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The people are requested to bring in their arms to the magiftrate or commanding officers in their neighbourhood, who have directions to receive them, and no queftions will be asked. (Signed) JAMES DUFF, Major-general.

Notice iffued on the 25th April by Lieutenant-general the Marquis of Clanricarde.

UNDER the authority of a proclamation iffued by the Lord Lieutenant in Council, and in conformity to the orders of the Commander in Chief, I do hereby require and demand from the inhabitants of the province of Connaught a delivery of their arms within ten days fpace from the date hereof.

Any perfon delivering up their arms to the commanding officers of the different quarters fhall have receipts given for them, in order to their being reftored to them, if they are perfons proper to be entrusted with arms, when the peace of the country fhall be restored. And I thus publicly declare my intention, at the expiration of the above term, to put in force the orders I have. received, by a general fearch for and feizure of arms throughout the province: to effect which purpofe, I fhall find it neceffary, conformably to the inftructions I have received, to place the troops at free quarters on the inhabitants, and to use fevere meafures to enforce obedience to my orders.

Thofe who will deliver up their arms may rely on the fulleft protection from Government, and no queftions will be asked; but thofe who are detected in fecreting them must expect to be treated with the utmost severity.

Proclamation iffued by the High Sheriff of the County of Tipperary.

WHEREAS, by my oath as fheriff, I am bound to maintain the law and conftitution of this realm, and to enforce due obedience to, and execution of the fame, and to do equal juftice to the poor as to the rich :

And whereas in diftricts proclaimed, it is lawful for and the duty of the fheriff or other chief magiftrate, to poft a notice on the dwelling-house of any inhabitant who has fled from the fame, enjoining him to return thereto within the fpace of twenty-four hours, under the penalties of the laws in that cafe provided:

And whereas many of his Majefty's fubjects, either through fear or fome worfe caufe, have abandoned their dwelling-houfes, and retired into towns, whereby great injury has arifen to his Majefty's loyal and brave fubjects, by weakening and extending their line of defence; and the inhabitants of the towns have been


grievously oppreffed, and his Majefty's troops ftinted in their quarters; and whereby a daftardly and evil example has been fet to his Majesty's fubjects:

And whereas many unfortunate people not meeting with that manly and fpirited refiftance from their fuperiors, which from their fituations they were bound to make, but encouraged, from want of oppofition, to commit acts of violence and outrage in the first inftance, and at laft to commit acts of open rebellion, to the great difgrace of this country and the difhonour of his Majefty's government, and to the ruin of the families of the feveral victims of the violated laws, and who have in the most solemn manner, in their last moments, declared they would never have proceeded to fuch exceffes, but for the flight and cowardice of their fuperiors:

Now, in order to remedy thefe evils, the high fheriff commands all emigrants to return forthwith to their houfes, to defend the fame, and to provide quarters for his Majefty's troops.

And he hereby commands all mayors, bailiffs, headboroughs, and other peace officers, to fee these his orders duly executed, and to compel fuch emigrants to quit their towns within forty-eight hours from this his proclamation, and to return to their respective homes. And he hereby commands all officers aforesaid, forthwith to notify to him the names and places of abode of such emigrants as neglect or refufe to comply with thofe his orders.

N. B. The high fheriff thinks it his duty to return his warmest thanks to Mrs. Bunbury, who, with the affiftance of two men fervants, fo gallantly defended her house, and compelled the rebels to retire, though they had broken into the house, and were in poffeffion of the hall: and he hopes that fuch heroic conduct of a Lady of fuch high diftinction, eminent for beauty and elegance of manners, will raise the crimson blush of fhame on the pallid cheeks of those heroes who fo difgracefully and cowardly furrendered large quantities of well-loaded arms to the rebels, on their first approach, without having spunk enough to fire even a fingle fhot.

Done at Lisheen, April 20, 1798.

Orders iffued by Lieutenant-general Stewart.

Adjutant general's Office, Cork, May 7, 1798. WHEREAS it has been reprefented to Lieutenant-general Sir James Stewart, that in fome parts of the country where it has been neceffary to ftation troops at free quarters, for the reftoration of public tranquillity, that general fubfcriptions of


money have been entered into by the inhabitants to purchase provifions for the troops, by which means the end propofed of making the burden fall as much as poffible on the guilty is entirely defeated, by making it fall in a light proportion on the whole, and thereby eafing and protecting the guilty; it has been thought proper to direct, that wherever that practice has been adopted, or fhall be attempted, the general officers commanding divifions of the fouthern district, fhall immediately double, treble, or quadruple the number of foldiers fo ftationed; and shall send out foraging parties to provide provifions for the troops in the quantities mentioned in the former notice, bearing date the 27th April 1798; and that they fhall move them from ftation to ftation, through the district and barony, until all arms are furrendered, and the tranquillity be perfectly reftored, and until it is reported to the general officers, by the gentlemen holding landed property, and those who are employed in collecting the public revenues and tithes, that all rents, taxes, and tithes are completely paid up.

A Proclamation by the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin.


WHEREAS I have received information, that many perfons, charged with feditious and treafonable practices, have of late left their ufual places of refidence in this kingdom, and are now fecreting themselves in this city and the environs thereof, in order to evade being apprehended and brought to justice for the various atrocious offences of which they ftand charged:

Now, in order to promote the difcovery and apprehending of all fuch offenders, I do hereby call upon and ftrictly enjoin all perfons within this city, and the liberties thereof, who harbour or entertain ftrangers, forthwith, and from time to time, to return to me, or any of the magiftrates of this city, the names and defcriptions of all fuch ftrangers as fhall be lodged or entertained in their houses, with an account of the place from whence they refpectively came, as diligent fearch will be made by me, and the feveral other magiftrates, in order to difcover and apprchend all fuch perfons, and to punish, according to law, all thofe by whom they fhall be fo harboured or entertained. And I further call upon all his Majefty's loyal and well-difpofed subjects to give information and affistance to carry this proclamation, and the intentions thereof, into effect.

And I alfo further require all inhabitants of this city, who have neglected registering their arms, forthwith to come forward and register the fame, as the magistrates are determined to levy the penalty prefcribed by law upon all perfons with whom arms Ż z



fhall be found, which have not been registered pursuant to act of Parliament.

Given at the Manfion-house, Dawson Street, the 11th day of May 1798.

Signed, by order of the Lord Mayor,

Letter fent to the Lord Mayor of Dublin by Lord Viscount Caftlereagh.

My Lord,

Dublin Caftle, May 21, 1798.

I AM directed by the Lord Lieutenant to inform your Lordfhip, that the difaffected in the city and neighbourhood of Dublin have been daring enough to form a plan for the purpose of poffeffing themselves, in the courfe of the prefent week, of the metropolis, and of feizing the executive government, and those in authority within the city. His Excellency, fully informed of their defigns, has made the neceffary military arrangements for completely defeating their defperate purpofe, and for giving the fulleft fecurity to the perfons and property of the loyal and welldifpofed. His Excellency, nevertheless, feels it his duty to intimate their traitorous defigns to your Lordship, and relies, that, in conjunction with the magistracy and the King's loyal fubjects, you will exert the utmoft poffible energy in preferving tranquil lity within the bounds of the metropolis; that your Lordship, without lofs of time, will cause the strictest search to be made for concealed arms, and adopt fuch meafures of general precaution as fhall appear best calculated to defeat the defigns of the rebellious against the King's government and our invaluable confti


I have the honour to remain, with the greatest truth and refpect, my Lord, your Lordship's moft obedient fervant, The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor.


Notice iffued by Lieutenant-general Lake.

LIEUTENANT-GENERAL Lake, commanding his Majefty's forces in this kingdom, having received from his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant full powers to put down the rebellion, and to punish rebels in the moft fummary manner, according to martial law, does hereby give notice to all his Majefty's fubjects, that he is determined to exert the powers entrusted to him in the moft vigorous manner, for the immediate fuppreffion of the fame; and that all perfons acting in the prefent rebellion, or in any wife aiding or affifting therein, will be treated by him as rebels, and punished accordingly.

And Lieutenant-general Lake hereby requires all the inhabitants of the city of Dublin (the great officers of state, members of the houses of Parliament, privy counfellors, magistrates, and military perfons in uniform, excepted) to remain within their refpective dwellings from nine o'clock at night till five in the morning, under pain of punishment.

By order of Lieutenant-general Lake,
Commanding his Majefty's forces in this kingdom,
G. HEWETT, Adjutant-general.

Dublin, Adjutant-general's Office, 24th May 1798.

Proclamation iffued by the Mayor and Sheriffs of Cork.

WHEREAS we have received information, that many feditious and treasonable perfons have of late left their usual places of abode, and are now fecretly refiding in this city and its liberties: in order to discover and apprehend all fuch perfons, we do hereby call upon, and ftrictly command the feveral refident inhabitants of this city and its liberties, as they fhall anfwer at the utmost peril of the law, forthwith, and from time to time, to return to us the names and defcriptions of all fuch strangers as shall be lodged or entertained in their houfes, together with an account of the places whence each feparate ftranger refpectively came. And we do further call upon the feveral magiftrates, the high and petty conftables, and all others his Majesty's loyal and well-difpofed fubjects, to give information, and to be otherwife aiding and affifting in carrying this proclamation into effect.

(the younger),


Cork, May 23, 1798.

By the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin. A PROCLAMATION.


WHEREAS the circumstances of the prefent crifis demand every poffible precaution: thefe are therefore to defire all perfons. who have registered arms, forthwith to give in, in writing, an exact lift or inventory of fuch arms at the Town Clerk's office, who will file and enter the fame in a book to be kept for that purpose; and all perfons who have not registered their arms, are hereby required forthwith to deliver up to me, or fome other of the magiftrates of this city, all arms and ammunition of every kind in their poffeffion. And if, after this proclamation, any Zz2


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