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J. W. Gande, Shanghai.

mills of its own in India. The central house is in Hongkong.

There are few docks or marine engineering plants in the world the equal of those of the Shanghai Dock and Engineering Co. The company has facilities for building ships of large tonnage, and for doing all kinds of repair work in the best fashion. Marine engines and boilers and machinery generally is constructed and repaired in excellent manner at the company's works.

Katz & Co., general importing and exporting, is a leading firm with head offices in Shanghai, with branches at Chefoo, Tientsin and elsewhere. It exports over 25,000 head of cattle and 4,000 tons of dressed beef annually. During the Chinese-Japanese war it imported $10,000,000, gold, worth of American foodstuffs. It also has a soap factory in Shanghai.

The great packing house of Swift & Co. long ago entered the Chinese mar

ket, and now maintains a large industry there in dressed and canned meats and by-products.

General importing and exporting, particularly of raw and waste silk, is carried on extensively by A. R. Burkill & Sons, Kiukiang Road, Shanghai. The company is also the agency for the Anglo-French Land Investment Co., and other big concerns.

F. A. van der Loo & Co., manufacturers' agents and commission merchants, 2 Jinkee Road, Shanghai, is one of the new firms to establish a business in China; it was formed in 1909. It is doing a thriving business, and is the agency for the following American firms: The Kyn-Scheerer Co., New York, surgical instruments, hospital supplies; Horlick's Malted Milk Co.; Paris Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo., proprietary medicines; James B. Clow & Sons, Chicago, sanitary plumbing.

German, Dutch and English firms: Farwerke W. A. Hospelt, Koln-Ehrenfeld, dry paints; Messrs. Hecht Pfeiffer & Co., Berlin, sundries; Maatschappy De Veluwe, Nunspeet, for paints and varnishes; Industrieele

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Maatschappy Trompenburg, Amsterdam, Spyker motorcars; A. Hillen, Delft, cigars; L. J. Akker, Rotterdam, proprietary medicines; . Pharmaceutische Handelsvereeniging, Amsterdam, proprietary medicines; Kon. Fabriek van Porcelein en Aardewerk, Rozenburg, 's Gravenhage, Dutch porcelain and earthenwares; Johs. M. Verschure & Zoon, Rotterdam, Dutch cheese; S. B. Whitfield & Co., Birmingham, for Lawson-Tait hospital bedsteads. The main business is Veluvine, a Dutch patent oil paint.

Andrews, von Fischerz & George, 1 Foochow Road, Shanghai, are agents for Colgate & Co., New York; Victor Safe and Lock Co., Cincinnati, O.; R. & J. Dick, Ltd., patent belting, Glasgow; Oliver Typewriter Co., Ltd., Chicago; Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co., Pittsburg; Burroughs Adding Machine Co., Detroit; O. & W. Thum Co., Detroit; Aug. Meitz, gas engines, New York.

The automobile was introduced into Shanghai several years ago, and it has made rapid progress. There are now about seven hundred and fifty motor cars in the settlement, and they are increasing fairly rapidly.

The Dunlop Rubber Co. foresaw that there were great prospects in Shanghai, and therefore they opened their own office there about two years ago. The Dunlop tire has become a very popular one, and they have, at least, eighty per cent of the entire trade. They have also a large vulcanizing plant where they carry out all kinds of repairs to motor tires and also retreading. The pneumatic tired ricksha is also getting to be very popular in Shanghai and in many other ports, and this well-known company is now supplying most of the tires for them, as they are so conveniently situated and can draw from their Kobe factory.

The Kiangnan Dock and Engineering Works is an example of the latterday Chinese manufacturing enterprise, being a Chinese company which per


Chan Yinting, Compradore of Jelsen & Co., Hongkong.

forms the largest and most important engineering work. Its docks and plant are up to date, and the output is of fine quality.

The Ta Ching Government bank is a leading and successful financial institution, with modern methods, which is a good example of the strong banking institutions now to be found in China.

The Chinese Engineering and Mining Co., with head offices in Tientsin, is an important enterprise, extensively engaged in coal and other mining in Chihli province. It manufactures coke on a large scale, and likewise firebricks of a high quality. It has its own seaport at Chinwangtao, and handles a yearly output of a million and a half tons of coal, coke and firebrick, and ships Chinese coal to America and other foreign lands.

Fearon, Daniels & Co. are the people who handle paints, enamels and varnishes in Shanghai, and they are located at 9 Foochow Road. The firm is well and favorably known as an ex

port and import house. They are agents for the celebrated Patton Sunproof Paints and Varnishes.

Mustard & Co. is another of the truly representative and successful foreign houses. They are in Museum Road, at No. 22, near the Foochow Road. They are agents for the Howe Scales, for "Wincarnis," the great tonic wine for which they are general distributing agents for all of China. They are also engaged in a general import and export business.

Whiteaway, Laidlaw & Co. is known in every household in China. They handle the Wedgewood china; they have the best selection of porcelain china in the Celestial Empire, and they do, in addition, a very large and comprehensive general import and export business. Whiteaway, Laidlaw & Co. is one of the foremost firms in Shanghai.

Arnhold, Karberg & Co. are agents for the Indian-African Line, and their steamers give a regular service from Hongkong to South African ports, with transshipment at Calcutta. This firm is also in the general import and export trade, and has been most successful. The enterprise of the firm has given it the sole agency for South Manchu

ria, China and Hongkong of G. H. Mumm & Co., Rheims, Mumm Champagne.

In another place we have mentioned Swift & Co. It should not be necessary to mention the products of this great concern, whose business ramifications are world-wide. Swift's has originated something which is not familiar to America for the Oriental trade, and that is the Sealtite Hams. The climate is such that it is necessary to pack the ham in a special coating which is impervious to atmospheric action.

The Swift & Co. fertilizers have found great favor in the Orient, owing to the intelligent manner in which their merits have been extolled by the agents.

The Swift & Co. office is also an agency for Libby, McNeill & Libby, for the Orient. The latter firm sends to the firm for distribution such products as extracts of beef, California fruits and vegetables, jellies, jams, pickles, milk, cream, olives and all other condiments. The Swift "wool soap" has found great favor in the Orient.

Mr. C. G. Hannan is manager, and Mr. A. G. Wolfe is assistant of the Shanghai office.

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of a railway in China know beforehand that their survey will be through a thickly-settled agricultural region whose traffic is already awaiting new and better transportation conveniences. This comes from the fact that in no other country in the world, perhaps, is so much acreage devoted to raising ground products as in China. So, when the projector of a railway in that nation sends out to locate a line he knows that he will find all along the route that every available acre is under careful and intelligent cultivation, even the hillsides being profitably cultivated by terracing them, and he will know in advance that traffic consisting of rice, wheat, corn, barley, millet, tea and the products of silk factories, cotton mills and other kinds of industrial enterprises will be awaiting the sound of his incoming locomotive. He will also find coal, iron, copper and other minerals in large quantities waiting for him. The only wonder is that the business men and capitalists of China did not long ago gridiron the empire with railways and improve its miles upon miles of water



But China is now fully alive to the importance of a system of transporta

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