Songs of the Sierras and Sunlands

Sprednja platnica
Morrill, Higgins & Company, 1892 - 309 strani
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Stran 237 - In men whom men condemn as ill I find so much of goodness still, In men whom men pronounce divine I find so much of sin and blot, I hesitate to draw a line Between the two, where God has not.
Stran 72 - I looked to my left then, — and nose, neck, and shoulder Sank slowly, sank surely, till back to my thighs; And up through the black blowing veil of her hair Did beam full in mine her two marvelous eyes...
Stran 69 - Not a word, not a wail from a lip was let fall, Not a kiss from my bride, not a look...
Stran 68 - While his eyes were like fire, his face like a shroud, His form like a king, and his beard like a cloud, And his voice loud and shrill, as if blown from a reed—* " Pull, pull in your lassos, and bridle to steed.
Stran 64 - One bloom of crimson crowned its head, A drop of blood, so bright, so red, Yet redolent as roses
Stran 292 - Behold the ocean on the beach Kneel lowly down as if in prayer. I hear a moan as of despair, While far at sea do toss and reach Some things so like white pleading hands.
Stran 156 - What strength! what strife! what rude unrest! What shocks! what half-shaped armies met! A mighty nation moving west, With all its steely sinews set Against the living forests.
Stran 35 - As green and graceful bough'd bamboo, Did twist and twine them through and through The boughs that hung red-fruited full. One, monster-sized, above me hung, Close eyed me with his bright pink eyes, Then raised his folds, and, sway'd and swung.
Stran 62 - Success had made him more than king ; Defeat made him the vilest thing, In name, contempt or hate can bring : So much the leaded dice of war Do make or mar of character. Speak ill who will of him ; he died In all disgrace ; say of the dead His heart was black, his hands were red — Say this much, and be satisfied ; Gloat over it all undenied.
Stran 71 - While his keen crooked horns, through the storm of his mane, Like black lances lifted and lifted again ; And I looked but this once, for the fire licked...

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