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the Northern Department. Gates mistaken as to
his Position. - He Prompts his Friends in Congress.

- His Petulant Letter to Washington. – Dignified
Reply of the Latter. — Position of Gates defined.
Schuyler reinstated in Command of the Department.
- Gates appears on the floor of Congress. — His
Proceedings there


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Feigned Movements of Sir William Howe. — Baffling

Caution of Washington. — Rumored Inroads from
the North. — Schuyler applies for Reinforcements.
- Renewed Schemes of Howe to draw Washington
from his Stronghold.-Skirmish between Cornwallis
and Lord Stirling. — The Enemy evacuate the Jer.
seys. — Perplexity as to their Next Movement. А
Hostile Fleet on Lake Champlain. — Burgoyne ap.
proaching Ticonderoga. Speculations of Wash-
ington.—His Purpose of keeping Sir William Howe
from ascending the Hudson. — Orders George Clin.



Forcescous che Hauge. – Prajees to surprise Sir
Leary (240 – Gener: H. we forages the Jer-

- Sains ant stures barnt at Burientown.-
Plan u de rexi Campaign - Gates and Mimin
emier "Nea's Cenn - Downtall of Con-
way. - ieri Vurd's Cocemery Bük - Sent to
Weiga ir vererner Tryva. - Resolres of Con-

-120 W Nazok ta Tryva. — Rejoic-
ing a Vier Pop - The Vischianza .


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siswa dades av keep Warà ca Philadelphia. –
a bata 30 Barra - Pau of Sir Henry to

Nova rmai for his Safety.
- sau Varus - Exchange of Gen-

na Chiedi u Amen. Allen at Val-

Wa's pizioa of Him. -
Ete geest vas a este evacuate. – Wash-

as INR ** CRUZ Arrival of
in un an — Their Disappoint-

Their Failure. –

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** At le sui Washington relative

HA***** – Leer asks & Trial by

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Indian Warfare. — Desolation of the Valley of Wyo

ming.- Movements in New York. — Counter Move-
ments of Washington. — Foraging Parties of the
Enemy. - Baylor's Dragoons massacred at Old
Tappan. - British Expedition against Little Egg
Harbor. — Massacre of Pulaski's Infantry.- Retalia-
tion of Donop's Rangers. — Arrival of Admiral By-
ron. – Endeavors to entrap D’Estaing, but is disap-
pointed. Expedition against St. Lucia. — Ex-
pedition against Georgia. — Capture of Savanyah.
- Georgia subdued. — General Lincoln sent to com-
mand in the South


ington at Middlebrook. Plan of Alarm Signals

for the Jerseys. — Lafayette's Project for an Invas.

ion of Canada. Favored by Congress. — Con-

demned by Washington. — Relinquished. — Wash-

ington in Philadelphia. — The War Spirit declining.

- Dissensions in Congress. – Sectional Feelings.

Patriotic Appeals Washington. Plans for the

Next Campaign. — Indian Atrocities to be repressed.

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