The Spanish Borderlands: A Chronicle of Old Florida and the Southwest, Količina 23

Sprednja platnica
Yale University Press, 1921 - 320 strani

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Stran 149 - As to those he has killed he has done well, and as to those he has saved, they shall be sent to the galleys."2 And he wrote to Menendez, "We hold that we have been well served.
Stran 85 - Cibola, which lay fifteen days beyond. His way now led upward, through rugged country, to a pass not identified, between the Sierra Mogoyon and Sierra Blanca ranges. Bad news met him on the Apache plains. An Indian of the Moor's escort, returning in flight, told him that Estevanico had been seized and made prisoner by the natives of Cibola. We know very little about the end of Estevanico, this African who was one of the earliest explorers of North America and had wandered over a greater part of its...
Stran 99 - Who could believe that 1,000 horses and 500 of our cows and more than 5,000 rams and ewes and more than 1,500 friendly Indians and servants, in traveling over those plains, would leave no more trace where they had passed than if nothing had been there — nothing — so that it was necessary to make piles of bones and cow dung now and then, so that the rear guard could follow the army.
Stran 93 - Those who stayed above had estimated that some huge rocks on the sides of the cliffs seemed to be about as tall as a man, but those who went down swore that when they reached these rocks they were bigger than the great tower of Seville.
Stran 172 - Early in April (1598) he reached the Medanos, the great sand dunes south of El Paso. On the twenty-sixth he camped on the river just below El Paso. Here on the thirtieth he took formal possession "of all the Kingdoms and provinces of New Mexico, on the Rio del Norte, in the name of our Lord King Philip.
Stran 187 - On the north side of the town is the square of soldiers' houses equal to 120 or 140 on each flank. The public square is in the center of the town, on the north side of which is situated the palace or Government house, with the quarters for the guards, etc.
Stran 16 - Our principal intent in the discovery of new lands is that the inhabitants and natives thereof, who are without the light or knowledge of the faith, may be brought to understand the truths of our Holy Catholic Faith...
Stran 90 - The next day they entered the settled country in good order, and when they saw the first village, which was Cibola, such were the curses that some hurled at Friar Marcos that I pray God may protect him from them.
Stran 93 - This country was elevated and full of low twisted pines, very cold, and lying open toward the north, so that, this being the warm season, no one could live there on account of the cold. They spent three days on this bank looking for a passage down to the river, which looked from above as if the water was six feet across, although the Indians said it was half a league wide.
Stran 33 - Such were what I carried into the interior; and in barter I got and brought back skins, ochre with which they rub and color the face, hard canes of which to make arrows, sinews, cement and flint for the heads, and tassels of the hah- of deer that by dyeing they make red.

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