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conftitution and government, hath considerably extended itself, and hath broken out into acts of open violence and rebellion :

We have therefore, by and with the advice of his Majesty's Privy Council, issued the most direct and poliive orders to the officers commanding his Majesty's forces, to employ them with the utmost vigour and decision for the immediate suppression thereof, and also to recover the arms which have been traitorously forced from his Majesty's peaceable and loyal subjects, and to disarm the rebels, and all persons disaffected to his Majesty's government, by the most suminary and effectual measures.

And we do hereby strictly charge and command all his Majesty's peaceable and loyal subjects, on their allegiance, to aid and asist, to the utmost of their power, his Majesty's forces in the execution of their duty, to whom we have given it strictly in command to afford full protection to them from all acts of violence which shall be attempted against their persons or properties.

Given at the Council Chamber in Dublin, the 30th day of

March 1798. Clare, c.


H. Cavendish Charles Cashel


J. Blaquiere W.Tuam


H. Langrishe Drogheda


Thev. Jones Ormond and Offory

H. Meath Jos. Cooper Shannon

Glentworth D. Latouche Altamont


James Fitzgerald Clonmell

Tyrawley R. Ross Ely

John Folter

Isaac Corry Dillon

1. Parnell

Lodge Morres.
God save the King.

Notice isued by Order of the Commander in Chief. WHEREAS his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant in Council has, in consequence of the daring acts and depredations committed in this country, ordered and directed, by his proclamation, bearing date the 30th March last, and by his particular orders thereon, that the military should use the most summary means to repress disturbances, and to recover all arms taken from the yeomanry and well-affected, and other concealed arms and ammunition ; all the people concerned in taking or concealing thefe arms are required to give them up within ten days of the publication of this notice, which if they do, they may be affured no violence whatever will be done to them or to their properties ; but if they do not, they are informed that the troops will be quartered in large bodies, to live at free quarters among them, and other very severe means will be used to enforce obedience to this notice.


And those who have knowledge where arms are concealed, are called upon to give information, which they may do in any private manner to the nearest civil magistrate, or coinmanding officer of his Majesty's forces, or of the yeomanry corps. Secrecy shall be observed with respect to them, and they shall be rewarded when their report is proved to be true.

Should the deluded and evil-disposed among the people in this country still persevere in robbing and murdering, and committing other acts of violent insubordination to the laws of their country, they are informed, that the Commander in Chief will be obliged to have recourse to those powers with which he has been invested, to bring them to immediate punishment. Given at head quarters at Kildare, the 3rd April 1798. By order of the Commander in Chief,


Notice distributed in all the Towns and Villages of the Queen's

County in the Beginning of April. THE commanding officer commanding the district of Queen's county, orders, that a correct list of the names of the persons residing in each house should be placed on the door, or some conspicuous part of it.

It is to be made known to the inhabitants, that from the hour of nine o'clock at night till day-break the next morning, they are to remain in their houses, and not to admit any strangers whatever.

Patroles are to make domiciliary visits at uncertain periods, between the hours of nine o'clock and daybreak, and after calling over the names, if it is found that any person, whose name is not inserted in the list, is in the house, he is to be made prisoner; or if any person is absent, the rest of the inhabitants are to be accountable for him, and measures are to be taken to discover where he is, and to apprehend him.

Should the list by any accident be destroyed, or torn down, the owner of the house is within two hours after to apply to the magistrate or officer upon the spot for a new one, on pain of punishment.

It shall be in the power of any magistrate or officer to give a permit to any person who shall allign a good reason for withing to be absent on any particular night during the period alluded to.

The magistrates and gentlemen of the yeomanry are requested to aflift in executing this order.

Notice sued by Major-general Duf at Limerick on the 12th

April 1798. THE Commander in Chief gives this public notice, that the Lord Lieutenant and Council have issued orders to him, to quarter troops, to press horses and carriages, to demand forage and provisions, and to hold courts martial for the trial of offences of all descriptions, civil and military, with the power of confirming and carrying into execution the sentences of all such courts marrial, and to issue proclamations.

The Commander in Chief calls on the general officers to procure of the magistrates the best accounts they can give of the number of arms taken from the yeomanry and the well-affected of arms that have been concealed, and of pikes that have been made, which are to be recovered and taken possession of by the military.

They are also to communicate to the people, through the priests, and by one or two men selected from each town-land, the purport of the following notices :

That the order, if complied with, will be a sign of their general repentance; and not only forgiveness will follow, but protection.

That they must be sensible, that it is infinitely better for them to remain at home quietly, minding their own affairs, than committing acts which must bring on the ruin of themselves and of their families.

As it will be impossible, in some degree, to prevent the innocent from suffering with the guilty, the innocent have means of redress, by informing against those who have engaged in unlaw. ful associations, and in robbing houses of arms and money.

The people must be very ignorant not to know, that notwithstanding the fair promises of the French, that they have first de. ceived and then plundered every country into which they have come: and they are therefore forewarned, that in case of invafion from the French, if they fhould attempt to join the enemy, or communicate with him, or join in any insurrection, they will be immediately put to death, and their houses and property destroyed.

The general officers call on the people to know, why they should be less attached to the government now than they were a year ago, when they showed so much loyalty in aslifting his Majesty's troops to oppose the landing of the French? Is it not, because they have been seduced by wicked men ?

Why should they think themselves bound by vaths, into which they have been seduced or terrified ?


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The people are requested to bring in their arms to the magirtrate or commanding officers in their neighbourhood, who have directions to receive them, and no questions will be asked.

(Signed) James Duff, Major-general.

Notice issued on the 25th April by Lieutenant-general the Marquis

of Clanricarde. UNDER the authority of a proclamation issued by the Lord Lieutenant in Council, and in conformity to the orders of the Commander in Chief, I do hereby require and demand from the inhabitants of the province of Connaught a delivery of their arms within ten days space from the date hereof.

Any person delivering up their arms to the commanding officers of the different quarters shall have receipts given for them, in order to their being restored to them, if they are persons proper to be entrusted with arıns, when the peace of the country shall be restored. And I thus publicly declare my intention, at the expiration of the above term, to put in force the orders I have received, by a general search for and seizure of arms throughout the province: to effect which purpose, I shall find it necessary, conformably to the instructions I have received, to place the troops at free quarters on the inhabitants, and to use severe mea. sures to enforce obedience to my orders.

Those who will deliver up their arms may rely on the fullest protection from Government, and no questions will be asked; but those who are detected in secreting them must expect to be treated with the utmost severity.


Proclamation issued by the High Sheriff of the County of Tipperary.

WHEREAS, by my oath as sheriff, I am bound to maintain the law and constitution of this realm, and to enforce due obedience to, and execution of the same, and to do equal justice to

poor as to the rich :

And whereas in districts proclaimed, it is lawful for and the duty of the sheriff or other chief magittrate, to post a notice on the dwelling-house of any inhabitant who has fled from the same, enjoining him to return thereto within the space of twenty-four hours, under the penalties of the laws in that case provided :

And whereas many of his Majesty's fubje&s, either through fear or some worse cause, have abandoned their dwelling-houses, and retired into towns, whereby great injury has arisen to his Majesty's loyal and brave subjects, by weakening and extending their line of defencé ; and the inhabitants of the towns have been



grievously oppressed, and his Majesty's troops stinted in their quarters; and whereby a daftardly and evil example has been fet to his Majesty's subjects:

And whereas many unfortunate people not meeting with that manly and spirited resistance from their superiors, which from their situations they were bound to make, but encouraged, from want of opposition, to commit acts of violence and outrage in the first instance, and at last to commit acts of open rebellion, to the great disgrace of this country and the dishonour of his Majesty's government, and to the ruin of the families of the leveral victims of the violated laws, and who have in the most solemn manner, in their last moments, declared they would never have proceeded to such excesses, but for the flight and cowardice of their fuperiors :

Now, in order to remedy these evils, the high sheriff commands all einigrants to return forthwith to their houses, to defend the fame, and to provide quarters for his Majesty's troops.

And he hereby commands all mayors, bailiffs, headboroughs, and other peace officers, to see these his orders duly executed, and to compel such emigrants to quit their towns within forty-eight hours from this his proclamation, and to return to their respedive homes. And he hereby commands all officers aforesaid, forthwith to notify to him the names and places of abode of such emigrants as neglect or refuse to comply with those his orders.

N. B. The high sheriff thinks it his duty to return his warmest thanks to Mrs. Bunbury, who, with the allistance of two men fervants, so gallantly defended her house, and compelled the rebels to retire, though they had broken into the house, and were in possession of the hall: and he hopes that such heroic conduct of a lady of such high distinction, eminent for beauty and elegance of manners, will raise the crimson blush of shame on the pallid cheeks of those heroes who fo disgracefully and cowardly surrendered large quantities of well-loaded arms to the rebels, on their first approach, without having spunk enough to fire even a fingle shot.

Done at Lilheen, April 20, 1798.

Orders isued by Licutenant-general Stewart,

Adjutant-general's Office, Cork, May 7, 1798. WHEREAS it has been represented to Lieutenant-general Sir James Stewart, that in some parts of the country where it has been necessary to station troops at free quarters, for the restoration of public tranquillity, that general subscriptions of


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