The English manual of banking

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Stran 310 - Both the constitutionality and the expediency of the law creating this bank are well questioned by a large portion of our fellow-citizens ; and it must be admitted by all, that it has failed in the great end of establishing a uniform and sound currency.
Stran 311 - But for the interests of the community at large, as well as for the purposes of the Treasury, it is essential that the nation should possess a currency of equal value, credit, and use, wherever it may circulate. The constitution has intrusted Congress exclusively with the power of creating and regulating a currency of that description...
Stran 104 - Current Accounts are received on the same principles as those observed by the London Bankers. Every person connected with the establishment signs a Declaration of secrecy as to the accounts of individuals. No Christmas Boxes or other gratuities are allowed to be taken by the Officers of the Bank. The Bank takes the agency of Joint Stock Banks, Private Bankers, and other parties residing at a distance. Strong rooms are provided for the security of Deeds and other property lodged by the Customers of...
Stran 31 - It is payable at twenty days — when the days are out, we will pay you ; " and those that are not so, they make tell over their money, and make their bags false, on purpose to give cause to retell it, and so spend time.
Stran 86 - bill of exchange " for the purposes of this Act includes also draft, order, cheque, and letter of credit, and any document or writing (except a bank note) entitling or purporting to entitle any person, whether named therein or not, to payment by any other person of, or to draw upon any other person for, any sum of money therein mentioned.
Stran 66 - Where a person takes a crossed cheque which bears on it the words " not negotiable," he shall not have and shall not be capable of giving a better title to the cheque than that which the person from whom he took it had.
Stran 65 - Where a cheque is crossed specially, the banker to whom it is crossed may again cross it specially to another banker for collection.
Stran 66 - ... in good faith and without negligence pays it, if crossed generally, to a banker, and if crossed specially, to the banker to whom it is crossed, or his agent for collection being a banker, the banker paying the cheque, and, if the cheque has come into the hands of the payee, the drawer, shall respectively be entitled to the same rights and be placed in the same position as if payment of the cheque had been made to the true owner thereof. 81. Where a person takes a crossed cheque which bears on...
Stran 61 - Whenever a cheque or draft on any banker payable to bearer or to order on demand shall be issued, crossed with the name of a banker or with two transverse lines with the words
Stran 265 - ... by every possible means consistent with the safety of the Bank, and we were not on some occasions over nice. Seeing the dreadful state in which the public were, we rendered every assistance in our power.

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