Crofutt's New Overland Tourist, and Pacific Coast Guide ...: Over the Union, Kansas, Central and Southern Pacific Railroads, Their Branches and Connections, by Rail, Water and Stage ...

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Overland Publishing Company, 1880 - 281 strani

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Stran 264 - ... flat rocky bottom, which spreads out to nearly double its width above the falls, and continues thus until near the Lower Falls, when the channel again contracts, and the waters seem, as it were, to gather themselves into one compact mass and plunge over the descent of 350 feet in detached drops .of. foam as white as snow; some of the large globules of water shoot down like the contents of . an exploded rocket. It is a sight far more beautiful, though not so grand or impressive as that of Niagara...
Stran 110 - It is slightly charged with hydro-sulphuric acid gas and with carbonic acid gas, and is a pleasant, saline mineral water, having the valuable properties belonging to saline sulphur springs.
Stran 133 - ... the excited assemblage. To give effect to the proceedings, arrangements had been made by which the large cities of the Union should be notified of the exact minute and second when the road should be finished. Telegraphic communications were organized with the principal cities of the east and west, and at the designated hour the lines were put in connection, and all other business suspended. In San Francisco the wires were connected with the fire-alarm in the tower, where the ponderous bell could...
Stran 28 - There were loaded at this place, 4,480 wagons, drawn by 7,310 mules, and 29,720 oxen. To control and drive these trains, an army of 5,610 men was employed. The freight taken by these trains amounted to 27,000 tons. Add to these authenticated accounts, the estimated business of the other shipping points, and the amount is somewhat astounding. Competent authority estimated the amount of freights shipped during that season from Kansas City, Leavenworth, St.
Stran 251 - The cost of the overland service for the whole period — from the acquisition of our Pacific coast possessions down to the completion of the Pacific railroad — was over $8,000,000 per annum, and this cost was constantly increasing. "The cost, since the completion of the road, is the annual interest...
Stran 140 - ... road, and about that distance west of the station. A house has been built over it, and the water is raised into, the tanks by means of an engine. These wells would hardly be noticed by the traveler unless his attention was called to them. Nothing marks their presence except the circle of rank grass around them. When standing on the bank of one of these curious springs, you look on a still surface of water, perhaps six or seven feet across, and nearly round. No current disturbs it ; it resembles...
Stran 272 - Kansas are hereby authorized to construct a railroad and telegraph line, from the Missouri River, at the mouth of the Kansas River, on the south side thereof, so as to connect with the Pacific railroad of Missouri...
Stran 157 - Near by is a large water-tank, and we looked around in vain to discover the source from which it was supplied. A little cabin between the tank and lake revealed the mystery. A small engine is stationed there, which pumps the water from the
Stran 271 - There is no part of earth here to be taken up, wherein there is not some probable show of gold or silver.
Stran 251 - I give no grudging vote in giving away either money or land. I WOULD SINK $100,000,000 TO BUILD THE ROAD, AND DO IT MOST CHEERFULLY, AND THINK I HAD DONE A GREAT THING FOR MY COUNTRY IF I COULD BRING IT ABOUT.

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