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consent to give you the benefit of my purity began to come. The enthusiasm knowledge, but for a salary? Never!” of the millionaire and the assayer rose

“I know it sounds very commonplace, higher and higher. Farnum became so but I won't have any man work for me for engrossed in the analyses and testing that nothing."

he forgot afternoon teas, got late “That's all nonsense, remonstrated theatre parties, and found bridge stupid. Farnum. “Besides, I

He even began to give Winifred second “You know you will enjoy being again place, and she began to pout under the in the laboratory,” interrupted Randolph, neglect. At last Farnum suggested, with "and finding out what is inside of that some temerity that she come to the laboramine; now, won't you?”

tory and watch him work. The invitation “Oh, yes; that's all very true. But sup- was not received with much relish, and at pose I have to go to a reception or the first the odors of chemicals were very ofopera and have some stuff boiling on the fensive, while the numerous appliances lamp or some separations that have to be and the minuteness of the details seemed made at 9:30, when I'm enjoying the to be all unnecessary.

It did not take theatre. What will we do then ?” long, however, for Winifred to become in

"Don't let the laboratory interfere with terested, too, and later she made herself your social engagements at all. I would so useful that Farnum found that he not expect that.

Of course, you could not very well get along without her have an assistant if you want one.” help.

"I hate assistants !” expostulated Far- “I thought you hated assistants,” renum. “They are always in the way!" torted Randolph one evening, as he noted

“Just as you like,” returned the mil- Winifred handling the assayer beakers lionaire.

and tubes. “Still, I believe the whole thing is pre- “There are exceptions," returned Farposterous," announced the assayer, "and num, looking at the girl tenderly. you had best drop it before you begin.” “And I understood, Miss Wilson, that

"But I have begun already, and I won't you hated odors and mud and rocks and drop it. It is going to be a big thing. I laboratories," went on the millionaire, know it."

watching how carefully the girl was “No salary for me, mind you,” ordered weighing some material. Farnum. "I won't have it.”

“It all depends upon who the professor “You will have to; but if you don't is,” she answered, as the color deepened in want it, you can turn it over to your

credi- her cheeks. tors. They'll take it."

“Do you know this stuff is as rich as The two men laughed good-naturedly Croesus,” cried Farnum, viewing a piece as they sauntered down the street to the

“I think we had better go out club. The matter was settled, and no time there next week and see how the land was lost in getting things in operation lays."

- both at the mine and in the laboratory. “Not yet,” returned Randolph. “WarFarnum found real pleasure in fitting up ren said he would send for me at the end his laboratory, while every cheque the mil

of the year.

He has made good so far, lionaire signed for this enterprise was and I will trust him further." dancing with gold and silver and gems. "But I am wild to get a look at the real When the first bag of ore was received, the thing,” insisted the assayer with increastwo men knocked their heads together in ing enthusiasm. the laboratory to see the streaks and "So am I," agreed the millionaire. specks of metal.

“I think it would be glorious to see a "It's gold !" cried Farnum. “And if it real mine that contains all these riches," is this good at the surface, what must it added Winifred with delight. be further down?

“We will go there on our wedding trip,” This was the first incentive either man whispered Farnum to her. had ever had to accomplish something. As These words were meant only for Miss more specimens were received the ore was Wilson, but Randolph heard them, also, found to be richer. Later, gems of rare and they caused a little sadness at his

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heart, for he saw no such bright wedding snubbed, and she would die under such trip in store for him.

treatment.” A few days after this conversation, Far- "Now is your chance," cautioned Farnum acknowledged to Randolph that num. “Don't let it slip and be miserable Winifred was quite delighted that he was all the rest of your days, and make the girl working. “She said she believed every miserable, too. Look at me, absolutely man ought to have some employment. I working for a salary that I know I don't did not know she would take it so sensibly, and she even made no objection when I “Yes, you do,” interrupted Randolph. told her you insisted upon giving me a “Who would have believed it?” went on salary. Really, it has come in very handy Farnum. “Wonders will never

cease! for my debts. They are all paid now, and Take my advice and marry the girl, if she I have started on a clean page. Father is

is the right sort." awfully pleased, too. And we are going "I will think on it,” concluded Ranto get married—Winifred and 1-just as dolph in despondent tones. soon as I know when we can look at the Out in Nevada, Ernest Warren mine, for that is to be our wedding trip. working with an energy that threatened Indeed, Winifred is quite interested in it prostration. The barren mountain side all," he ended in good spirits.

had blossomed into a mining camp, with "So I have noticed,” returned Ran- people, shacks, excitement and noise. Dordolph, and involuntarily a sigh escaped. othy's mother, Mrs. White, had opened a

“What's the matter, old man? The hotel-as the homely structure was desigmine is all right,” hurriedly informed his nated with dignity-and she was doing a companion, with concern.

flourishing business. “The mine does not bother me," he "Indeed, you are working yourself to assured him.

death, Ernest,” complained Dorothy. “If As if Famnum suspected what did bother you don't stop, I won't ever have a wedthe millionaire, he said cheerfully: “Why ding day.” can't

you take a wedding trip at the same “Just one week more, dear,” he antime? That would be jolly!"

swered tenderly. “I must show the man "No," he replied dejectedly. "I can who gave me a chance that I could make give other people wedding trips, but I good. It has been a glorious battle, dear, can't have one myself.”

with you and wealth and a name to gain.” “That's nonsense, man. With your Then they gave themselves over to the money and social position you can have sweet forgetfulness of cares, when love's anything."

young dream made light their hearts and (That's just the trouble.

labors. is in the way. Of all the young ladies of The following Thursday was a gala wealth I know, there is not one I would day in "If” camp—as the millionaire's want for a wife. They are too artificial. mine had been jocosely titled after the I've got the money and I would willingly conditional terms of the contract of develgive it to some one in return for honesty opment became known. When the big and love. That's what I want, Farnum. auto car ceased its puffing at the White This is a time when riches are a curse Hotel, Warren was surprised to find two rather than a blessing.

ladies in the party.

He was still more “But don't you love some girl?” ques- surprised when he discovered that one was tioned Farnum.

Mrs. Farnum and the other Mrs. Ran“To be frank with you, I do; but I dare dolph. not say so, because she is not a millionaire “I fear the ladies will find poor accomand I am.

You know what a howl father modations,” apologized the engineer. “But would make."

they shall have the best.") “I have no doubt of it, but it is your They wanted to rough it,” said Ranaffair and not your father's. He has not dolph, helping them out of the car. got to marry the girl.”

"It has been perfectly glorious !” ex"I know, but I would want him to re- claimed both of the women at the same ceive her. I could not stand for her being time. Later, when Dorothy was showing

The money

them to their rooms they confided to her that they had just been married and were on their wedding trip.

“I am sorry we have nothing bride-like to offer you," returned the proprietor's daughter in disappointment.

They assured her that everything was charming and so different from anything they had yet experienced.

The trip down the mine was taken the next day. Even the brides accompanied the party, their indulgent husbands seeing that objections were useless. Dorothy, too, was permitted to take her first peep into the dark caverns that had made her lover a mere shadow of his former robust self. Randolph was thoroughly satisfied, wbile Farnum could scarcely believe that so much wealth could be centered in one spot. The old Indian legend was surely true.

Late in the afternoon the millionaire and the engineer sat on the hotel porch discussing the mine.

“I must congratulate you upon your success, Warren," said Randolph at last. “You have earned the loan. There is indeed no failure in the enterprise.”

“I am glad to hear you say that,” returned the engineer. “I thank you for your trust, but I was sure I would succeed.”

Then the millionaire asked Warren to continue the supervision of the mine, offering him a comfortable salary. To this he consented.

“From the looks of things," began Randolph, a smile lurking in the corner of his mouth, “I believe there is to be a wedding soon, isn't there?”

“Yes," assented the man. “We were just waiting until after you came.”

"Then I want to provide the wedding trip. Here's a cheque to go somewhere. You need a change, and I am sure the young lady will enjoy it, too. Wedding trips have become my specialty,” and he laughed amusedly, though the engineer did not fully understand the full significance of his remark until he had had a conversation with Dorothy later. Just then, Farnum came upon

the porch with the two young ladies, quite full of dust. They had had a most delicious walk over broken rocks, among mesquite bushes and thorny cactus.

“If you had not made that gritty propotition to me, Warren,” announced Randolph, “we would not be here now."

"And if the mine had not proved rich, my life would not at this moment be my own," returned the engineer.

“And if-” began Farnum, but he was interrupted by the appearance of Mrs. White. Taking up the last word, she announced hospitably: “If you all don't come to dinner, everything will be cold.”

Whereupon the assemblage entered the hotel--all but Warren. He waited for the girlish figure coming up the walk, for he wanted to tell her the good news and ask her where the wedding tour should be.

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The waves come,

The waves flow,
The sands crumble,

Yield and go;
The steadfast cliff

Heeds not the sea;
So certain is

My love for thee.






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R. BURK sat in his private office The coachman obeyed immediately. Sereading an account of the Court- curing the horse, he followed the man inney diamond robbery when the side the house, while the detective re

telephone bell rang and he re- crossed the street and joined the two ceived a hurry call: "Come immediately- policemen who stood opposite. man supposed to be dying-in violent con- There was another struggle in progress vulsions—bring a powerful anaesthetic.” in the patient's room. The curtains were

The street and number of a cheap lodg- drawn, but they were muslin and the ocing house were given, and the rather

rather cupants could be plainly discerned moving jerky message ended.

about in the well-lighted room. The bulky It was but the work of a few minutes forms surged and swayed back and forth for the doctor to order his carriage, thrust as men would appear in a mortal combat. a bottle of chloroform into his medicine But it was over at last, and the watchers case and start in answer to the summons. in the street could see two forms bending

His destination lay in a distant part of over an apparently subdued third. the city, but he had no difficulty in locat- "Do


think that we have made a mising the place, and arrived in less time than take?” one of the officers asked. half an hour. He noticed as he reached “No," answered the detective in a low the door that a policeman stood upon the voice; “the diamonds as well as the thief corner near the house, another officer stood are in that house. This is done to throw a little farther down the block, and just us off, as they are perfectly aware of our opposite, upon the other side of the street presence here, also the two policemen a well-known detective was standing. He watching this house from the alley at the was puzzled somewhat, but he rang the

The landlady, Mrs. Gates, has only bell and was admitted at once by a man two boarders, the man who stole the Courtin shirt sleeves, who hurried him into

nds and his tool, that fellow who the house and closed the door.

ran out to the carriage. Mrs. Gates has The detective crossed the street and given me full permission to enter her spoke to the doctor's coachman.

house and make the arrests at any time, "Who is Dr. Burk’s patient in there ?” which I intend to do just as soon as the he nodded toward the closed door.

doctor leaves. Ah, there comes Dr. Burk “A chap with fits,” was the answer. and his servant now," as the door opened "The doctor is going to chloroform him. and two men came out. Their overcoat Listen to them !”

collars were well turned up, and each man's Evidently there was a struggle going on hat was pulled down to his ears. inside. The muffled sounds seemed to The detective hastened over to the carcome from an upper room at the front of riage and touched his hat respectfully. the house. The contest seemed fierce and "Doctor," he said, "is your patient in that strong, but it was soon over apparently, house very sick ?” as the shuffling noise ceased.

“Very sick," was the gruff reply. The door was flung open, and the man "Can I be permitted to see him ?” who had admitted Dr. Burk rushed to the But the doctor did not hear the question side of the waiting vehicle.

or was too ill-tempered to answer,

for “The doctor wants you right away,” he without replying, he sprang into the vehisaid to the coachman in an excited tone. cle beside the driver, who lashed the horse "He wants you to help us to control the into a gallop. patient enough to administer the drugs." “I have known Dr. Burk for a number


ney di

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of years,” he said to the officers, “but Brady's baby." have never seen him act that surly before.” The burly policeman dashed after the

“His patient has put him out of sorts, carriage, and finding that the driver diswas the reply. “Suppose we secure our regarded his shouts to stop, he sprang to men now. The three men entered the the horse's head and seized the bridle. hallway. The gas was burning brightly in “What is the meaning of this?” dethe landing above, and they mounted the manded one of the men in the team. stairs without delay. Mrs. Gates had given “Mrs. Brady wants you to come and see them instructions, and they proceeded her baby, if ye are Dr. Burk. Sure, I'm

. directly to the suspected man's room, not running afther ye for the pleasure of which was the same that they had been your acquaintance." watching from the street.

The man addressed as Dr. Burk picked The door yielded to their touch, and the a satchel up and stepped to the ground. next moment they stepped inside and bent He followed the policeman without a word over a bed in the center of the room, and to the door the officer politely pointed out there, with the covers tucked snugly about to him, and entered. them and a dampened sponge to each "I'll jist step in a minute to see Brady mouth, lay Dr. Burk and his coachman, an' kape an eye upon that foine docther. Í but the thief and his accomplice were am not liking the look of him at all," said gone, and so was the magnificent collec- Murphy. tion of the Courtney diamonds.

He stepped into the next room where

Brady was, and the two could plainly see A few blocks away a woman was walk- and hear all that transpired in the room ing about the floor of a tenement house, beyond. She carried a sick baby upon her arm, and There was a start of surprise upon was talking to a neighbor who had stepped Brady's face as the doctor entered. He in for a moment.

rose to his feet and beckoned to Murphy. “Yes, Mrs. Murphy,” she said, "we are There was a whispered conversation bein hard luck; you know that my husband tween the two men and they both entered lost his place at the Courtneys on account the adjoining room together as the doctor of the diamonds being stolen. He is as was about to leave. innocent as this child in my arms, but no “This is not Dr. Burk,” explained Mrs. one will believe it. The butler saw a man Brady, “but he has taken charge of his stop and speak to my husband the day be- practice for a few days.” fore the house was robbed, and he went and “And without the doctor's consent, I told Mr. Courtney. Frank said the man fancy,” said Murphy. The doctor precame into the garden where he was work- tended that he did not hear, and opened ing, and talked to him for a few minutes the door. only. The stranger turned out to be the “Not so fast!” The officer was beside robber, as several of the servants caught him at once. “Let's look at your drugs in sight of him that night as he left the this medicine case,” he said. house. My husband has worried himself “Stand back!” was the answer,

as he sick, and now I have two sick and no drew a pistol from his pocket and covered money to buy medicine with, with eight the officer. The next moment the pistol children to provide food for. If I could was struck from his hand by Brady, and only send for Dr. Burk I would be so a pair of steel bracelets was snapped upon

the doctor's wrists. She paused by the open window as she “We will take a look at the drugs now,” spoke, and a joyful exclamation escaped said Murphy, opening the medicine case. her.

He opened his eyes wide with wonder at “There is Dr. Burk now!"

the dazzling sight of sparkling gems. Mrs. Murphy ran to the window, and “Send for an officer to take charge of secing her husband, a policeman, in the this,” he said, “while I look after my man. street below, she called to him:

Sure it was a neat little capture, and the "Jimmy, stop Dr. Burk's team and tell reward is all yer own, Brady. A snug him to come up right away to see Mrs. sum of two thousand, my man.


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