Slike strani
[blocks in formation]


Boston frigate engagement with the


his manners,

his promptness,

his style and equipage,

occupied by the Americans,
after the siege,

people of, project expedition against


BOTETOURT, Lord, Governor of Vir-


i. 345

i. 346

i. 359

i. 379

i. 379

i. 380
i. 411
i. 420

i. 383

i. 384
i. 386

i. 395

1. 395

i. 459

i. 459


ii. 24
ii. 80

ii. 142

ii. 177

ii. 184

ii. 192

ii. 193

ii. 194

ii. 196
ii. 197

iii. 511

v. 181
i. 359
i. 380
i. 379

i. 351

i. 352

i. 352

i. 852

opening of the session,

i. 352

dissolves the House of Burgesses,
conciliatory conduct,
his death,

i. 854
i. 355

i. 360
Bottle Hill, Americans encamped at, iii. 5
alarm post,
iii. 481
BOUDINOT, Elias, to Pres. Wharton, iii. 330
BOUGAINVILLE, DE, detached to
watch Wolfe's movements,
arrives too late,

BOUQUET, Colonel, stationed at Rays-

i. 299
i. 303
i. 304


i. 275
attaches an officer and men to In-
dian scouting parties,
halt at Loyal Hannan,

sends out a reconnoitring party,
BOURLAMARQUE dismantles Ticonde-

i. 279
i. 283
i. 284

roga and Crown Point,

i. 293

makes a stand at the Isle aux Noix, i. 293
BRAAM, Van. (See Van Braam.)

BRADDOCK, Major General Edward,
appointed generalissimo of the co-
Tonial forces,
his character,
anecdotes of,

i. 154

lands at Hampton,
proceeds to Alexandria,

i. 156

invites Washington to join his staff, i. 157
holds a council,

i. 160

i. 166

i. 167

i. 163

sets out from Alexandria,
commencement of troubles,
interview with Franklin,
sets off for Will's Creek.
arrives at Fort Cumberland,
his discipline,
treatment of Indians,

i. 169

to Governor Morris,

his impatience and obstinacy,
arrival of conveyances,

[See end of the Index.
BRADFORD, Wm., attorney general,
death of,
BRADSTREET, Lieutenant Colonel, se-
cures a Seminole,

expedition against Fort Frontenac,
captures the fort,

Brandywine (battle of the) cannon-

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

i. 153

1. 153

i. 152

i. 169

i. 171

i. 174

i. 174

i. 176

i. 178

v. 195
V. 244

iii. 202

iii. 203

iii. 207

iii. 20S

iii. 200

iv. 198

i. 491

iii. 467

iv. 171

i. 466

i. 467

i. 468

i. 472

V. 36

preparations for retreat from Bos-

embarkation from Boston,
designs against New York,

plans for the attack on Long Island,
crossing from Long Island,
land at New York,
repulse Americans,
land at Throg's Neck,

ships move up to Bourdett's Ferry,
cross the Hudson above Fort Lee,
view of affairs,

i. 272

i. 273

i. 274

iii. 177

iii. 180
iii. 258

[blocks in formation]

ii. 501

iii. 1

iii. 84

invasion from Canada,
fleet leaves New York,
enters the Delaware,
sails out of the Capes,
enters the Chesapeake,
BRODHEAD, Col., expedition against
the Indians,
BROMFIELD, Major, attack on Fort
BROOKE, Judge, on. Washington's
BROOKE, General, meets Washing-
ton at Cambridge,
Brooklyn, defences of,

BROOKS, Lieutenant General, attacks
Burgoyne's camp,
joins Prescott,

BROWN, Dr., attends Washington,
BROWN, Lieutenant, brings flag of

recognition of Washington's rank,
BROWN, Major John, despatched into

sent to reconnoitre,
projects with Allen an attack on

and Major Livingston take Fort

iii. 92 BURGOYNE, General, arrives at Boston, i. 459
iii. 126 surprise,
iii. 129

i. 459

i. 473

iii. 129

ii. 3

iii. 144



iii. 494

ii. 4

iv. 340

iv. 476

V. 48

ii. 309

iii. 258
i. 466

v. 813

drives Colonel Maclean back,
successful feint,
BROWN, Colonel, surprises Ticonde-


threatens Diamond Island,
BROWN, Lieutenant Colonel, com-
mands expedition to Augusta,
BRUDENELL, Mr., accompanies Lady

ii. 267
ii. 267

ii. 43
ii. 59

ii. 65

Brunswick troops hired by England,
BUFORD, Colonel, pursued by Tarle-

rejects Tarleton's proposals,
defeated by Tarleton,
Bunker's Hill to be fortified,
position of,

works thrown up,
advance of General Pigot,
effect of the American fire,
advance of General Howe,
British checked,

second attack,

British again retreat,


third attack,

ii. 89

ii. 93
ii. 156

ii. 233
iii. 235

iv. 56

iii. 263

ii. 210

iv. 56
iv. 57

iv. 58

Americans driven from the breast-

work on the left,

British advance with the bayonet,
American ammunition exhausted,
desperate struggle,
American retreat,

Stark, Reed, and Knowlton main-
tain their ground,

Putnam endeavors to rally the

i. 464

i. 466

i. 474

i. 476

i. 476

i. 477

i. 476

i. 477

i. 478

i. 478

i. 479

i. 479
i. 480

i. 480

i. 480

i. 480

i. 480

i. 481
1. 481
i. 482


British take possession,

relative merits of the American


occupied by the British,
Burgesses, (Va.) House of, convened, i. 102

vote thanks to Washington and his


i. 483


i. 137
grant £20,000 for the public service, i. 145
meeting called,
i. 384
BULLITT, Captain, brave conduct, i. 285
promoted to Major,
i. 287

cannonading at Bunker's Hill,
history of,

accused by Junius,

The Maid of the Oaks,"

Walpole's witticism,


[blocks in formation]


"The Heiress" praised by Walpole, ii. 4
correspondence with Lee,

ii. 27

ii. 28

proposes an interview with Lee,
in Canada,

ii. 238

ii. 240

iii. 81

feeling towards the Indians,
murder of Miss McCrea,

at Fort Edward,
difficulties at,

opposite Saratoga,
hears of Baum's surrender,
correspondence with Gates,
dubious position,

to Lord Germain on his prospects,
silent preparations,

moves across the Hudson,
march of his army,
encamps near Gates,
plan of battle,
attacked by Arnold,

on the situation of the ladies,
critical situation,

news from Clinton,
sends word to Clinton,
harassed by the Americans,
within intrenchments,
movement against Gates,

prepares for battle,
retreats to his camp,
shifts his position,
determines on retreat,

at the burial of General Fraser,
dismal retreat,



[ocr errors]


iii. 91

iii. 93

iii. 95

iii. 97

iii. 99

concerning Lady Ackland,
reaches Saratoga,

destruction of Schuyler's property,
calls a council of war,
fortifies his camp,

iii. 100

iii. 107

iii. 112

iii. 150

iii. 150

fii. 151

iii. 153

iii. 155

iii. 158

iii. 174

iii. 180

iii. 189

iii. 221

iii. 222

iii, 225

iii. 226

iii. 227

iii. 228

iii. 229

iii. 231

iii. 232

iii. 233

iii, 234

iii. 234

iii. 237

iii. 252

iii. 253

iii. 255

iii. 257

iii. 260

iii. 260

iii. 261

iii. 262

iii. 263

iii. 264

iii. 265

iii. 266

iii. 266

iii. 269

iii. 270

iii. 271

terms of capitulation,
number of troops,
meeting with Gates,

kind reception by Schuyler,
question of embarkation,
BURKE, Judge, denounces the Cincin-

iii. 272

iii. 276

iii. 381

iv. 454

BURKE, Edmund, on the employment
of men-of-war as custom-house

ii. 56
ii. 154

i. 331
on the state of affairs in America, iii. 1
BURR, Aaron, a volunteer,
Montgomery's aide-de-camp,
on the designs of the British,
on a reconnoitring expedition,
BURTON, Lieutenant Colonel, ordered
to advance,

ii. 302
iii. 436

i. 194

the detachments fall back
in confusion,
BUSH, Crean,
BUSHNELL'8 submarine battery,
BUTLER, Colonel,

upon him


BUTLER, General, reinforces Greene,
at Guilford Court House,
BUTLER, Major General, with Gene-
ral St. Clair,

BUTLER, Lieutenant Colonel, to in-
tercept Colonel Simcoe,
BUTLER, Colonel, at Oriskany,
BUTLER, Colonel John, commands
expedition against Wyoming,
at Wintermoot's Fort,
battle of Wyoming,
BUTLER, Colonel Richard, surprises a
party of Hessians,
BUTLER, Colonel Zebulon, in com-
mand of Forty Fort,
battle of Wyoming,
BUTLERS of Tryon County,
BUTTERFIELD, Major, surrenders the



tries to entrap D'Estaing,

prevented by the ice,

marches to Burlington,
to Washington advising pursuit,
sends in pursuit of Donop,
at Crosswicks,
Cadwalader, Lambert,

at Fort Washington,
posted in the outer lines,
forced to retreat,
CALDWELL, Reverend James, the

"rousing gospel preacher,"

his church burnt,

ii. 367

iii. 515

popular excitement,

CALLBECK, Mr., taken prisoner,


i. 195
ii. 192

BRYANT, Lieutenant, at Throg's Neck,
BYRD, Colonel,

BYRD, Mr., visits the garrison,
BYRON, Admiral, arrives at New

to Washington,
CALVERT, Benedict,

Cambridge, assembling of patriots,
Camden, battle of,

flight of American militia,
burnt by the British,

iv. 214
iv. 265
iv. 267

v. 102
v. 104

iv. 315
iii. 163

iii. 468
iii. 468

iii. 469

iii. 476

iii, 469

iii. 469

i. 491


CADWALADER, Colonel John, com-

mands detachment of volunteers, ii. 468
stationed at Bristol,

ii. 468
ii. 486

ii. 494

ii. 494

ii. 495

ii. 497

ii. 501

ii. 281

ii. 382

ii. 420

ii. 422

ii. 226
ii. 378

i. 266

ii. 291

iii. 477
iii. 477

iv. 7

his return home,

in the fight at Springfield,

iv. 7
iv. 65
iv. 69

CALDWELL, Mrs., killed by the British, iv.

iv. 67
ii. 110

ii. 110

i. 375

i. 411

iv. 95
iv. 96
iv. 322

[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]


amount of forces,

embarks from Montreal,
attacked by Colonel Warner,

retreats to Montreal,

iii. 247

iii. 17

iii. 17

makes a sortie,
American retreat,

treatment of Americans,

plan of campaign,
armament completed,

takes possession of Crown Point,

returns to Canada,

iii. 408

iii. 473

iii. 478

iii. 479

iii. 479

iii. 479

iii. 479

iii. 480

ii. 292

ii. 66

iv. 376
i. 251
ii. 41
ii. 46

ii. 238

iii. 350

iii. 361

iii. 364

iii. 483

iii. 483

Cape Breton to be reduced,
CARAMHE, Lieutenant Governor, ap-
prised of Arnold's designs,
CARLETON, Colonel Guy, commands
the grenadiers,

commands the battery at the Isle
of Orleans,

persuades Indians to war against

the Americans,

iii. 484

i. 265

flies from Montreal,
escapes in disguise,
arrives at Quebec,
strength of force,

treatment of Montgomery's mes-


captures Dearborn and party,

ii. 126

[blocks in formation]

to remain in Canada,
arrives at New York,

to Washington on peace,

to Washington on negotiations for

ii. 152

ii. 161

ii. 214

ii. 215

ii. 215

ii. 216

ii. 469

ii. 410

ii. 414

ii. 415

iii. 29
iv. 400
iv. 400


to Washington on peace
preparation to evacuate New York,
interview with Washington,
evacuates New York,

CARLETON, Major, captures Forts
Anne and George,

CARLISLE, Earl of, commissioner from
Great Britain,

state of Philadelphia,

to George Selwyn,
CARNES, Captain, discovers Champe's

iv. 403

iv. 420

iv. 424

iv. 424

iv. 439

iv. 171

iii. 410

iii. 411
iii. 415


iv. 167
CARPENTER, Captain, joins Lord Stir-
CARRINGTON, Lieutenant, at Quimly's

ii. 320

iv. 327

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]

iii. 472

desolating expedition against Con-


iii. 478
iii. 495

iii. 497

iii. 497

iii. 498
iii. 499

iii. 499
capture of Stony Point by Wayne, iii. 508
hastens up the Hudson,
iii. 508
fortifies and garrisons Stony Point, iii. 509
returns to Philipsburg,
iii. 509
concentrates his forces at N. York, iii. 519
expedition to South Carolina, iii. 523
damage during the voyage,
at Tybee bay,

iv. 27
iv. 27
iv. 28
iv. 28

disembarks at St. John's Island,

advance to Charleston,

on Charleston Neck,

fall of Charleston,

iv. 55

iv. 59
iv. 59
iv. 60

iv. 67

iv. 80

sends expeditions into the interior, iv.
garrisons South Carolina,
issues a proclamation,
embarks for New York,
arrives at New York,
project against Rhode Island,
changes his plan,
correspondence with Arnold,
releases Arnold's crew,
iv. 134
to Washington claiming the release
of André,
iv. 145
rejects exchange of Arnold for

iv. 81

iv. 106

iv. 149


sends commission relative to André, iv. 150
detaches Arnold to Virginia, iv. 209
proceedings on the revolt of Penn-
sylvania line,

iv. 216

on the destruction of Cornwallis'

iv. 245

to Cornwallis for troops,

iv. 309

iv. 338

hears of the Virginia expedition,
promised relief to Cornwallis,
tardy movements,

iv. 357

iv. 385

refuses to deliver the murderer of
Captain Huddy,

iv. 30

iv. 54

iv. 395

iv. 400

ii. 430

iii. 473

recalled at his own request,

Closter Dock, landing of British,
CLOUGH, Major, killed,

COATES, Lieutenant Colonel, at Monk's

decamps in silence,
bold stand,

Cobble Hill, fortified by Putnam,
COCHRAN, Major, expedition against
the Onondagas,

COFFIN, Major, put to flight,
COLBURN, Colonel, watches the
COLDEN, Lieutenant Governor, re-
tires into the fort,
assailed by the mob,

burned in effigy,
COLE, Colonel,

iv. 325

iv. 326

iv. 329
ii. 115

iii. 493

iv. 48

iv. 364

iii. 226

i. 340

i. 340

COCHRANE, Major, march from Savan-

COLLIER, Admiral Sir George, con-
voys expedition to the Chesa-

expedition up the Hudson,
convoys expedition against Connec-

confers with Sir Henry Clinton,
arrives at the Penobscot,
relieves the fort,
Commissariat, changes in,
Commissioners, arrive from Great


land at Philadelphia,
letter to Congress,
unsuccessful attempts at negotia-

embark for England,
Committee of Arrangement, appoint-
ed by Congress,

i. 340

i. 221

iii. 495

iii. 497

iii. 499

iii. 501

iii. 512

iii. 512
iii. 136

iii. 409

iii. 411
iii. 412

iii. 414

iii. 415

iii. 375
report on the sufferings of the army, iii. 377
Committee of Conference with Lord

Committee of Inquiry visit Arnold, ii. 40
their instructions,
ii. 40
Committee of Safety,

i. 420

suspect a design on the magazine
at Concord,

ii. 343
ii. 345

i. 429

i. 440

i. 443

ii. 398

iii. 401

i. 421

i. 430

i. 432

urge the enlistment of troops,
appoint Arnold Colonel,
Conciliatory bills sent to America,
effect of,

Concord, military stores collected at,
expedition against,

alarm of the people,

exertions to remove and conceal
the stores,

i. 432

advance of the British,

take possession of the town,
destroy the stores,
British attacked,

i. 432
i. 432
i. 432

i. 433

British retreat harassed by the
i. 433

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