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ORANGES'abd LEMONS, continued.

£ 8. d.
Oranges and Lemons, the Produce of Europe, may not be im-
ported into the United Kingdom, to be used therein, except in
British Ships, or in Ships of the country of which they are the
produce, or in Ships of the country from which they are im-
ported, on forfeiture of the same, and 1001. by the master of the
ship.-6 Geo. IV. c. 109; 7 and 8 Geo. IV. c. 56.

No abatement of the duties on Oranges and Lemons to be
made on account of damage.-6 Geo. IV. c. 107.
Juice of.-See Juice.
Peel of, the lb.


0 Ore, viz. Antimony Ore, the tont

0 0 Copper Ore , the cwt..

0 12 0 the produce of, and imported from $, any British possession within the limits of the East India Company's Charter, the cwt.

0 1 the produce of, and imported from, any British possession in America, the ton t..

1 0 0 Gold Ore.-See Bullion

Free. Iron Ore, the ton ...

0 5 Lead Ore, the ton ||

1 5 0 Manganese Ore, the ton +

0 10 0 Platina Ore, for every 1001. value

0 0 Silver Ore.-See Bullion..

Free. Tin Ores, for every 1001. value

20 0 0 Ore, not otherwise enumerated or described, for every 1001. value f..

5 0 0 Specimens of Ore...See Specimens. ORPIMENT, the cwt...

1 8 6 ORRIS Root, the cwt.t

0 10 0 ORSEDEW, the lb. **

0 0 Orto, or ATTAR, or Oil of Roses, the oz.*

0 2 0 OYSTERS, the bushel

0 1 6

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PACKDUCK._See Drillings, in Linen.
PADDY.–See Rice.
PAINTERS' COLOURS, not otherwise enumerated or described,

1001. value fto...

10 0 0
unmanufactured, not otherwise enumerated
or described, for every 1001. valuet..

5 0 0 PAINTINGS.-See Pictures.

7 Geo. IV. c. 48. (6 July, 1826.) See note at the bottom of


+ 2 and 3 Wm. IV. c. 84. (4 Aug. 1832.)
* Copper Ore may be taken ont of bond, to be smelted.-See page 228.

§ 7 Geo. IV., c. 48 (6 July, 1826.) | This duty commenced 2 Dec. 1828, per 9 Geo. IV. c. 76. | Tin Ore, in the Act 2 and 3 Wm. IV., c. 84, is merely excepted in the duty levied on unrated Ore.-it is consequently thrown back on the former Act(6 Geo. IV., c. lll), and as it was in that Act liable to a duty of 20 per cent. ad valorem, as an unenumerated Ore, I have put it down in this place as so rated.-ED.

.. 9 Geo. IV. c. 76. (11 Aug. 1828.) tt 10 Geo. IV. c. 43. (22 June, 1829.)


8. d. Paintings on Glass, for every 1001. value

30 0 0 and further, for every cwt. of Glass ... 4 0 0 Fresco Paintings are to be charged with duty as Water-colour Drawings.—See Prints.

Paintings, being the works of English Artists, accompanied with a Certiticate in each case, and on Declaration by the Artist that it is the work of himself, and on proof of the Importer that the Painting is the identical work alluded to in the

Certificate, free, per Treas. Order, 5 May, 1824.–See also Prints.
Parer, viz. Brown Paper made of old rope or cordage only,

without separating or extracting the Pitch or Tar
therefrom, and without any mixture of other mate-
rials therewith, the lb.

0 0 3
printed, painted, or stained Paper, or Paper Hangings,
or Flock Paper, the yard square f .

0 1 0 waste Paper, or Paper of any other sort not particularly

enumerated or described, nor otherwise charged with
duty, the lb.

0 0 9
The Officers are to affix a stamp on printed or stained Paper
in all cases, when required by the Importer, to denote the pay.

ment of the Duty.- Treas. Order, 27 Dec. 1827. Parchment, the dozen sheets ......

0 10 0 Parts of ARTICLES.-See Restrictions, p. 3. PASSENGERS.-See Baggage, in Index. See also China and

Prints. PASTEBOARD, the cwt. ...

3 8 2 PATTERNS and Samples of Cotton, Silk, Woollen, or other Foreign

Manufactures, being useful for no other purposes than as Pat.
terns, are, by Treas. Orders 16 Feb. 1819; 17 April, 1819; and

13 Ang, 1825, to be admitted to entry duty free. Pearl BARLEY, the cwt.

0 17 6 Pearls, for every 1001. value..

5 0 0 Pearls may be imported into the United Kingdom, for home consumption, from any place whatever, in British ships.—6 Geo.

IV. c. 109. Pears, the bushel

0 7 6 dried, the bushel...

0 10 0 Pease, for seed, when prohibited to be imported as Corn, the bushel.....

0 7 6 Pellitory, the lb.......

0 0 6 Pelts.—See Skins. Pencils, for every 1001. value ...

30 0 0 of Slate, for every 1001, value.

20 0 0 Pens, for every 1001. value....

30 0 0 PEPPERS, of all sorts, the lb.

0 1 6 * This part of the Order which requires a certificate to be produced, is, I apprebend, only applicable to cases where the Artist is still remaining abroad ;-when he accompanies the work, his Declaration that the same was wholly executed by him for his arausement, and that it is not intended for sale in this country, will be sufficient.-ED.

+ Paper Hangings for exportation neeed not be measured, but the number of rollers contained in each package taken instead.—Min. Com. Cus., 26 April, 1825. # When importable as Corn.-See Corn.

See Spices.


PEPPER, continued.

£ d. imported from any British Possession within the limits of the East India Company's Charter, the lb.*

0 1 0 produce of, and imported from any other B. P. the lb... 10 l 0 imported from any place within the limits of the East

India Company's Charter, not being a B. P. the lb.* 0 1 2

No allowance or abatement of the duty on Pepper to be made on account of damage.-7 Geo. IV. c. 48.

As to the allowance to be made for natural waste, and the

abandonment of Pepper for the duty, see Warehousing System. PERFUMED Dust.See Powder. PERRY, the tun

22 13 8 PEWTER, Manufactures of, not otherwise enumerated or de. scribed, for every 1001. value...

20 0 0 Pickles, of all sorts, not otherwise enumerated or described, including the Vinegar, the gallon...

0 6 0 PICTURE Frames, for every 1001. value

20 0 0 PICTURES, each*

0 1 0 and further, the square foot*.

0 1 0 being 200 square feet, or upwards, each t..

10 0 0
See Notes under Paintings and Prints.
If Pictures are warehoused for exportation, the number of
Pictures only need be taken, without reference to the number

of square feet.-Min. Com. Cus., 4 Oct. 1828. Pimento, the lb.

0 1 3 Produce of and imported from* any B. P. the lb... 0 0 5 Pink Root, the lb.

0 0 4 Pitch, the cwt..

0 0 10 Produce of any B. P. the cwt.

0 0 9 Burgundy Pitch, the cwt. I..

0 8 0 Jews' Pitch, or Bitumen Judaicum, the lb....

0 0 10 An allowance is to be made for Tare on Pitch, of 93 lbs. each, on Archangel Casks—36 lbs. each on Swedish Casks--and 56

lbs. each on American Casks.-Min. Com. Cus. 2 Nov. 1787. PLANTS, Shrubs, and Trees, alive.....

Free. Plants, Seeds, &c., consigned to the Horticultural Society,

are to be delivered duty free.-Min. Com. Cus. 12 Oct. 1818. PLASTER of Paris, the cwt...

0 1 0 Plate, batlered, fit only to be remanufactured.See Bullion. Free. of Gold, the oz. Troy.

3 16 9 Silver Gilt, the oz. Troy

0 6 4 part Gilt, the oz. Troy

0 6 0 ungilt, the oz. Troy.

0 4 6 PLATINA, the oz.

0 1 0 Ore of, for every 1001. value..

5 0 0 PLATTING, or other manufactures to be used in or proper for

making Hats or Bonnets, viz. of Bast, Chip, Cane, or
Horse Hair, the lb....

1 0 of Straw, the lb.

0 8, d.

0 17 0

7 Geo. IV. c. 48. (6 July, 1826.), + 9 Geo. IV. c. 76. (11 Aug. 1828.)

12 and 3 Wm. IV.C. 84. (4 Aug. 1832.)

PLATTING, continued.

Straw bands and Flowers, and Straw Ganze, fit only for Or.
naments, and not for making Hats or Bonnets, may be entered
on Payment of duty as * manufactured goods, not otherwise

rated."-Treas. Order, 25 June, 1819. Plums, dried, the cwt. *....

1 7 6 Polishing Rushes, for every 1001. value

20 0 0 Stones.-See Stone. Pomatum, for every 1007. value..

30 0 0 POMEGRANATES, the 1000+..

0 15 0 Peels of, the cwt.t.

0 1 0 Poppies' Heads, or Capita Papaverum, the 1000.

0 36 PORCELAIN.See China Ware. Pork, Salted I (not being Hams or Bacon) the cwt.g.... 0 12 0

Pork may not be imported into the United Kingdom for Home use (except salted Pork, not being Pork cominonly called “ Corned Pork," and Pork the produce of and imported from the Isle of Man), on forfeiture of the same; but it may be imported for the purpose of being warehoused for exportation only.-6 Geo. IV. c. 107, $ 52.—7 Geo. IV. c. 48. 96.-7&8 Geo. IV. c. 56. 3.

As to bond for due exportation of Pork from the Warehouse

--See page 194. POTATOES, the cwt.

0 2 0 Pots, viz. Melting Pots for Goldsmiths, the 100

0 3 2 of Stone, for every 1001. value...

30 0 0 Powder, viz. of Brass for Japanning, the lb.

0 2 6 of Bronze, for every 1001. value....

125 0 0 Gunpowder, the cwt.

3 0 0 See Note under Gunpowder ; letter G. Hair Powder, the cwt..

9 15 0 ... perfumed, or Perfumed Dust, the cwt.

13 13 0 Hartshorn Powder or Cornu cervi Calcinatum, the lb. 0 0 8 Powder not otherwise enumerated or described, that

will serve for the same uses as starch, the cwt. 9 100 PRECIOUS STONES --See Jewels. Printers' Ink, the cwt.t

0 10 0 Prints and Drawings, plain, each

0 0 1 Coloured, each.

0 0 2 Where Prints or Maps are contained in, and form part of a Book, and serve merely to explain or illustrate the subject of the Book, they are to be deemed a part of the Work, and be charged with duty, by weight, as Books; but when Prints or Maps are bound or stitched together without letter-press, or when the letter-press is merely descriptive of the Prints or Maps, then they are to be charged with duty by Tale, as Prints or Maps.-Min. Com. Cus. 5th Sept., 1829. But if satisfactory proof is adduced, that Prints or Maps, although imported separately, do in reality form part of a Work, they may be charged with the Book duty by weight; but in other cases they are to be charged with dury' by Tale.-Treas. Order. 2nd June, 1830.

Pictures, Sketches, and Drawings, brought from the Conti* 9 Geo. IV. c. 76. (11 Aug. 1828.) + 2 and 3 Wm. IV. c. 84 (4 Aug. 1832.) Not " Corned.” (Fresh Pork, or Pork slightly salted, is still prohibited.)

$ 7 & 8 Geó. IV. c. 56. (6 July, 1827.)

PRINTS and DRAWINGS, continued.

£ 8. d. Dent and accompanied by the Proprietor, are to be admitted to entry free of duty, upon proof, by oath of the Proprietor, that the same were wholly executed by him for his amusement, and not intended for sale in this country.-Treas. Order, 5 Aug. 1817.

Inventors or Engravers in mezzotinto, or chiaroscuro of his. torical prints, or prints of any portrait, picture, drawing, model, or sculpture, conversation, landscape, or architecture, map, chart, or plan, or any other prints whatsoever, shall have the sole right of printing and reprinting for 28 years, during which no person shall copy, sell, or import, any such prints, without the consent of the Proprietor, first obtained in writing, signed by him and them respectively, in the presence of and attested by two witnesses; on forfeiture of the plates, and all the sheets printed, and of Five Shillings for every sheet found in the custody of the offender; together with damages to the Proprietor, be recovered with double costs of suit.-8 Geo. II. c. 13.-7 Geo. III. c. 18.-17 Geo. III. c. 57.

Copies of Prints first engraved, etched, drawn, or designed in the United Kingdom, may not be entered to be warehoused.

6 Geo. IV. c. 107. PRUNELLOES, the cwt. *.

1 7 PRUNES, the cwt.

1 7 6 Prunes, the produce of Enrope, may not be imported into the United Kingdoin, to be used therein, except in British Ships, or in Ships of the country of which they are the produce, or in Ships of the country from which they are imported, on forfeiture thereof, and 1001. by the Master of the Ship.—6 Geo. IV. c. 109.

Cartoons and Baskets containing Prunes, when enclosed in wooden cases, or where the same shall be inner packages, no duty is to be demanded on such Cartoons or Baskets.--Min.

Com. Cus. 6 Dec. 1828. PUDDINGS.-See Sausages.


QUASSIA, the cwt. ...
QUICKSILVER, the lb.f...
Quills, viz. Goose, the 1000

Swan Quills, the 1000
QUINCES, the 1000 +..
QUININE, Sulphate of, the oz..

0 0

2 0 12 0 1 0 0

1 6 0



RADIX Contrayervæ, the lb. +

2 Enulæ Campanæ, the cwt..

0 13 6 Eringii, the lb.

0 0 Ipecacuanhæ, the lb. +

0 1 Rhataniæ, the lb.

0 2 0 Senekæ, the lb...

0 1 Serpentariæ, or Snake Root, the lb.t

0 0 2 Rags, viz. old Rags, old Ropes, or Junk, or old Fishing Nets,

fit only for making Paper or Pasteboards, the ton ... 0 5 0 Woollen Rags, fit only for manure, the ton

0 7 6 * 9 Geo. IV. c. 76.(11 Aug. 1828.). + 2 and 3 Wm. IV. c. 84. (4 Aug. 1832.)

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