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The University., 1905

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Stran 281 - Fellows, and for all accommodations of buildings, and all other necessary provisions, that may conduce to the education of the English and Indian youth of this country, in knowledge and godliness.
Stran 286 - Commonwealth, are, and shall be deemed, their successors ; who, with the president of Harvard College, for the time being, together with the ministers of the congregational churches in the towns of Cambridge, Watertown...
Stran 594 - After God had carried us safe to New England, and wee had builded our houses, provided necessaries for our liveli-hood, rear'd convenient places for God's worship, and settled the...
Stran 319 - The form of examination will usually be the writing of a paragraph or two on each of several topics, to be chosen by the candidate from a considerable number — perhaps ten or fifteen — set before him in the examination paper. The treatment of these topics is designed to test the candidate's power of clear and accurate expression.
Stran 285 - ... the encouragement of arts and sciences, and all good literature, tends to the honor of God, the advantage of the Christian religion, and the great benefit of this and the other United States of America...
Stran 320 - In addition, the candidate may be required to answer questions involving the essentials of English grammar, and questions on the leading facts in those periods of English literary history to which the prescribed works belong. The books set for this part of the examination will be: 1909, 1910, 1911: Shakespeare's Macbeth; Milton's Lycidas, Comus, L...
Stran 328 - The examination will be adapted to the proficiency of those who have had one year's systematic training, with three lessons a week, or its equivalent.
Stran 279 - The Court agree to give Four Hundred Pounds towards a School or College, whereof Two Hundred Pounds shall be paid the next year, and Two Hundred Pounds when the work is finished, and the next Court to appoint where and what building.
Stran 286 - College; provided, that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the legislature of this commonwealth from making such alterations in the government of the said university, as shall be conducive to its advantage, and the interest of the republic of letters, in as full a manner as might have been done by the legislature of the late Province of the Massachusetts Bay.
Stran 318 - Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette, Lancelot and Elaine, and The Passing of Arthur; Browning's Cavalier Tunes, The Lost Leader...

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