The Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries Concerning the Antiquities, History, and Biography of America

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C. Benjamin Richardson, 1868

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Stran 279 - Name of the Council Established at Plymouth in the County of Devon, for the Planting, Ruling, Ordering and Governing of New England in America...
Stran 260 - We therefore, the people of Massachusetts, acknowledging with grateful hearts the goodness of the great Legislator of the universe, in affording us in the course of His providence an opportunity, deliberately and peaceably without fraud, violence or surprise, of entering into an original, explicit and solemn compact with each other and of forming a new constitution of civil government for ourselves and posterity; and devoutly imploring His direction in so interesting a design...
Stran 259 - That Congress do not lay direct taxes but when the moneys arising from the impost and excise are insufficient for the public exigencies, nor then until Congress shall have first made a requisition upon the States to assess, levy, and pay, their respective proportions of such requisition, agreeably to the census fixed in the said Constitution, in such way and manner as the Legislatures of the States shall think best...
Stran 90 - THE free fruition of such liberties, immunities, and privileges as humanity, civility, and Christianity call for as due to every man in his place and proportion...
Stran 238 - Familiar Letters to a Gentleman, upon a Variety of seasonable and important Subjects in Religion...
Stran 318 - The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government.
Stran 259 - Congress shall at no time consent that any person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States shall accept of a title of Nobility or any other title or office from any King, prince or Foreign State.
Stran 261 - And the Convention do, in the name and in behalf of the people of this State enjoin it upon their Representatives in Congress, at all times, until the alterations and provisions aforesaid have been considered, agreeably to the fifth article of the said Constitution, to exert all their influence and use all reasonable and legal methods to obtain a ratification of the said alterations and provisions in such manner as is provided in the said article.
Stran 327 - ... done by them in the execution of the law, or for the suppression of riots and tumults in the province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England...
Stran 403 - After completing the necessary preparations for action, the regiment formed, and marched about one o'clock. When it reached Charlestown Neck we found two regiments halted, in consequence of a heavy enfilading fire thrown across it, of round, bar, and chain shot, from the Lively frigate and floating batteries anchored in Charles river, and a floating battery lying in the river Mystic. Major...

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