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Of late we have found so many wandering and masterless reports, like the soldiers of Cadmus, daily rising up and jostling each other, that our learned Judges have been forced to provide against their multiplicity by disallowing some posthumous reports; well considering that as laws are the anchors of the republic, so the Reports are as the anchors of law, and therefore ought to be well weighed before put out." — BULSTBODE: Dedicatory Epistle to Volume II. published in 1658, during the Commonwealth.

"With an enlightened bar and an intelligent people, the mere authority of the bench will cease to have any weight at all, if it be unaccompanied with argument and explanation." LORD BROUGHAX.

"English jurisprudence has not any gure foundation, nor consequently, the lives and properties of the subject any sure hold' but in the maxims, rules, principles, and juridical traditionary line of decisions contained in notes taken from time to time, and published mnostly under the sanction of the Judges, called Reports.". BOEKE.


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