A District Court established in the western provisions of the act of October 12, 1837,

chap. 2, May 21, 1838,

district of Tennessee, June 18, 1838, 249
Circuit Court in East Tennessee, July 7, 1838,

The remainder of the treasury notes author.

ized by the act of May 21, 1838, to be is-
District Court of Tennessce to hold a court sued, March 2, 1839,


The act of October 12, 1837, renewed, March
at Jackson, January 18, 1839,

31, 1840,

Circuits composing the districts in Tennes.

Treasury notes may be issued in lieu of others
Rules of the District Courts,


District Court of Tennessee, March 3, 1839,

An act to authorize the issuing of treasury
notes, February 15, 1841,

District Court of Tennessee, July 4, 1840,

An act to authorize an issue of treasury
392 notes, January 31, 1842,

Appeals from the District Court at Jackson, The treasury notes issued under the act to
to the Circuit Court at Nashville, April 14,

authorize the issuing of treasury notes, of

October 12, 1837, chap. 2, to bear interest

Times of holding the fall terms at Jackson at 6 per cent., April 15, 1842,
and Knoxville,

Interest to be paid annually,

Time of holding the Circuit and District

Reissue of treasury notes authorized, March
Courts of the United States in East and

3, 1843,

West Tennessee, May 18, 1842, 488

Payment of interest on treasury potes, 614
Rules of proceedings in the courts,


Issue of stock in lieu of treasury notes au-
Representatives in Congress according to the

sixth census,


491 Treasury of the United States.
The time of holding the Circuit and District Accounts of territories to be adjusted at the
Court of East Tennessee changed, March Treasury, August 29, 1842,

3, 1843, -

610 No payment to be made unless approved by
See Courts Canals Judiciary - Public Congress,

Lands- Roads- School Lands.

What officers allowed, and their pay, 541

The secretaries of the territories to prepare
Territories of the United States.
Acts of the Territorial Legislatures incorpo-

the legislative acts for publication, 541
rating banks, not to have effect until ap-

Accounts of the Legislative Assembly of the
Territory of Florida,

proved and confirmed by Congress, July 1,

61 Trealy between the United States and Great Bri
Accounts of the Treasurer of unavailable

funds to be settled, March 3, 1837, 178 An act to carry the treaty of the 9th of Au-
The Secretary of the Treasury to settle claims gust 1842, with Great Britain, into effect,
on banks for unavailable funds, . 178 March 3, 1843,

The Legislatures of the several territories of Unclaimed Goods seized for illegal importation.

the United States authorized to regulate the An act directing the disposition of unclaimed




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Unclaimed Goods seized for illegal importation. Virginia.

goods, wares and merchandise, seized for Representatives in Congress according to the
being illegally imported into the United

sixth census,

States, April 2, 1844,

653 An annual term of the District Court for the
Union Bank of Georgetown.

western district of Virginia to be held at
An act to extend the charter of the Union Wheeling, August 26, 1842,

Bank of Georgetown, May 25, 1838, 229

The terms of the District Court for the west.
United States and Great Britain.

ern district of Virginia shall be held at

Charleston in Kenawha, and the District
An act to carry into effect the treaty between
the United States and Great Britain of the

Court held at Lewisburg, in the county of
9th of August, 1842, March 3, 1843, 623

Greenbriar, shall cease, August 29, 1842,

United States and Mexico.

Amendment of the act establishing a District
The Secretary of the Treasury to issue certi-

Court of the United States at Wheeling,
ficates for the sums awarded under the

January 20, 1843,

convention between the United States and

The time of holding the District Courts at
Mexico to the persons entitled, according

Clarksburg and Whceling, in the western
to the provisions of the seventh section of

district of Virginia, changed, March 4,
the act to carry into effect a convention


between the United States and the Repub- The spring term of the Districi Court for
lic of Mexico, September 1, 1841, 452

Eustern Virginia to be held on the 13th
United States and Spain.

day of May in Norfolk, annually, 655
An act to carry into effect the convention be. See Courts Judiciary.

tween the United States and Spain, June 7,

34 Virginia Military Land Warrants.
Appointment of Commissioners, &c., and or.

The time for locating Virginia military land
ganization of the Commissioners, 34 warrants, and returning surveys on them,
The provisions of the act to carry into effect

extended to August 10, 1840, July 7, 1838,
the convention between the United States

and Spain extended to February 1, 1838,

Regulations as to granting patents, 262
March 3, 1837,


Repeal of the 2d section of the act of July 7,

1838, chap. 166, March 3, 1839, 329
Value of the Pound Sterling.

The time for issuing Virginia military land
An act to regulate the value to be affixed to

warrants and returning surveys extended,
the pound sterling by the treasury depart- August 19, 1841,

ment, July 27, 1842,


Volunteers and Militia.
Representatives in Congress according to the

Payments and allowances to volunteers and
sixth census,


militia in the service of the United States,
March 19, 1836,

Vessels turned off by the Blockading Squadron Pensions to widows, &c., of volunteers and
from Mexico.

militia, killed in the service of the United
Vessels turned off from their destination in States,

Mexico by the blockading squadron may The President may accept the services of ten
unlade their cargoes in ports of the United thousand volunteers and mounted riflemen,
States free from duty or other charge ex. May 23, 1836,

cept storage, July 5, 1838,


To be organized by the President, and to have
Vine and Olive.

benefits conferred on persons wounded in
Encouragement of the cultivation of the vine the service of the United States,

and olive. Persons entitled to allotments The expenses of the volunteers and militia
under contract between the Secretary of the

received into the service of the United
Treasury and Charles Villar to receive pa- States, to be paid, May 28, 1836, 33
tents for the land, March 2, 1837, - 154

The militia of Missouri and Indiana to be
Remainder of the land to be subject to entry

paid for services rendered against the In.
for the use of the Demopolis Female Aca.

dians in 1832, July 2, 1836,


155 Wabash and Erie Canal.

Lands selected by the State of Indiana for
The District Court of Western Virginia holden the Wabash and Erie canal, confirmed to

at Clarksburg, to sit on the first Mondays that State, February 27, 1841, 414
of April and September, July 1, 1836, 61 The State of Indiana to select certain quan.
Circuit and District Courts for Eastern Vir.

tities of land in lieu of those granted to
ginia to be held in Richmond, March 2, the State for the construction of the Wabash


and Erie canal, and the Illinois and Michi.
So much of the act of March 3, 1837, as con-

gan canals, August 29, 1842, - 542
fers Circuit Court jurisdiction on the Dis. Lands granted to the State of Indiana for the
trict Courts of Western Virginia, repealed, Wabash and Erie canal, March 3, 1845, 731
March 28, 1838,

215 Canal to be completed in fifteen years, or the
Appellate jurisdiction from the District Court land to revert to the United States, 732
to the Circuit Court at Lewisburg,


See CanalsIllinois-Ohio.


Washington and Franklin.

Wisconsin Territory.
Resolutions relating to the sword and camp Two additional land districts created and

chest of Washington and staff of Franklin, offices established, June 12, 1838, 243

and to the donors of the same, • 716 A seminary of learning to be established,
Water-rotted Hemp.

June 12, 1838,

Resolution in relation to the purchase of

Boundary line between Michigan and Wis.

water-rotted hemp, for the use of the navy,

consin, June 12, 1838,
September 11, 1841,


Appropriation for completing the public
Agencies to be established for the inspection,

buildings in Wisconsin, June 18, 1838,

test, and purchase of American water-rotted
hemp for the use of the navy, -

• 648

An act to incorporate the stockholders of the

State Bank of Wisconsin, at Prairie du
Weights and Measures.

Chien, passed by the Legislature of Wis-
A complete set of weights and measures, in-

consin, disapproved, June 12, 1838, 310
tended for the custom-house, to be delivered Provisions for the regulation of the govern.
to each State, June 14, 1836, - - 133

ment of Wisconsin,

Whale Fishery.

Certain lands reserved for the Dubuque claim
Registers sufficient papers for vessels engaged

declared to be public lands, and settlers
in the whale fishery, April 4, 1840, 370

on the lands may enter the same, August
Provisions of the first section of the act of

16, 1842,

28th of February, 1803, chap. 9, extended,

Certain accounts for the support of the go.

370 vernment of Wisconsin Territory to be
Forfeitures for duties and charges remitted,

settled, August 29, 1842,


The Legislative Assembly authorized to pro-
Wisconsin Territory.

vide for the appointment of sheriffs, judges
An act establishing the territorial govern.

of probate, justices of the peace, and
ment of Wisconsin, April 20, 1836, 10

county surveyors, March 3, 1843, 630
Notes of the acts which have been passed re.

Term of service of the members of the Le-
lating to the Territory of Wisconsin, 10 gislature,

The towns of Fort Madison, Burlington, Des Land granted for the improvement of Grant

Moines, Belleview, Du Buque and Peru, in river, Wisconsin, June 15, 1844, 663
Wisconsin Territory, laid off, act of June Appropriations to continue the improvement
2, 1836,
70 of the harbor of Southport,

Towns of Fort Madison, Burlington, Belle. Improvement of certain roads in Wisconsin,
view, Du Buque, Mineral Point and Peru,

in Wisconsin, March 3, 1837, - 178 Wyandott Indians.
A surveyor of public lands in Wisconsin to Appropriations to carry into effect the treaty

be appointed; his duties, &c., June 12, with the Wyandott Indians, August 31,
243 1842,



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