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perfon having registered their arms fhall be found not to have given in a true lift or inventory of fuch arms; or if any perfon who has not registered, fhall be found to have in their power or poffeffion any arms or ammunition whatever, fuch perfon or perfons will, on fuch arms being difcovered, be forthwith fent on board his Majesty's navy, as by law directed.

And I do hereby defire, that all houfekeepers do place upon the outfide of their doors a lift of all perfons in their refpective houfes, diftinguifhing fuch as are ftrangers from those who actually make part of their family; but as there may happen to be perfons, who, from pecuniary embarrassments, are obliged to conceal themselves, I do not require fuch names to be placed on the outfide of the door, provided their names are sent to me. And I hereby call upon all his Majefty's fubjects within the county of the city of Dublin, immediately to comply with this regulation, as calculated for the public fecurity; as thofe perfons who shall wilfully neglect a regulation fo eafy and falutary, as well as perfons giving falfe ftatements of the inmates of their houfes, muft, in the prefent crifis, abide the consequences of fuch neglect.

Given at the Manfion-house this 24th day of May 1798. Signed, by order, JOHN LAMBERT, Sec.

Notice iffued by Lieutenant-general Sir James Stewart, commanding the Southern District in Ireland.

Adjutant-general's Office, Cork, May 24, 1798.

IT having been reprefented to Lieutenant-general Sir James Stewart, that notwithstanding troops have been ftationed at free quarters in the barony of Imokilly, to enforce the furrendering of arms, none have yet been brought in, although he has reason to believe that vaft numbers are concealed, and particularly pikes; and it having alfo been reprefented to the General, that an idea has been fet forth, no doubt with a bad defign, that the gentlemen of the barony, now fatisfied that the rents, tithes, and taxes, are either actually paid, or fhortly will be fo, are to make application to the General, to have the public relieved from the free quartering of troops:

The General hereby declares, that he will refift any fuch application, thould it be made, until all concealed arms are difcovered, or given in unless that the gentlemen of the barony give the moft pofitive declaration in writing, that they do not feel the neceffity of troops being stationed at free quarters within the barony; that after the most minute inquiries, they believe there are no concealed arms; and that they will be refponfible to Go


vernment for the prefervation of tranquillity within the barony; and if this is not very thortly effected by the present means, he will march five hundred men, cavalry and infantry, under the command of Brigadier-general Sir C. Rofs, into that barony, there to forage for themfelves, until he fhall be convinced that there is not an arm of any fort remains in the poffeflion of the inhabitants, or concealed within the barony.

Should the free quartering be found unavoidable, in that cafe, wherever arms are found in the houses or on the grounds, the houfes on the premifes fhall be fet fire to, and the poffeffors fent to Duncannon Fort, or on board prifon-fhips.

It cannot be doubted, that the mild measures which have hitherto been opposed to every fort of outrage by murder, plunder, and refiftance of the law, fufficiently show with how much reluctance feverity is adopted; but when once it becomes necellary for the re-establishment of public fafety, then it must be feverely felt, in order that it may be long remembered. What is most to be lamented is, that the innocent will fuffer with the guilty, for the foraging will be general, and it is not poffible for the troops to difcriminate.

The General therefore calls on all the inhabitants, and that for the last time, to confider well of their conduct, and prevent the miferies which await them, for the general fafety of the country, against the attempts of a threatening enemy, who would not proceed with the like reluctance to free quarters, were they once to effect a landing; but, on the contrary, whofe great object is a general plunder of the rich and of the poor.

By order of Lieut.-gen. Sir James Stewart, Bart.
NATHANIEL MASSEY, Alliftant Adjutant-gen.

Paper read by Order of Dr. Troy at each Mafs in all the Catholic Chapels in Ireland.

IN the prefent awful and alarming period, when every good fubject, every good Chriftian, views with grief and horror the defperate and wicked endeavours of irreligious and rebellious agitators to overturn and deftroy the conftitution, we fhould deem ourselves criminal in the fight of God, did we not, in the moft folemn and impreffive manner, remind you of the heinoufnefs of violating the laws of our country, and of attempting, by infurrection and murder, to fubvert the government of our gracious king, to whom the allegiance we confcioufly owe in common with all our other fellow-fubjects, has been, with regard

• Dr. Troy is at the head of the Roman Catholic priesthood.


to most of us, folemnly attefted in the prefence of God, by the religious bond of an oath.

Let no one deceive you by wretched, impracticable fpeculations on the rights of man and the majefty of the people, on the dignity and independence of the human mind, on the abstract duties of fuperiors, and exaggerated abuses of authority; fatal fpeculations! difaftrous theories! not more fubverfive of focial order and happiness, than deftructive of every principle of the Chriftian religion. Look at the origin and progress of these detestable doctrines. Their atheistical authors, feeing the intimate connexion between religious and civil principles, beheld, with the envious malignity of demons, the mutual fupport they afforded each other, for the fpiritual and temporal advantage of man; and accordingly prepared the dreadful carcer of anarchy, by the propagation (too fuccessful, alas !) of impiety and licentioufnefs.

We bitterly lament the fatal confequences of this antichriftian confpiracy. But furely, my brethren, your known attachment to the principles of religion ought to have preferved you from the deftroying influence of fuch complicated wickedness. Yes, dearest Catholics, it is to the benign principles of the Christian religion, that we recall your ferious attention at this important crilis. They will thield you from the evils which furround us. Submiffion to established authority, and obedience to the laws, are amongst the duties prefcribed by religion. Every violation of thefe duties is highly criminal. Wherefore, if any amongst you have been unfortunately feduced into a combination againft the flate, under any pretext whatever, you are bound in confcience inftantly to withdraw yourselves from it, and by fincere repentance, and future loyal conduct, atone for your past finful temerity. Without this fincere forrow and promife of amendment, you cannot expect abfolution in the tribunal of penance, nor mercy from Government. Neither one nor the other is extended to impenitent finners, or offenders, without profanation or injuftice.

Refolve, then, we beseech you, to deliver up your arms of every kind, without delay or reluctance, to thofe appointed to receive them. Unite with all your loyal and peaceable fellowfubjects, to put down and crufh the wicked fpirit of infurrection, fo difgraceful to the character of Irifhmen. It has already produced the moft horrid effects. Affaffinations, murders, atrocities of every kind have been committed. Lofe not a moment to manifeft your deteftation of the principles and caufes leading to fuch confequences. The fhortest delay in complying with this religious duty will be justly confidered as an indication of difloyalty. You will be confidered as enemies to the state, and subjected to a fudden death, under the operation of martial law, already pro



claimed. Your property, your very existence are endangered by a fufpicious or equivocal conduct. It must be open, candid, and decided, in fupporting religion and the conftitution.

We exhort you then, in the name and by the authority of Jefus Chrift, whofe will we are bound to announce and explain to you, to keep ftedfast in the faith-to lead sober, righteous, and godly lives, giving offence to no one-to fear God, and honour the King.

May the gifts of the Holy Ghoft, which the church invokes this day on the whole body of the faithful, fill your hearts with an ardent love of God and man.

May the peace of God, which furpaffes every understanding, preferve your hearts and minds in Jefus Chrift. Amen. Whitfunday, May 27th, 1798.

J. T. T.

Proclamation iffued by Major-general Nugent, to the Inhabitants and Infurgents of the County of Down, dated Head-quarters, Belfast, June 11, 1798, five P. M.

MAJOR-GENERAL Nugent, commanding his Majesty's forces in the north of Ireland, being defirous of fparing the effufion of human blood, and the total devaftation of the county of Down, is pleased to, and does hereby, extend to the infurgents in the faid county, the fame terms of fubmiffion and atonement that have been fo eagerly and gratefully accepted by many of their equally deluded neighbours in the county of Antrim, to wit

That if thofe unfortunate perfons, who, by the arts of felfish end defigning people, have been feduced from their allegiance to their true and lawful fovereign, his Majefty King George the Third, to become rebels and traitors to their country, will return to their duty as faithful and peaceful fubjects, and return to their respective houses and occupations, the General pofitively and furely engages to them, that no one whatever in the county (with the exceptions hereafter mentioned) fhall be molefted, or their property injured; and that as a proof of their return to loyalty. and good government, they muft, in the courfe of twenty-four hours after the date of this proclamation (making allowance for the more distant part of the county), liberate all the loyal perfons of every defcription now in their cuftody, and fend them to their refpective places of abode; and that they alfo depute fome perfons to receive all their arms and offenfive weapons of every denomination, with the ammunition belonging thereto, who fhall be fent to the General to know where they are to be depofited-and that they alfo deliver up the principal perfons who have been moft active in inftigating or compelling them to engage in their late wicked practices.


Should the above injunctions not be complied with within the time specified, Major-general Nugent will proceed to set fire to and totally destroy the towns of Killinchy, Killeleagh, Ballynahinch, Saintfield, and every cottage and farm-house in the vicinity of thofe places, carry off the stock and cattle, and put every one to the fword who may be found in arms.

It particularly behoves all the well-affected perfons who are now with the rebels from constraint, and who it is known form a confiderable part of their numbers, to exert themselves in having these terms complied with, as it is the only opportunity there will be of refcuing themselves and properties from the indifcriminate vengeance of an army neceffarily let loofe upon them.

Orders iffued on the 13th June, by Major-general Morrifon. MAJOR-GENERAL Morrifon requests that officers commanding corps will give the ftri&tcft orders to prevent fetting fire to houfes or buildings of any kind; a mode of punishment that can lead only to the molt pernicious confequences, and that feldom or ever falls on the guilty, but, on the contrary, on the landlord, the wife and children of the criminals, who, however iniquitous the hufband or father, ought always to be spared and protected.

And he has likewife received orders from Lieutenant-general Lake that free quarters are no longer to be permitted; neither are foraging parties to be allowed to go out unless under the care of an officer, who is to be refponfible for every act; in order that the friends of Government, the helplefs and infirm, may not be involved in one indifcriminate mafs of deftruction with the rebellious and ill-difpofed.


Proclamation of the People of the County of Wexford.

June 9, 1798.

WHEREAS it ftands manifeftly notorious, that James Boyd, Hawtry White, Hunter Gowan, and Archibald Hamilton Jacob, late magiftrates of this county, have committed the most horrid acts of cruelty, violence, and oppreffion, against our peaceable and well-affected countrymen :

Now we the people, affociated and united for the purpose of procuring our just rights, and being determined to protect the perfons and properties of thofe of all religious perfuafions who have not oppreffed us, and are willing with heart and hand to join our glorious caufe, as well as to show our marked difapprobation


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