Caduceus of Kappa Sigma, Količina 10

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Stran 539 - Twenty-three colleges co-operate in supporting the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece. The colleges are Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, University of Vermont, Williams, Amherst, Brown, Wesleyan, Trinity, Columbia, University of the City of New York, College of the City of New York, Cornell, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Adelbert, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Mt. Holyoke, Wellesley, Vassar, and Bryn Mawr.
Stran 227 - Look into the seeds of time And say which grain will grow and which will not.
Stran 418 - the end of a long life our poet gives us his oft-quoted conclusion : " ' I state it thus : There is no truer truth obtainable By man than comes of music'
Stran 301 - in 1779, this resolution was construed by the Legislature into a " narrowing of the foundation," and seized as a pretext for confiscating all the rights and properties of the college, which were bestowed upon ' a new organization called in its charter the " Trustees of the University of the State of Pennsylvania.
Stran 464 - That there shall be established, in connection with the State University, and forming one of the departments thereof, a Technological School for the education and training of students in the industrial and mechanical arts." " That there shall be one beneficiary for each representative in the General Assembly from every county in this State, selected by the Board of Education in
Stran 144 - It's wiser being good than bad; It's safer being meek than fierce; It's fitter being sane than mad.
Stran 413 - Democracy must show its capacity for producing not a higher average man, but the highest possible types of manhood in all its manifold varieties, or it is a failure. No matter what it does for the body, if it do not in some sort satisfy that inextinguishable passion of the soul for something that lifts life away from prose, from the common and the vulgar, it is a failure.
Stran 464 - county on competitive examination, and who shall be first entitled to the benefits of said school; that the tuition in said school shall be free to all students who are residents of the State of Georgia. The rates of tuition to others than residents of the State shall not exceed one hundred and fifty dollars per annum.
Stran 454 - There is a new fad in town. It is to be found in the private stationery of certain college graduates. Instead of placing his family crest at the top of the page, the graduate has engraved a cut of his secret society pin. This fashion is the outgrowth of the increase in this city of clubs like the
Stran 411 - chapel pavement still whispered with the blessed feet of that long procession of saints and sages and scholars and poets, who are all gone into a world of light, but whose memories seem to consecrate the soul from all ignobler companionship.

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