Church-state Relations: Tensions and Transitions

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Transaction Books, 1987 - 296 strani
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Encounters between agents of the state and religious organizations have been increasing throughout the world, thus the need to understand the relationships between religion and other major domains of life is increasingly important. In this comprehensive reader on church-state relations, scholars examine the connections between religion and political life from a comparative perspective.

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O avtorju (1987)

Thomas Robbins has held teaching and research positions at Queens Col-lege, Yale University, Graduate Theological Union, and Central Michigan University. His articles on contemporary religious movements have ap-peared in Daedalus, Social Problems, Social Policy, and Society. He is co-editor of In Gods We Trust: New Patterns of Religious Pluralism in America (Transaction, 1980) and Cults, Culture, and the Law. Roland Robertson is professor of sociology and religious studies, University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of many articles and books on religion, international relations, and sociological theory including International Sys¬tems and the Modernization of Societies and The Sociological Interpretation of Religion.

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