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A. F. POLLARD, M.A., Hon. LITT., F.B.A.

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Foundation have hitherto been given by eminent American citizens; and in view of this fact the appearance of this volume on American history would have required some apology from me, had not the responsibility for my appointment to that chair rested with others. I have had the privilege of addressing many American audiences on English history; I have never had the temerity to address one on their own. These lectures were addressed to English people by one who knew only enough of American history to be aware of his own and popular ignorance and to appreciate the need for a better general understanding.

They were delivered in the spring of 1924 at the Mansion House (9 May), the Universities of Birmingham (16 May), Sheffield (23 May), and Liverpool (30 May), University College, Nottingham (13 June), and the Universities of Bristol (20 June), London (26 June), and Oxford (31 May). I have to thank my hosts for kindly hospitality, Vice-Chancellors and others for presiding at the dif. ferent lectures—notably the Earl of Balfour who


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