The History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution of 1688, Količina 4

Sprednja platnica
G. Cowie, 1825

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Stran 127 - But if you have already determined of me, and that not only my death, but an infamous slander must bring you the enjoying of your desired happiness ; then I desire of God, that he will pardon your great sin therein, and likewise...
Stran 127 - ... shame) ; then shall you see either mine innocence cleared, your suspicion and conscience satisfied, the ignominy and slander of the world stopped, or my guilt openly declared. So that whatsoever God or you may determine of me, your grace may be freed from an open censure, and mine offence being...
Stran 126 - Boleyn: with which name and place I could willingly have contented myself, if God and your grace's pleasure had been so pleased. Neither did I at any time so far forget myself in my exaltation or received queenship, but that I always looked for such an alteration as...
Stran 239 - A proclamation was issued, that women should not meet together to babble and talk, and that all men should keep their wives in their houses.
Stran 373 - Be of good cheer, brother," cried he, " we shall this day kindle such a torch in England, as I trust in God shall never be extinguished.
Stran 389 - Maker, obliged him to speak truth on all occasions, and not to relinquish, by a base denial, the holy doctrine which the Supreme Being had revealed to mankind : that there was one miscarriage in his life, of which, above all others, he severely repented, the insincere declaration of faith to which he had the weakness -to consent, and •which the fear of death alone had extorted...
Stran 2 - The artisans, finding their profits to rise by the favour of their customers, increase, as much as possible, their skill and industry ; and as matters are not disturbed by any injudicious tampering, the commodity is always sure to be at all times nearly proportioned to the demand.
Stran 2 - Most of the arts and professions in a state," says by far the most illustrious philosopher and historian of the present age, "are of such a nature that, while they promote the interests of the society, they are also useful or agreeable to some individuals; and in that case, the constant rule of the magistrate, except perhaps on the first introduction of any art, is to leave the profession to itself, and trust its encouragement to the individuals who reap the benefit of it.
Stran 74 - Had I but served God as diligently as I have served the King, he would not have given me over in my gray hairs.
Stran 326 - Greenwich (July 6), in the sixteenth year of his age, and the seventh of his reign.

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