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CANADIAN NATIONAL COUNCIL. Honorary President: H. E. the Rt. Hon.

Roland Michener, CC (Governor-General of Canada)
Chairman: Rear-Admiral H. F. Pullen, OBE, CD, RCN (Retd.),
(Nova Scotia)
Deputy. Chairmen: Brigadier C. Arnold-Edwards, OBE, MBIM;

J. O. Blick
MANITOBA: President: J. O. Blick; Hon. Sec.: R. McLeod, Suit 107, 72 Hargrave

Street, Winnipeg 2 *MONTREAL (A) President: Wesley H. Bradley, Qc; Chairman: Earle T. Moore; Secretary:

Mrs Alice Wilson, Royal Commonwealth Society, 1621 Sherbrooke

Street West, Montreal 109 Nova SCOTIA: (A) Chairman: Rear-Admiral W. M. Landymore, OBE, CD; Hon. Sec.:

Ian Spencer, P.O. Box 53, Halifax OTTAWA: (A) Chairman: G. H. Bowler, CBE

Hon. Sec: Murray Inch, Apt. 303, 470 Cambridge Street, Ottawa 1 TORONTO: (A) Chairman: E. Montague Larkin

Hon. Sec.: Miss Marion M. Farrow, P.O. Box 691, Adelaide Street P.O.,

Toronto 1 BRITISH COLUMBIA President: Brain B. Gattie, MBE; Chairman: Brigadier C. Arnold. MAINLAND: (A) Edwards, OBE, MBIM

Hon. Sec.: Mrs C. L. Hunt, The Royal Commonwealth Society, 808

Dominion Bank Building, 207 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver 3, B.C. VANCOUVER Hon. President: Lt. Col. H. S. Thuillier, dso; Chairman: Lt. Col. ISLAND: (A) W, Rae, DSO, VD

Hon. Sec.: Mrs W. W. Tang, The Royal Commonwealth Society,

Box 1448, Victoria, B.C.


NEWFOUNDLAND: Noel H. A. Goodridge, St. John's


ANTIGUA: A. R. Rooney
BAHAMAS: Oris S. Russell, OBE
BARBADOS: Capt. G. H. Hunte

O. N. D. Phillips, MBE, Belize

GRENADA: Capt. J. W. C. Treeby, ED
GUYANA: Miss Olive Rose, MBE, Georgetown
JAMAICA: Dr F. Gerald Lucas
St. Kitts: E. Karney, R. Osborne
ST. LUCIA: Maurice H. Swabey

CHANNEL ISLANDS GUERNSEY: President: N. A. Stafford Allen

Hon. Sec.: W. B. Adams, Les Randiaux, St. Peter in the Wood, Guernsey JERSEY:

President: Sir Percy McNeice, CMG, OBE
Hon. Sec.: Major Ġ. S. Balleine, Patier, St. Saviour, Jersey

CYPRUS: LIMASSOL: Major H. Martin William- GIBRALTAR: L. H. Cardona
Son, MBE

MALTA: Hon. Mabel Strickland, OBE
Nicosia: G. A. Gabrielides

SWEDEN: Mrs S. Hurtig, Stockholm

NEW ZEALAND * AUCKLAND President: J. L. Reid; Chairman: H. V. Steele

Secretary: Miss Tory Johnson, Royal Commonwealth Society, Towd

Hall, Queen Street, Auckland *CANTERBURY: (A) President: K. H. Bartlett; Hon. Sec.: Miss Cynthia Wood, Royal

Commonwealth Society, P.O. Box 184, Christchurch OTAGO: (A) President: Maurice Joel, LLB; Hon. Sec.: Mrs R. O. Talbot, 24 Grendon

Street, Dunedin *WELLINGTON (A) President: G. Philip Proctor, cbe; Chairman: Andrew D. McGregor,

Hon. Sec.: Mrs Elizabeth Anderson, 'Wakefield House', 90 The Terrace

(P.O. Box 3253), Wellington

*Branches which have buildings, premises or offices.

(A) Branches with autonomous status.

President and Chairman: Hon. Wesley Barrett
Hon. Sec.: W. E. J. Donovan, OBE, ISO, cst.J, P.O. Box 18, Suva



BRITISH SOLOMON IS.: T. Russell, OBE, Honiara


ARGENTINE: Sir Eric Seward, Kbe Buenos Aires Brazil: C. O. Kenyon, Santos
CHILE: G. A. Balfour, OBE, Santiago
The addresses of the Hon. Representatives may be obtained by members on application to



39 Victoria Street, London S.W.1 (01-799 5348)

Telegrams: Besblind, London S.W.1

Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
President: H.R. H. Princess Alexandra The Hon. Mrs. Angus Ogilvy, GCVO

Chairman: Sir Peter Runge
Director: John Wilson, CBE

The Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, under its previous name of British Empire Society for the Blind, was set up as an independent corporation in January 1950, following the report of a joint Committee of the former Colonial Office and the National Institute for the Blind entitled “Blindness in British African and Middle East Territories'. Its objects are to stimulate official and voluntary action and to take the lead in a movement 'to promote the welfare, education and employment of the blind, and to prevent blindness'. In the current year the Society is funding 114 projects in 34 countries. The Society is under the direction of a Council to which three members are appointed by British Government Departments.

Since the Society's inception, local organisations for the blind have been established in 33 countries, Regional Officers have been stationed in Africa, Asia and the West Indies. Medical projects, utilising mobile clinics, have been established in many countries where, in 1968, 267,000 eye patients were treated and 14,399 sight-saving operations were performed. Other activities in which the Society has assisted have been the establishment of some 117 schools and training centres, registration of the blind, Braille production, and training in welfare work amongst the blind. It is also working with Governments and organisations in various territories in the prevention of blindness, in the experimental development of new types of training for blind farmers, peasant cultivators and village craftsmen, and in projects of 'open' education whereby blind children are educated in ordinary primary schools.

It has established a Commonwealth Scholarship Fund to assist those wishing to obtain special qualifications in ophthalmology, to help defray the cost of training blind welfare workers and to provide financial assistance in other deserving cases, e.g. to meet the cost of attendance at a useful international conference or to finance a publication or investigation.


Chatham House, 10 St. James's Square, London S.W.1

(01-930 2233)

Presidents: Rt Hon. The Earl of Avon, KG, MC; Rt Hon. Philip Noel-Baker, MP

Chairman of Council: Sir Duncan Oppenheim
Vice-Chairman of Council: Michael Howard, MC

Hon. Treasurer: David Rae Smith, MC

Director: Rt Hon. Kenneth Younger
Director of Studies: J. E. S. Fawcett, DSC

The Institute is an unofficial non-partisan organisation founded in 1920 for the the advancement of the sciences of international politics, economics and jurisprudence; the provision of information by Libraries, publications and in other ways; and the encouragement of similar activities within the Commonwealth. The Institute received a Royal Charter under its present title in 1926. It is supported by business and individual subscriptions, grants from Foundations and to a limited extent, by Endowments.

The Institute promotes research in all aspects of international affairs and publishes a wide range of books, pamphlets and ihree Journals. These are International Affairs, a quarterly containing articles and book reviews; a monthly, The World Today, containing more topical articles and comment; and Report on World Affairs, a quarterly factual summary of events throughout the world.

The Institute maintains an extensive international Library and Press Archives. It organises a large programme of private meetings, discussions and study groups on current problems for the benefit of its membership which numbers approximately 3,000.

Membership is limited to British and Commonwealth citizens but most of the facilities are available to the guests of members and to visiting scholars of all nationalities.


(Incorporated by Royal Charter) World Headquarters: Over-Seas House, Park Place, St. James's Street,

London S.W.1 (HYDe Park 5051)
Telegrams: Ovazeeleag, London S.W.1

Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
Grand President: Admiral of the Fleet The Earì Mountbatten of Burma,


President: Sir Angus Gillan, KBE, CMG
Chairman: Admiral Sir David Luce, GCB, DSO, OBE
Director-General: Philip Crawshaw, CBE

Secretary: Miss J. Bond

Principal United Kingdom Branches-London, Edinburgh and Belfast (resi

dential accommodation available).

Principal League Branches Overseas-Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth,

Sydney, Hobart, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Singapore,

Malta. The Royal Over-Seas League was founded in 1910 by Sir Evelyn Wrench to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of the Commonwealth and to maintain its traditions by individual service. Membership is open to all British subjects and Commonwealth citizens.

The League sponsors or supports various Commonwealth projects, maintains a special interest in looking after Commonwealth music students in London, is keenly interested in migration and publishes a quarterly journal Overseas.

At World Headquarters first-class residential club facilities and bedroom accommodation for 100 members are available. In addition, accommodation for some 40 members is available at the Beresford House Annexe, 1 St. James's Place, a short distance from World Headquarters. This accommodation can be obtained for a longer period than is normally possible at Over-Seas House. A travel and theatre bureau is provided for members, and a comprehensive programme of social and cultural activities is arranged for the benefit of members and their friends.


3 Temple Chambers, Temple Avenue, London E.C.4 (01-353 8515)

Patron: H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
President: The Rt Hon. Lord Butler of Saffron Walden, ch

Deputy President: The Rt Hon. the Earl of Inchcape

Chairman of Council: Sir Harry Greenfield, csI, CIE
Vice-Chairmen: Christmas Humphreys, Qc; Dr R. Hingorani

Hon. Secretary: B. Fane-Saunders, CBE

Hon. Treasurer: K. F. L. Harris

The Royal Society for India, Pakistan and Ceylon was formed on 1st May 1966, by the amalgamation of the East India Association and the Royal India Pakistan and Ceylon Society.

The objects of the Society are: to advance the study of the arts, languages, literature, history, religions, antiquities, usages, institutions, customs and manners of India, Pakistan, Ceylon and neighbouring countries; to promote the study and investigation of questions and matters concerning these countries and to make more accessible to the general public a knowledge of all problems and conditions affecting these countries; and to hold meetings and lectures, read papers, hold discussions, produce, publish and circulate any periodicals and literature that may be deemed advisable.

The Society publishes quarterly the Asian Review, available to non-members at ten shillings per copy.



105 Jermyn Street, London S.W.1 (01-930 0971)


Her Majesty The Queen
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone

President: (To be appointed)
Vice-Presidents: The Rt Hon. Anthony Greenwood, MP;

Lieut.-Col. Sir Thomas Moore, Bt, CBE

Control is by a Council with 43 Members,
Chairman of the Council: Lieut.-Col. J. C. Lockwood, CBE, JP, TD

Vice-Chairman of the Council: H. E. Bywater

Office Bearers appointed by the Council:
Hon Treasurer:

Harry White
Deputy Hon. Treasurer:

A. G. B. Scott

Major R. F. Seager
Deputy Secretary:

A. Joiner
Legal Secretary:

R. Murray
Chief Veterinary Officer:

Lieut.-Col. D. I. C. Tennant
Aministration and Finance Officer P. W. Lloyd

The R.S.P.C.A. was founded in 1824. It became 'Royal' in 1840, when Her Majesty Queen Victoria graciously permitted the use of this title.

The R.S.P.C.A. seeks to promote kindness to animals by education (among children and adults), by surveillance at cattle markets, docks and railway sidings, by working for improvements in legislation and in regulations for the transport and general handling of animals, and by the establishing of clinics where needy people's animals receive free veterinary treatment, and of kennels where accommodation is offered for unwanted animals, thousands of which the Society places annually in good homes.

An important way of promoting kindness is the encouragement of those abroad working for animal welfare. Encouragement takes the form of advice and of supplying literature and the means of relieving animal suffering. Outside England and Wales, the R.S.P.C.A. has branches in many Commonwealth countries; these branches, like those in England and Wales, are autonomous. Outside the Commonwealth, the Society has affiliations in almost every country in the world.

John Adam Street, London W.C.2 (01-839 2366)

Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
President: H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT, OM, GBE

Chairman of Council: Sir James Taylor

Secretary: G. E. Mercer Secretary, Commonwealth Section Committee: J. S. Skidmore The Royal Society of Arts, which was founded in 1754 ‘for the encouragement of arts, manufactures and commerce', is one of the oldest learned societies in Britain, and has a unique function as an unspecialised and independent organisation.

The Society's activities are multifarious, and include the arranging of authoritative lectures on the wide range of subjects covered by 'arts, manufactures and commerce', the offer of substantial bursaries to students of industrial design,

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