British America, Količina 1

Sprednja platnica
W. Blackwood, 1833 - 606 strani

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Stran 137 - The Treasurer and Company of Adventurers and Planters of the City of London for the first Colony in Virginia.
Stran 413 - ... parents were separated from children, and husbands from wives, some of whom have not to this day met again ; and we were so crowded in the transport vessels, that we had not room even for all our bodies to lay down at once, and consequently were prevented from carrying with us proper necessaries, especially for the support and comfort of the aged and weak, many of whom quickly ended their misery with their lives...
Stran 410 - Their manners were of course extremely simple. There never was a cause, either civil or criminal, of importance enough to be carried before the Court of Judicature established at Annapolis. Whatever little differences arose from time to time among them were amicably adjusted by their elders. All their public acts were drawn by their pastors, who had likewise the keeping of their wills, for which, and their religious services, the inhabitants voluntarily gave them a twenty-seventh part of their harvest.
Stran 5 - Venetian pilot, and his three sons, who were subjects and natives of England, a commission " to navigate all parts of the ocean for the purpose of discovering islands, countries, regions, or provinces, either of Gentiles or Infidels, which have been hitherto unknown to all Christian people, with power to set up his standard, and to take possession of the same as vassals of the crown of England.
Stran 69 - In Europe, in Asia, in Africa, and even in South America, the primeval trees, how much soever their magnitude may arrest admiration, do not grow in the promiscuous style that prevails in the great general. character of the North American woods. Many varieties of the pine, intermingled with birch, maple, beech, oak, and numerous other tribes, branch Inxuriantly over the banks of lakes and rivers — extend in stately grandeur along the plains, and stretch proudly up to the very summits of the mountains.
Stran 32 - Sir, they are a race of convicts, and ought to be thankful for any thing we allow them short of hanging.
Stran 26 - Treason, treason!" echoed from every part of the house. Henry faltered not for an instant, but, taking a loftier attitude, and fixing on the speaker an eye of fire, he added " may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it...
Stran 411 - Real misery was wholly unknown, and benevolence anticipated the demands of poverty. Every misfortune was relieved as it were before it could be felt, without ostentation on the one hand, and without meanness on the other. It was, in short, a society of brethren; every individual of which was equally ready to give, and to receive, what he thought the common right of mankind.
Stran 217 - In ceding to France the right of fishing on the shores of Newfoundland, from Cape John to Cape Ray, with the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, we...
Stran 414 - ... threatened with that which we esteem the greatest aggravation of all our sufferings, even of having our children forced from us, and bound out to strangers, and exposed to contagious distempers unknown in our native country. " This, compared with the affluence and ease we enjoyed, shows our condition to be extremely wretched.

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