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Stantz, and of thofe in the adjacent parts who may have fuffered in confequence of thofe events: the amount of the collection fhall be tranfmitted to the Directory, who shall distribute it.


Meffage of the Helvetic Directory on the 3d of October 1798, to the Legislative Body in their Meeting at Lucerne.

THE Executive Directory expected with impatience the moment of your union. It congratulates you on having refumed your labours. The pure joy it experiences, and which it has already expreffed to you, is a fure pledge that it beholds in you, Citizens Reprefentatives, its elder brothers, fome time abfent from one common family, and returned to labour for its profperity and happiness. Since the period of our feparation, we have received the commercial advantages ftipulated by our treaty with France. Thus this pledge, fo effential to our national exiftence, has been fully confirmed.

On the other hand, our foreign affairs are not become more aufpicious. Peace between the great powers feems to be far off, and we find them on the point of renewing hoftilities, without our poffeffing the means of protecting ourfelves. We are furrounded by confpirators and evil-minded people, who correfpond with thofe that with to introduce trouble and diforders. Poffeffing your confidence, and fupported by you, Citizens Representatives, we fhall efcape whatever dangers may threaten us. We come to depofit in your bofom our devotion to the country, and our good withes for the national reprefentation.

Proclamation of the Auftrian General on entering the Country of the Grifons.

THE lawful chiefs and magiftrates of the laudable republic of the three orders in Rhetia, appointed and authorized in legal form, having, in virtue of ancient eternal alliances and treaties, applied to his Imperial Royal Apoftolic Majefty for the prefervation and protection of the ancient conftitution, liberty, and tranquillity of their country, his Imperial Royal Apoftolic Majefty has, in confideration of the fubfifting treaties, moft gracioufly charged us to advance with the corps of troops under our orders into the country of the Grifons, for the fole purpose of afferting, in compliance with the above requeft, the independence and integrity of the Rhetian republic, and to maintain the ancient conftitution of the country, the dignity and authority of the magiftrates lawfully appointed, and the enjoyment of all the liberties, rights, and privileges of the Grifons.


The undersigned commanding General announces therefore to all citizens, communes, high courts, and orders throughout Rhetia, that they are to confider the march of the Imperial royal troops into their country as a friendly, peaceful, and protecting measure, having no other object than to co-operate with the prefent lawful government in the prefervation of the lawful order, conftitution, and tranquillity.



Major-general of his Imperial Royal Apoftolic Majefty, and commar.ding General of the troops detached to the country of the Grifons.

Feldkirch, 12th October 1798.

Proclamation by the General in Chief to the French Army in Switzerland.

My Comrades,

THE treaty of alliance concluded between the Helvetic and French republics has given you an idea of the efteem which our government has for a nation celebrated for its ancient love of liberty. You have been victorious to your own difadvantage. By an unfortnnate error, while you thought you were defending your own independence, you have been defending the privileges of a few families. The moment is arrived when Helvetians, mingling in your ranks, will follow the traces of their forefathers, and will fhare your glory and your dangers. If the gold of the Englifh and their intrigues retard the peace which humanity demands, and the French government cordially wishes, what hope can remain to enemies so often vanquished by us, when we are united with a nation which has more than once proved its bravery?

My comrades, the Helvetic Directory has invited its fellowcitizens to hold themselves ready to march in defence of the country. When circumftances fhall require them to join us, you will find in them friends and brothers, and you will both be eager to emulate each other in valour and courage. You ought to rekindle those sentiments in your hearts, by redoubling your affection for citizens who share their habitations with you, and by showing your refpect for the conftituted authorities.

May an union the most cordial, a friendship the most intimate, reign between the Helvetic and French republics; and may that union operate as an example to yours with the Helvetians!

You will thus fulfil my deareft with. We fhall be all more happy, and the hopes of our common enemies will yet be anni




4 A 2


Order of the Day of the 11th Brumaire.
The General in Chief, Brune, to the Army.

FROM the moment the Executive Directory entrusted me with
the command of the army of Italy, I applied myself to re-
lieve all your wants, and every day your confidence and my zeal
have made new progrefs. A witnefs to your generous devotion,
I burnt to conduct you to the field of glory. If ill-advised kings
are weary
peace, this advantage is referved to General Joubert.
I fhall applaud your fuccefs, withing that the word Victory may
echo on the banks of the Texel.



Extract of a Letter from Citizen Fleury, Conful of the French Republic at Bucharest, dated the 23d Fructidor (Sept. 29).

SELIM III. has difpatched into all parts of his dominions,

firmans, declaring war against the French republic, and announcing, that the Sublime Porte has requested the affiftance of Ruffia. This union of the Porte with its natural enemy is a political monftrofity at which the inhabitants of this city loudly exprefs their aftonishment.

In confequence of the declaration of war, and by orders from the Porte, I have been arrested, and confined in a monaftery, where I must wait the decifion of my fate, refpecting which there are different opinions. Some think that I fhall be fent to Conftantinople, to fhare the lot of Citizen Ruffin, whilft others believe that, after a few months detention, I fhall be permitted to return to Paris. There are others ftill who entertain conjectures of a more alarming nature. I am refigned to either event; and in every fituation I fhall maintain an appearance becoming a republican..

Army of England. 24th Military Divifion.


Barthelemi François Berguinot, Commandant of the Departments of the Dyle, of Jemappe, and.of the two Nethes, to the Inhabitants of the Canton of Malines and the neighbouring Communes.


THE facred tree of liberty has been cut down on the fpot. The tricoloured flag has been torn down. The prifons have been The fanctuary of the laws has been violated,

thrown open.


and the archives which it contained burnt and deftroyed. The republicans have been affaffinated, and frightful fcenes are paffing under your eyes. These are nevertheless the inhabitants of Belgium, who have thus defpifed the laws of the French republic. Whatever may be their fenfeless project, whoever have been the perfidious agents who incite them, I declare the place of Malines in a state of fiege, as well for the purpose of preventing the effects of this dreadful infurrection, as to grant protection to the peaceable inhabitants against all attacks of the ill-difpofed. I direct in confequence that the well-difpofed retire peaceably into their houses after night-fall, unless they fhould be provided with lights. Those who fhall be found without them fhall be conducted to the commandant of the gendarmerie. I confequently require that the municipal administration of the canton of Malines fhall cause the prefent proclamation to be printed, published, and posted up in both languages, to the number of two thousand copies.

Head Quarters, Malines, the ft Brumaire, 7th year of the French republic, 22d of October.



Buonaparte, Commander in Chief, to the Pacha of Cairo. THE intention of the French republic in taking poffeffion of Egypt has been to expel the Mamelukes, who were at once rebels against the Porte, and avowed enemies of the French go


At this moment that he finds herself mistress of it, in confequence of the fignal victory obtained by her army, her defign is to fecure to the Pacha of the Grand Seignior his revenues and his existence.

I entreat you, therefore, to affure the Porte, that it shall experience no lofs, and that I fhall take care it shall receive the fame tribute which was previously paid to it.



Arrêté of the Executive Directory, on the 8th Brumairé (O&. 29). THE Executive Directory, in confequence of the report of the minifter of foreign relations, obferving that the fquadrons. privateers, and fhips both of England and of Ruffia are in a great measure equipped by foreigners;

Seeing moreover, that this violation is a manifeft abufe of the law of nations, and that the European powers have taken no fteps to check it, decrees:


Art. I. That every perfon, either native or originally from the countries in amity or alliance with France, or in a state of neutrality, who is bearer of a commiffion granted by the enemies of France, or who compofes a part of the crews of the ships of war or others belonging to the enemy, fhall, by virtue of this act alone, be declared a traitor, and treated as fuch, without his being permitted, in any cafe whatever, to plead that he was compelled into fuch fervice by force, threats, or otherwise.

Art. II. The Executive Directors of the Batavian, Ligurian, Cifalpine, and Roman republics, fhall be informed of such threat. Art. III. The provifions contained in the first article shall be notified to neutral, and to the powers allied with the French republic.

Art. IV. The minifter of foreign relations is charged with the execution of the prefent arrêté, which fhall be published in the bulletin of the laws.


TREILHARD, Prefident.
LAGARDE, Sec. Gen.

Arrêté of the Executive Directory.

THE Executive Directory, defirous of determining the mode in which its arrêté of the 8th of Brumaire is carried into execution, has refolved as follows:

Art. I. In execution of the 3d article of the arrêté of the Executive Directory, of the 8th of this month, the allied or neutral powers fhall be invited to adopt the neceffary measures to recall within a certain fixed time thofe feamen of their refpective nations, who are actually employed on board fhips and other veffels belonging to England.

Art. II. The ambaffadors, minifters, and envoys of the republic with the faid powers, fhall receive peculiar inftructions on this fubject.

Art. III. The epocha of the execution of the arrêté of the 8th Brumaire fhall be fixed by a fubfequent arrêté.

Art. IV. The minifter for foreign affairs is directed to attend in concert with the minister of the marine to the execution of this prefent arrêté.

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