Report of the Royal Commission on the Mineral Resources of Ontario, and Measures for Their Development

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Stran 272 - ... to file in the local Land Office a diagram of the same, so extended, laterally or otherwise, as to conform to the local laws, customs, and rules of miners, and to enter such tract and receive a patent therefor, granting such mine, together with the right to follow such vein or lode, with its dips, angles, and variations, to any depth, although it may enter the land adjoining, which land adjoining shall be sold subject to this condition.
Stran vii - ... witnesses, and of requiring them to give evidence on oath, orally or in writing (or on solemn affirmation, if they be parties entitled to affirm in civil matters), and to produce such documents and things as such Commissioners deem requisite to the full investigation of the matters into which they are appointed to examine...
Stran 380 - Invention, and in what Manner the same is to be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by the following Statement...
Stran 488 - Your Commissioners cannot repeat too often that they have been impressed wiih the general intelligence and technical knowledge of the masters and managers of industrial establishments on the continent.
Stran 273 - ... cross each other, priority of title shall govern, and such prior location shall be entitled to all ore or mineral contained within the space of intersection; but the subsequent location shall have the right of way through the space of intersection for the purposes of the convenient working of the mine.
Stran 488 - ... the technical directors of industrial establishments. Many of the technical chemists have, however, been and are being trained in the German universities. Your commissioners believe that the success which has attended the foundation of extensive manufacturing establishments, engineering shops, and other works on the continent could not have been achieved to its full extent in the face of many retarding...
Stran 488 - Komotau in the Austrian dominions, principally for engineers, and the Ecole des Mines at St. Etienne, the latter more especially for mining and metallurgy. The theoretical instruction in these schools is similar in character but inferior in degree to that of the great polytechnic schools. On the other hand considerable attention is devoted in these schools to practical instruction in laboratories and workshops, which is not the case in the polytechnic schools. In Prussia, as will be seen from the...
Stran vii - Board deems requisite to the full investigation of the matters into which it is inquiring, and shall have the same power to enforce the attendance of witnesses, and to compel them to give evidence as is vested in any court of record in civil cases...
Stran 378 - The ingots are clean and smooth in appearance on the outside, but those richest in nickel are a little more " piped " than are ingots of ordinary mild steel.
Stran 73 - ... east. Where an opening has been made it is observed that the joints are at right angles to the strike and running with the dip, and are four to forty or fifty feet apart. The open floors are two feet to ten and twelve feet part. The seams vary from six inches to ten or twelve feet apart, the average being about two feet.

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