Medical Library and Historical Journal, Količina 2

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Association of Medical Libraries, 1904
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Stran 84 - WHEREAS, It is believed that a national convention would be conducive to the elevation of the standard of medical education in the United States, and '' WHEREAS, There is no mode of accomplishing so desirable an object without concert of action on the part of the medical societies, colleges and institutions of all the States, therefore...
Stran 274 - Let the surgeon be well educated, skillful, ready and courteous. Let him be bold in those things that are safe, fearful in those things that are dangerous; avoiding all evil methods and practices. Let him be tender with the sick, honorable to men of his profession, wise in his predictions; chaste, sober, pitiful, merciful; not covetous or extortionate; but rather let him take his wages in moderation, according to his work, and the wealth of his patient and the issue of the disease, and his own worth.
Stran 290 - He was acquainted with the ordinary means of counterirritation, as issues, a kind of moxa, and the actual cautery. He seems to have performed the capital operations with boldness and success; he reduced dislocations and set fractures, but clumsily and cruelly ; extracted the foetus with forceps when necessary, and both used and abused the trepan.
Stran 193 - This does not include the inaugural theses, of which 693 were published in France alone. The special characteristics of the literature of the present day are largely due to journals and transactions, and this is particularly true in medicine. Our periodicals contain the most recent observations, the most original matter, and are the truest representations of the living thought of the day, and of the tastes and wants of the great mass of the medical profession, a large part of whom, in fact, read...
Stran 46 - ... President and Fellow Members of the Medical Society of the County of Kings: This occasion will always remain a red-letter day in my memory, for, as your Directing Librarian, I have this evening the privilege of presenting to the Medical Society of the County of Kings one of the greatest gifts that it has ever been the good fortune of this or any other medical library to receive. Owing to the generous response to a call for funds, we have been able to secure a collection of books which places...
Stran 76 - A convivial ^ seems that he was likewise very fond governor. of tasting distilled waters, and at times was more of a boon companion than quite comported with his dignity, especially after he had come to be governor. A letter of George Sandys to a friend in London says of Dr. Pott,
Stran 283 - JE. as seated on a throne, and holding in one hand a staff with a snake coiled round it, the other hand resting on the head of a snake ; a dog, as emblem of watchfulness, at the foot of the deity. Praxiteles and other sculptors represented...
Stran 193 - I think it is safe to say — what certainly would not have been true twenty years ago — that if the entire medical literature of the world with the exception of that which is collected in the United States, were to be now destroyed, nearly all of it that is valuable could be reproduced without difficulty.
Stran 273 - Bois-Reymond, frankly acknowledges that " where physical science reigns exclusively, the intellect becomes poor in ideas, the fancy in images, the soul in sensibility, and the result is a narrow, hard, and dry disposition, forsaken of the muses and graces, and not only so, but physical science leads down by imperceptible gradations from the highest efforts of human intellect to mere mechanical work that looks at nothing beyond gain.
Stran 289 - The best physician is one who is able to establish a prognosis, penetrating and exposing first of all at the bedside the present, the past and the future of his patients, and adding what they omit in their statements.

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