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Alien to de clare Residence half.

ALIEN ACT, continued. if in Great Britain, to one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, at the Alien Office in Westminster, and if in Ireland, to the Chief Secretary for Ireland ; and if any alien shall neglect or refuse to produce such certificate, or to make or transmit such declaration, he or she shall be punished in the manner hereinafter mentioned*. -7 Geo. IV., c. 54, § 6.

Every alien, being in this realm after the commencement of this Acti, shall, on the 1st of January, and on the 1st of July, in every year, or within one week after those respective days, make a declaration in writing of his or her place of residence, and there- yearly. in state at what place he or she intends in future to reside, and shall, within the same week, transmit such declaration by the post, if in Great Britain, to one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, at the Alien Office in Westminster, and if in Ireland, to the Chief Secretary for Ireland; for neglect or refusal to make or transmit, or for wilfully transmitting any false declaration, he or she shall be punished in the manner herein. after mentioned*.-7 Geo. IV., c. 54, § 7.

It shall be lawful for one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State to require any alien, being in Great Britain, and for the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Secretary of to require any alien being in Ireland, to make a require a more declaration of his or her actual or intended place frequent De. of residence, at shorter intervals than is hereinbefore required; and such requisition may be made either by a warrant under the hand and seal of such Principal Secretary or Chief Secretary respectively, to be delivered to the alien, or left at his or her last declared place of residence, or otherwise by a notice to be published in the London, or Dublin Gazette, as the case may be; and every alien named in any such warrant, or notice, shall transmit such declaration as often as he or she shall be required so to do by such warrant or notice; and if he or she shall neglect or refuse so to do, he or she shall be punished in the manner hereinafter mentioned.-9 8.

If any alien, in any of the cases aforesaid, shall neglect to make such declaration as is by this Act required, Penalty on or to transmit the same, in the cases in which he Alien for false is required so to do, within the time in that behalf

or neglecting limited, or shall wilfully make or transmit any false declaration, every such person so offending




to make the same.

* See section 9, in this page. † That is to say, after the 1st of July, 1326.

be forwarded

Place of

cate or Re.


ALIEN Act, continued. shall, upon conviction thereof, before two justices of the peace, for every such offence, either forfeit any sum not exceeding fifty pounds, or be imprisoned for any time not exceeding six months, at the discretion of the justices.-7 Geo. IV., c. 54, $ 9.

Upon the receipt at the Alien Office, or at the Office of the Certificate to Chief Secretary for Ireland, of any declaration, in

any of the cases aforesaid, ihe clerk at such office to the Alien, setting forth

shall within three days make out a certificate,

setting forth the names, rank, occupation, and Abode, &c.

description of the alien, and his or her place of abode, and shall transmit the same by post to such alien; and if any alien shall not be possessed of such certificate, or shall

reside in any other place than that expressed Penalty for not having Certifi. in such certificate, every such alien shall, for

every such offence, forfeit 201.; and if any alien, siding else.

being required by any justice of the peace to pro

duce such certificate, shall refuse or neglect so to do, he or she shall be deemed not to be possessed of any certificate.- 10.

Aliens about to depart the realm, and being desirous of having possession of the passport delivered up at the time of debarkation, must notify by leiter to the Alien Office in Westminster, or to the Chief Secretary's Office in Dublin, the port

at which he or she intends to embark, and the

clerk at those respective offices will forthwith have his passe

transmit such passport by the post to the chief

officer of the Customs of the port so notified, to port of embar. kation, and de. be by bim delivered to such alien, on such alien

making a declaration in writing of his or her inon making de. tention of departing, and delivering the same to

the chief officer of Customs at the port of departure, who shall forthwith transmit the same, if in Great Britain, to one of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State at the Alien Office in Westminster, and if in Ireland to the Chief Secretary for Ireland. Aliens neglecting to make such declaration, or to deliver the same to the chief officer of the Customs at the port of departure, shall for every such offence forfeit 51.7 Geo. IV., c. 54, § 11. If the certificate issued to any alien shall be lost, mislaid,

or destroyed, and such alien shall produce proof

thereof to the satisfaction of a justice of the sued in lieu of peace that he or she hath duly conformed with

ihis Act, such justice shall certify the same under lost.

his hand, and such alien shall thereby be entitled to demand a fresh certificate.-$ 12.

Alien on de parture may

port sent to the

livered to him

New Certifi. cate to be is.

such as are

Certificate to

without fee.


ALIEN Act, continued.

No fee or reward shall be demanded for any certificate hereinbefore required to be given; and every person who shall take any fee or reward of any be granted alien or other person, for any matter or thing done under this Act, shall forfeit for every offence 201. Officers of the Customs refusing or neglecting

Penalty. to make such entry as aforesaid, or to grant any certificate thereon, or shall knowingly make any frise entry, or neglect to transmit the copy thereof, or to transmit any declaration of the master of a vessel, or any declaration of departure in manner directed by this Act, shall forfeit for every such offence 201.7 Geo. IV., c. 54, § 13.

Persons wilfully forging, counterfeiting, or altering, or causing the same to be done, or uttering, knowing the

Penalty for same to be forged, counterfeited, or altered, any forging or aldeclaration or certificate hereby directed, ur

tering Certifi. shall obtain any such certificate under any false name or description, without disclosing to the person granting such certificate the true name and description of such alien, and the reason for concealing the same, or shall falsely pretend to be the person intended to be named and described in such certificate, shall, upon conviction thereof before tro justices, either forfeit any sum not exceeding 501., or be imprisoned for any time not exceeding six months, at the discretion of such justices.- 14.

All offences against this Act to be prosecuted within sic calendar months after the offence committed, except that of not making or delivering a decla. ration of departure, which shall be prosecuted within six calendar months after the offender's return to this realm; in default of payment of any pecuniary penalty, the offender may be committed to the common gaol for any time not exceeding six months, unless the penalty shall be sooner paid. Offences to be prosecuted before two or more justices of the peace of the place where the offence shall be committed, who shall forthwith report to one of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, or to the Chief Secretary for Ireland, as the case may require, the conviction of every oftender under this Act, and the punishment to which he is adjudged; and no writ of certiorari, or of advocation, or suspension, shall be allowed to remove the proceedings of any justices touching the cases aforesaid, or to supersede cr suspend execution or other proceedings thereupon.-7 Geo. IV., c. 54, § 15.

Nothing herein contained to affect any foreign ambassador,

Prosecution of


Not to affect

ters or their servants.

Nor Aliens

ALIEN Act, continued.

or other public minister duly authorized, nor any Foreign Minis. domestic servant of any such ambassador or

minister, registered as such according to law, or

being actually attendant upon such ambassador or minister; nor any alien who shall have continually resided

within this realm for seven years next before the who have been passing of this Act*, anu who shall have ob

tained a certificate thereof from the Alien Office ; Aliens under

nor any alien in respect of any act done or omitfourteen years.

ted to be done, who shall be under the age of

fourteen years at the time when such act was so done or omitted to be done : and if any question shall arise, whether any person alleged to be an alien, is an alien or not, the proof that such person is a natural-born subject of His Majesty, or a denizen of this kingdom, or a naturalized subject, or that such person, if an alien, is not subject to the provisions of this Act, shall lie on the person so alleged to be an alien, and to be subject to the provisions of this Act.- 16.

resident seven years, nor


make entries.

Any person or persons who shall make, or cause to be made, Unauthorized

at any Custom-house in the United Kingdom, Persons not to entry inwards of any goods, not being duly be permitted to authorized thereto by the proprietor or consignee

of such goods, shall for every such offence forfeit the sum of 1001.; but no such penalty shall extend to any person or persons acting under the directions of the several dock companies or other corporate bodies authorized by law to pass entries.—2 and 3 William IV. c. 84, § 16.

The Importer of any Goods must, within fourteen days after Entry to be

the arrival of the ship with the same, make per

fect entry inwards of such goods at the Customfourteen days House, in manner hereinafter described, and after arrival,

within such time land the same; and in default of such entry and landing, the officers of the Customs may convey such goods to the King's warehouse, for security of duties; and if the duties due thereon shall not be paid within three months after the time aforesaid shall have expired, together with all charges of removal and warehouse-rent, the same shall be sold, and the produce thereof applied to the

made within

* This Act passed the 26th May, 1826.

Particulars of

or to be ware. housed.

ENTRY OF GOops INWARDS, continued. payment of freight and charges, next of duties, and the overplus, if any, paid to the proprietor of the goods.—6 Geo. IV. c. 107, § 16. Where the cargoes of vessels are not discharged within the period above-named, the merchant will be either charged with the day-pay of the tidewaiters boarded upon such vessels beyond the period of fourteen days, or the goods will be conveyed to the King's warehouse, or some other warehouse hired for the purpose, and the parties charged with the rent and other expenses incurred.—Min. Com. Cus., 1st July, 1831.

Persons entering Goods inwards (whether for payment of duty or to be warehoused, or whether such goods shall be free of duty), must deliver to the Col. Entry for Duty lector or Comptroller of the Customs a bill of entry or warrant of such goods, fairly written in words at length, stating the name of the ship, master, and place from whence brought, and the description and situation of the warehouse, if to be warehoused, and the name of the person entering the goods, and the quantity and description of The goods, the number and description of the respective packages; and in the margin the marks and numbers of such packages ;* and, at the same time, two or more duplicates of such warrant, as the case may require, in which all sums and numbers may be expressed in figures; and the several particilars shall be written and arranged in such form and manner, and the number of such duplicates shall be such as the Collector and Comptroller shall require.—6 Geo. IV. c. 107, § 17.

And if the goods shall be charged (in the table of “ Duties on Foreign Goods Imported") to pay duty according to the number, measure, or weight, Number, Mea. thereof, such number, measure, or weight, must

sure, and Weight, be stated in the entry; if according to the value, such value must likewise be stated in the entry, and affirmed by the declaration of the importer or his known agent, written upon the warrant of

to be stated.

Goods at Value.

* The Warrant must also correspond in every respect with the Report, and the Manifest, (where any is required,) and with the Certificate, where any is re. quired, by which the importation or entry of the Goods is authorized ; and by the description of such Goods in the table of “Duties :"_and any Goods, whether taken out of the Ship, or from the Warehouse, by virtue of any entry or warrant, not agreeing in all respects as aforesaid, shall be forfeited.-6 Geo, Iv. c. 107, 18. And when demand shall have been made for the delivery, or for any order for the delivery of any Goods, in virtue of any such entry, such Goods shall be deemed to have been taken and delivered within the meaning of the aforesaid Act.—7 and 8 Geo. IV. c. 56, $ 2.

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