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Stores for the said Ship; and if such Ship shall not have on board, at the time of Clearance Outwards, a reasonable supply of Beef or Pork, (according to the intended Voyage,) borne upon the Victualling Bill, the Master of such Ship shall forfeit 1007.-7 & 8 Geo. IV. c. 56, § 24.

A List of Goods which may be transhipped from Vessels arriving from Foreign parts, into

other Vessels loading Exportation or



Articles imported in bulk are allowed to be transhipped within the legal hours, from Vessels arriving from foreign parts, into other Vessels loading for exportation or coastwise; on due entry inwards and outwards, and on bond being given, and account taken in the same manner as for bonded Goods, viz.-Pig Lead, Bar and Sheet Iron, and Spelter; an average account being taken by the Landing Waiter. Grain, viz.—Wheat, Rye, Beans, Pease, Barley, Oats, Indian Corn and Buck Wheat, Cole-seed, Flax-seed or Linseed, Hempseed, Rape-seed, and Tares, according to the measurement of the City Meter; as also Barilla, Brimstone, Cordage, Dyewoods, Gypsum, Hemp, and Tin.- Min. Com. Cus. 20th Sept. 1828, 16th Oct. 1829, and 27th March, 1830.

PROHIBITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS OUTWARDS. CARDS and DICE:-Playing Cards to have a distinguishing mark upon the Ace of Spades, if made for exportation ; and no pack to contain more than fifty-two playing Cards, and to consist of the four usual suits, and to contain one ace of spades duly stamped; and every person exporting, or offering to export, any pack of Cards contrary hereto, shall, if a licensed maker, forfeit 50%., if not a licensed maker, 107., in addition to the Cards. Playing Cards or Dice, not stamped for use in the United Kingdom, and not having paid the duties imposed by the Act 9 Geo. IV. c. 18, may be exported under the following conditions, that is to say-before such playing Cards or Dice as aforesaid shall be removed from the licensed house or place of the maker, for the purpose of exportation to parts beyond the seas, or to the Isle of Man, three days' notice in writing shall be given to the head office of stamps in London or Dublin respectively, or at the office of the distributor of stamps at Cork, (so long as it shall be lawful to make Cards at Cork,) by the


maker thereof, of the quantity intended to be exported, the Port of shipment, and of the exporting Vessel, and that of the master thereof; and within the said three days enter into bond, with sufficient surety, to be approved by the Commissioners of Stamps, in treble the amount of the duties which would have been payable thereon, if intended for sale in the United Kingdom; for the due exportation of such Cards and Dice, and the production of a certificate of landing within a limited time: and after the expiration of such three days, a certificate from the Stamp Office, expressing the several matters contained in the notice, and certifying that bond has been given, shall be delivered to the proper Officer of the Customs at the Port of exportation. If exported contrary hereto, shall be forfeited, and may be seized by any officer of the Customs or Excise, and may be proceeded upon to condemnation, according to any laws of Customs or Excise therein in force.-9 Geo. IV. c. 18.

CLOCKS and WATCHES, viz. :-any outward or inward Box, Case, or Dial Plate of any Metal, without the Movement in or with every such Box, Case, or Dial Plate, made up fit for use, with the Clock or Watch Maker's Name engraven thereon.

LACE, viz.:-any Metal inferior to Silver, which shall be spun, mixed, wrought, or set upon Silver, or which shall be gilt, or drawn into Wire, or flatted into Plate, and spun or woven, or wrought into, or upon, or mixed with Lace, Fringe, Cord, Embroidery, Tambour Work, or Buttons, made in the Gold or Silver Lace Manufactory, or set upon Silk, or made into Bullion, Spangles, or Pearl, or any other Materials made in the Gold or Silver Lace Manufactory, or which shall imitate, or be meant to imitate, such Lace, Fringe, Cord, Embroidery, Tambour Work, or Buttons: nor shall any person export any Copper, Brass, or other Metal, which shall be silvered or drawn into Wire, or flatted into Plate, or made into Bullion, Spangles, or Pearl, or any other Materials used in the Gold or Silver Lace Manufactory, or in imitation of such Lace, Fringe, Cord, Embroidery, Tambour Work, or Buttons, or of any of the Materials used in making the same, and which shall hold more or bear a greater proportion than three pennyweights of fine Silver to


the pound avoirdupois of such Copper, Brass, or other Metal.

LACE, viz.: Any Metal inferior to Silver, whether gilt, silvered, stained, or coloured, or otherwise, which shall be worked up or mixed with Gold or Silver, in any Manufacture of Lace, Fringe, Cord, Embroidery, Tambour Work, or Buttons.

TOOLS and UTENSILS, viz. :-any Machine, Engine, Tool, Press, Paper, Utensil, or Instrument used in or proper for the preparing, working, pressing, or finishing of the Woollen, Cotton, Linen, or Silk Manufactures of this Kingdom, or any other Goods, wherein Wool, Cotton, Linen, or Silk, is used, or any part of such Machines, Engines, Tools, Presses, Paper, Utensils, or Instruments, or any Model or Plan thereof, or any part thereof; except Wool Cards, or Stock Cards, not worth above 4s. per pair, and Spinners' Cards, not worth above 1s. 6d. per pair, used in Woollen Manufactures.

Blocks, Plates, Engines, Tools, or Utensils, commonly used in or proper for the preparing, working up, or finishing of the Calico, Cotton, Muslin, or Linen Printing Manufactures, or any part of such Blocks, Plates, Engines, Tools, or Utensils.

Rollers, either plain, grooved, or of any other form or denomination, of Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, or Steel, for the rolling of Iron, or any sort of Metals, and Frames, Beds, Pillars, Screws, Pinions, and each and every Implement, Tool, or Utensil_thereunto belonging; Rollers, Slitters, Frames, Beds, Pillars, and Screws for Slitting Mills; Presses of all sorts, in Iron and Steel, or other Metals, which are used with a Screw ex. 1 in. in diameter, or any parts of these several Articles, or any Model of the before-mentioned Utensils, or any part thereof; all sorts of Utensils, Engines, or Machines used in the casting or boring of Cannon, or any sort of Artillery, or any parts thereof, or any Models of Tools, Utensils, Engines, or Machines used in such casting or boring, or any parts thereof; Hand · Stamps, Dog-Head Stamps, Pulley Stamps, Hammers, and Anvils for Stamps, Presses of all sorts, called cutting-out Presses, Beds or Punches to be used therewith, either in parts or pieces, or fitted together; scoring or shading Engines; Presses for Horn But


tons, Dies for Horn Buttons; rolled Metal, with Silver thereon; parts of Buttons not fitted up into Buttons, or in an unfinished state; Engines for chasing, Stocks for casting Buckles, Buttons, or Rings; Die-sinking Tools of all sorts; Engines for making Buttonshanks; Laps of all sorts; Tools for pinching of Glass, Engines for covering of Whips; Bars of Metal, covered with Gold or Silver, and burnishing Stones, commonly called Blood Stones, either in the rough state or finished for use; Wire Moulds for making Paper; Wheels of Metal, Stone, or Wood, for cutting, roughing, smoothing, polishing, or engraving Glass; Purcellas, Pincers, Shears, and Pipes used in blowing Glass; Potters' Wheels and Lathes for plain, round, and Engine turning; Tools used by Saddlers, Harness Makers, and Bridle Makers, viz.— Candle Strainers, Side Strainers, Point Strainers, Creasing Irons, Screw Creasers, Wheel Irons, Seat Irons, Pricking Irons, Bolstering Irons, Clams, and Head Knives.

Frames for making Wearing Apparel.

A List of Goods which may be prohibited to be exported, by Proclamation or Order in Council.

ARMS*, Ammunition, and Gunpowder.

ASHES, Pot and Pearl.

MILITARY and NAVAL STORES, and any articles (except copper) which his Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into, or made useful in, increasing the quantity of Military or Naval stores.

PROVISIONS, or any sort of victual which may be used as food by man.

And if any goods shall be exported, or be waterborne to be exported from the United Kingdom, contrary to any of the prohibitions or restrictions before mentioned, the same shall be forfeited.-6 Geo. IV. c. 107, § 99. 6 Geo. IV. c. 108, § 33.

*Fowling pieces and gun stocks are to be considered as within the meaning of this prohibition.-Min. Com. Cus., 2 March, 1809. But notwithstanding, as a matter of grace, passengers will be allowed, when embarking for the continent, to take with them such tire arms as may be necessary for their self-protection or amusement, provided there be no reason to suppose, either from the quantity of arms in the possession of any individual, or from other circumstances, that such arms are intended for other purposes, than for amusement or self-defence.







[For an Abstract of the Regulations appertaining to the Entry of Goods outwards, as well as for the "Prohibitions and Restrictions" on certain Goods exported, see pages 190 and 195.-And for Tonnage and Dock Duties Outwards, and Reciprocity Acts, see Index.]

COALS* not being small Coals, exported to any place not being a British Possessiont, viz.:


in a British Ship, the ton

in a Foreign Shipt, the ton..

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Small Coals, Culm, and Cinders, exported to any

place not being a B. P.†, viz.:



in a British Ship, the ton..
in a Foreign Shipt, the ton

The above duties were taken from the 1st of March, 1831, by Treas. Order, 22, Feb. 1831, and subsequently under the Act 1 & 2 Wm. IV. c. 16.

Note-No duty is due on Coals, Culm, and Cinders exported to any British Possession. -Treas. Order, 10 Sept. 1831. Coals exported to the Ionian Islands for the service of the Government, were put upon the same footing as Coals exported to the British Colonies, by Treas. Order, 13 June, 1829.

Note-Also, that the drawbacks heretofore paid on the exportation of Coals and Culm are repealed.

Any Coals which shall have been screened through a Riddle or Screen, the bars of which not being in any part thereof more than three eighth parts of an inch asunder, shall, on Exportation from any part of Great Britain, be subject and liable to such and the like duties, and no other, as are or may be charged and payable on Culm exported from Great Britain to Foreign parts.



Small coals which have been brought coastwise, may be transhipped for exportation on payment of the duty on culm, provided the same be accompanied by a certificate of their having been skreened at the original port of shipment, in conformity with the provisions of the Act 56 Geo. III. c. 127, § 2.-Min. Com. Cus. 29 May, 1830.

+ No cocket shall be granted for the exportation of any Coals to the Isle of Man or to any British Possession, until the Exporter shall have given bond in a penal sum of 40s. the chaldron, with condition that they shall be landed at the place of destination, or accounted for to the satisfaction of the Commissioners of Customs, and for the production of a certificate of landing. The bond not to be subject to any stamp duty. 6 Geo. IV. c. 107.

See List of Countries, the Ships belonging to which are entitled to privileges of British Ships, under Treaties of Reciprocity in page 12.

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