The Register of Pennsylvania: Devoted to the Preservation of Facts and Documents and Every Other Kind of Useful Information Respecting the State of Pennsylvania, Količina 16

Sprednja platnica
Samuel Hazard
W.F. Geddes, 1828

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Stran 259 - the Union, the eyes of his countrymen ever fondly rested upon him, as "A combination and a form indeed, Where Ev'ry God did seem to set his seal To give the world assurance of a man.
Stran 285 - and private virtue, of wisdom never surprised, of goodness never intermitted, of benignity, simplicity, and gentleness, finally ending in that hoary head which " is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness. 1
Stran 290 - spur that the clear spirit doth raise, (That last infirmity of noble mind.) continued to make her voice earnest, clear, and determined, in asserting the dangers of the federal administration, as it had been,
Stran 288 - nation, without lodging somewhere a power which will pervade the whole union in as energetic a manner, as the authority of the state governments extends over the •2 Marsh. Life of Washington, 75. t Address of Congress to the States,
Stran 298 - Distrustful sense with modest caution speaks; It still looks home, and short excursions makes." We would not designate by an appellation opposite in signification to "sense," the habit of visiting and describing things "far awa." We know well the pleasure which
Stran 318 - was a thing of intelligence. Onward they drove—every muscle strained for victory, and every nerve thrilling with hope— " Oh who can tell, save him whose heart has tried, And danced in triumph o'er the waters wide, The exulting sense—the
Stran 292 - people, humiliated under a colonial spirit of fear, and sense of inferiority, fitted to be the miserable instruments of foreign influence, and regardless of honor, character and interest." Immortal sentiments, worthy of
Stran 289 - convinced that it has a greater tendency to secure our liberty, and promote our happiness. We admire it, because we think it a well regulated democracy." "The honourable gentlemen said, that a government should depend upon the affections of the people. It must be so. It is the best support it can have." "We are threatened with the loss
Stran 169 - heart of man. what sentiment is written in deeper characters, than that the ocean is free to all men, and their rivers to all their inhabitants? Is there a man—savage, or civilized, unbiassed by habit, who does not feel and attest this truth? Accordingly in all tracts of country united under the same political society, we find this
Stran 289 - is not Government- Let us have a government by which our lives, liberties and properties, will be secured, or let us know the worst at once.

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