Case and Comment, Količina 14

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Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, 1907

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Stran 33 - No judgment shall be set aside or new trial granted by any appellate court of this State in any case, civil or criminal, on the ground of misdirection of the jury or the Improper admission or rejection of evidence, or...
Stran 93 - ... is for the benefit of the accused ; that the public may see he is fairly dealt with and not unjustly condemned, and that the presence of interested spectators may keep his triers keenly alive to a sense of their responsibility and to the importance of their functions ; and the requirement is fairly observed if, without partiality or favoritism, a reasonable proportion of the public is suffered to attend, notwithstanding that those persons whose presence could be of no service to the accused,...
Stran 82 - When the terms of an agreement have been intended in a different sense by the different parties to it, that sense is to prevail against either party in which he supposed the other understood it...
Stran 33 - That no judgment shall be set aside or reversed or a new trial granted by any court of the United States in any case, civil or criminal, on the ground of misdirection of the jury or the improper admission or rejection of evidence, or for error as to any matter of pleading or procedure, unless in the opinion of the court to which application is made, after an examination of the entire cause, it shall appear that the error complained of has injuriously affected the substantial rights of the parties.
Stran 17 - It seems to us that the object and even the words of the Constitution in requiring " written votes " are satisfied when the voter makes a change in a material object, for instance, by causing a wheel to revolve a fixed distance, if the material object changed is so connected with or related to a written or printed name purporting to be the name of a candidate for office, that, by the understanding of all, the making of the change expresses a vote for the candidate whose name is thus connected with...
Stran 90 - ... fact and to bring the facts and law before the court so that a correct conclusion may be reached. The order of admission is the judgment of the court that he possesses the requisite qualifications, under such restrictions and limitations as may be properly imposed by the legislature for the protection and welfare of the public.
Stran 42 - A mortgage of real property shall not be deemed a conveyance, whatever its terms, so as to enable the owner of the mortgage to recover possession of the real property without a foreclosure and sale.
Stran 161 - ... sort and count the votes and form a list of the persons voted for with the number of votes for each person against his name; and shall make a fair record of the same...
Stran 37 - York of 1843 is unconstitutional as depriving the plaintiff in error of liberty and property without due process of law, and of the equal protection of the laws, in violation of the fourteenth amendment to the constitution of the United States.
Stran 21 - ... we think it is clear that the order made in this case was within the competency of the Commission, in view of the nature and character of the wrong found to have been committed and the redress which that wrong necessitated. Finding, as the Commission did, that the classification by percentage of common soap in less than carload lots operating throughout Official Classification territory, brought about a general...

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