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de Chile debts prior to his entering into the service of any ambassaisor or miner

public minister, which debts shall be still due and unpair, shall have, E'A faires

takr, or receive, any benefit of this act ; nor shall any person be pro

ceeled against by virtue of this act, for having arrested or sued any . Quilca

other domestic servant of ang ambassador or other public minister unless
the name of such servant be first registered in the office of the Secretary
of Slate, and by such Secretary transmitted to the Marshal of the Dis-
trict of Columbia, who shall, upon receipt thereof, affix the same in

some public place in his office, whereto all persons may resort and take
Prince copies without fee or reward.

Ministers, &c. of Foreign Powers in the United States.

Thomas Sherwood, V. C. Portland.
M. Serurier, Envoy Extraordinary George Jaffray, do. Portsmouth.

and Minister Plenipotentiary. R. C. Mavners, do. Boston.
Alphonse Pageot, Sec'ry of Legation J. C. Buchanan, do New York.
Adel Charles Lacathon de la Forest, P. T Dawson, do Baltimore
Consul General, New York. Robert Leslie, do Petersburg

Com. Agent, Boston. William Mackeozie, do Richmond.
Maurice d'Hauterive, Con. Phil'a. Anthony Mislan, do Wilmington,
M Henri, Com. Ageut, Baltimore. James Moodlie, do Charleston.
Count Choiseuil, V. C. Charleston William Cooke, do Darien.
M. Deseze, Vice Consul, Norfolk. John Ionerarity, do Pensacola.
Marie Joseph Etienne de la Palun, liver O'Hara, do Key West.
Consul, Richmond.

Robert Higgin, do Mobile.
Paul Pierre Thomasson, do Sav'nah

M. Batre, Com. Agent, Mobile. Baron de Krudener, Envoy Extra-
Count de la Porte, Vice Consul, ordinary and Minister Plenipoteo-

Martin François Armand Saillard, M. Khremer, Secretary of Legation.
Consul, New Orleans.

Mr. Sinirnove, attached to Legation.
Great Britain.

A. Evstaphieff, Con. Gen N York
Right Hon. Sir Charles R. Vaughan Peter Kilchen, Coosul, Boston.

G. C. H. Envoy Extraordinary J. Prince, Agent, Salem.

a od Minister Plenipotentiary.. E. Mayo, do. Portland.
Charles Bapkhead, Sec of Legation. J. G Bogart, Vice Consul, N. York.
Andrew Buchanan, First Altaché. T. H. Deas, Agent, Charleston.
Wm. Pitt Adams, Second do. F Whittle, do Norfolk.

Consul General. E, Hollander, do New Orleans. .
Donald M‘Intosh, Cons. Portsm'th.

George Manners, Consul, Bostov. Chevalier Francisco Tacon, Envoy
James Buchanan, do. New York Extraordinary and Minister Plen-
Gilbert Robinson, do. Philadelphia. ipotentiary.
John Crawford, do. Baltimore. Francisco de Paula Quadrado, Se-
William Gray, do. Norfolk.

cretary of Legation.
Henry Newman, do. Charleston. Miguel Tacon, Attaché
Edmund Molyneaux, do. Savannah Luis Potestad, do.
James Baker, do. Mobile.

Juan Bautiste Bernabeu, Consul
George Salkeld, do. New Orleans. General, Philadelphia.
Albert G. Lane, V. Cons. Eastport. Francisco Hernandez de Nogues,
J. B. Swanton, do Bath

Consul, Philadelphia


Fireign Ministrs. 46. in ihe United States.


Lavid Tyler, Vice Cousul. Boston

Denmark. tran. Stoughton, Consu!, N. Yoik vir. Steen Bille, Chargé d'Affaires. Vanuel Valdor, Vice Consul Ball Louis Brandis, attacned to the LeAntonio Pomar, V. Consul, Norfolk gation, Antonio Larragua, do Charleston. W. Ritchie, V. Consul, Bostoo. Antonio Argote Villalobus, Consul, Benjamin Aymar, do New York. New Orleans.

John Buhlen, do Philadel bia. Pedro de Alha, Vice Con Pensacola H G. Jacobson, V. Con. Baltimore John Noilitt, Corsul, Key West. liristopher Neale, do Alexandria. Portugal.

Frederick Myers, Cousul, Nortolk. Commandeur 'Torlarle D'Azambuja, Plat K Dickinson, do. Wilmwgton. Chargé d'Affaires.

James H. Ladson, do Charleston. M. Javuario Cardoso de Freitas, William Crabtree, jr do Savannah. Attaché.

Peter Edouard Sorbe, do N Orleans Philip Marrett, Esq V. Cons Boston

Wirtemberg, James B. Murray, do New York. Christian Mayer, Con. Gen Balt're James Gowen, do Philadelphia.

Saxony. Edward J. Wilson, Consul, Balti. Charles Aug. Davis, Con General.

Robert Ralston, do · Philadelphia. C Veal, do Alexandria, D.C. R. H. •Douglas, do Baltimore. waller de Lacy, do Norfolk. Andreas Anthon Melly, Con N. Y. J P. Calhorda, do Wilmington NC

Hesse Cassel, René Goddard, V Cons Charleston. Conard W. Faber, Consul. Elias Reed, do Savannah.

Sweden and Norway. Horare C Camack, do 'N Orleans. Chevalier Ankarloo, Chargé d'Af. A Willis Gordon, do Mobile.

faires. Jule Pescay, do Pensacola. Chevalier S. Lorich, Con General. Austria.

Joho Vaughan, Consul, Philadel'a. Baron de Lederer, Cousul General. C. E. Habicht, V Consu!, Bo 10. Josepb Ganabl, Vice Cons Savanah. John James Boyd, do New York. Prussia

S Lawson, do Baltimore. Chargé d'Affaires. C. Nea.e, do Alexandria. T. Searle, Consul, Boston.

J. Brette, do Norfolk. J W Schmidt, do New York, Joseph Winthrop, do Charleston. Arnold Halbach, do. Philadelphia. Francis H. Wilman, do Savannah. Louis Crapinan, do Charleston. Diedrich Miesegaes, do New Orlins. F. W. Schmidt, do New Orleans. W. P. Vincent, do Norfolk. Hamburg.

Netherlands. C. N. Buck, Cous General, Pbila. E M. A. Martini, Chargé d'Affaires J. iv. Schmidt, V. Consul, N. York. J. C. Zimmerman, Consul, N York. F (hrist. Graf V. Con Baltimore. J J. Hagewerft, do Ballimore. A. C. {azetove,

do Alexandria, A. C Cazenove, do Alexandria. Jacob Wulff, do Charleston. Bohl Bohlen, do Philadelphia. Charles Knorre, do Boston, Thomas Dixon, do Boston. Frederick Wm. Schmidt, Consul, P. G. Leichleitner, do Aunapolis. New Orleans.

G. Barnsley, Con. ad int. Savatu'll Bremen.

h mas Taxter, V. Consui, Salem. Eleazer Crabtree, Consul, Savan'h. eier Ludlow, do New Orleans. Frankfort.

Brigium. A. Halbach, Consul, Philadelphia. Baron ne Benr, Minister Resident. Fred. Wysmann, do New York E. A. Homer, Cousul, Boston.

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Henry G. T. Mali, Consul, N York. Henry Daggel, Consul, Mobile.
Henry Lefebure. Consul, Charlest'o Lewis Ramirez, do. St. Louis.
The Two Sicilies.

Domenico Morelli, Consul General, M. Domingo Acosta, Chargé d'Af-

faires and Con. Gen. New York William Power Blodget, Vice Con- James Andrews, V. Consul, Boston sul, Providence.

P. Gillineau, do. Conn. & R. Island John Clisbe, Consul, New Haven, Javier de Madina do. New York. Martin Mantin, do New York. Telesforo Orea, do. Philadelphia. A. O. Hammand, do Charleston. Richard W. Gill, do, Balumore.

Wm. Read, Vice Consul, Philadel'a Thomas Middleton, do. Charleston
Emmanuele Valdor, do Baltimore. John Myers, do. Norfolk.
Charles Picot, do Philadelphia. Robert Goodwin, do Savannah.
Antonio, Pommar, do Norfolk. W. H Robertson, V. Cons. Mobile
Henry Perret, do New Orleans. Samuel P. Morgan, do. New Ort
Goffre Barosley, do Savannah. leaps.

A. Garibaldi, Con Gen Philadelphia Manoel Guilherme dos Reis Chargé
C. Cazinove, Consul, Boston. d'affaires,ad int and Consul Gens
S. V. Rnuland, to New York. eral, Philardelphia.
C. Valdor, do Baltimore.

Archibald Forte, (onsui, MassachuY F. Brette, do Norfolk.

setts, N. Hampshire, and Maine Y. Auze do. Savannah.

C. Griffin, do. New Londoo. Thomas Roger, V. Consul, Charles- Samuel Snow, do Providence,

Herman Bruen, do. New York A. F. George, do Mobile

J.Vaughan, V. Consul, Philadelphia Antoine Micbaud, V. C. N. Orleans G. H. Newman, no Baltiinore. Rome.

Christopher Neale, do. Alexandria Peter Amedee Hargons, ad int. Con- Viyer Myers, do. Norfolk. sul General Trening.

Jobo P. Calhorde, do. Wilmington T. J. Bixouard, V. Cons. Baltimore Samuel Chadwick, do. Charleston. Henry Perret, do. Orleans.

J. W. Anderson, V. C. Sayannah. Troscany.

James W. Zacharie, do. N. Orleans Joseph A. Gordon, V. Con. N.York

Hanseatic Towns,

Lewis Trapman, Consul, Charleston Theodore Nicolet, Con New Orleans Casper Maver, do. New York. Merico.

H. F. Von Lenyerke, do. Philadel'a Joaquin Maria de Castillo, Chargé Thomas Searle, do. Boston. d'affaires.

4. C, Cazenove, do. Alexandria. Estanislao Cuesta, Secretary. Fred Frey, do. New Orleans. Angel M. Cos, Altaché.

Saxe Weurnar. Manuel Basave, do.

Fred. Augustus Mensch, V N. Y. Edward Cabot, V. Consul, Boston

Oldenburg James Treat, do New York. Otto Heinrich Miessegaes, Consul, George Follin, do Philadelphia. New York. Luke Tiernan, do Baltimore.

Hanover R. W. Cogdell, Consul, Charleston A W. Hupeden, V Consul, N York D. Francisco Martinez Pizarro, Mecklenburg Schwerin Consul, New Orleans.

Augustus Heikscher, Con. for U. S. Alden A. M, Jackson, Vice Consul,

Baden Pensacola.

IC. F. Hoyer, Consul, New York

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122 Expenditures on account of Foreign Relations. Statement exhibiting the annual expenditures from 1791, 10 1832, forI Salaries and Outfits of Ministers, Cha' ges des Affaires, and Secretaries of

Legation, and extra contingent expenses prior to 1812,
II. Contingent Expenses of Foreign Missions subsequent to 1811.
III Salaries of Commissioners under the various Treaties between the United

States and Foreign Nations, and contingencies.
IV Suns paid under provisions of Treaties.
V. Expenses of Intercourse with the Mediterranean Power s.
Years. 1. Salaries, &c

11. Conting't II. Salaries of IV. Paid under V. Mediterra

Expenses. Comm. &c. Treaties. nean Powers. 11.91 1.733 33

13,000 00 1792 78,768 67 1793 89,500 00 1794 131,403 51 1795 912,685 121 1796 90,154 10

14,585 54 75,120 00 1797 76,250 00!

86,254 23 497,284 31 1798 101,821 97

24,360 46 60,328 79 214,717 52 1799 87,300 00

31,808 181

30,455 93 72,000 00 1800 70,42 5 34

35,110 001

20,600 00 210,142 85 1801 69,290 41

28,884 18

15,276 00 155,825 00 1802 64,040 90

40,716 08 226,502 89 134,671 31 1803 91.398 22

900,195 151 108,866 43 1804 97,684 89

1,024,117 10 57,063 95 1805 29,846 13

2,616,304 03 142,259 15 1806 34,072 14

7,741 25 1,530,704 89 146,499 21 1807 84,440 27

333,240 46 157,980 73 1808 72,711 79

120,171 70 90,759 57 1809 41,677 79

24,410 51 91,387 92 1810 18,526 79

4,301 66 32,571 88 1811 119,666 991

2,243 41 83,158 32 1812 156,405 68 93,827 83

7,436 95 50,376 25 1813 31,797 62 54,953 71

56,170 00 1814 102,439 61 24,398 25

2,625 00 13,300 00 1815 137,495 98 46,161 47

4,016 56 67,110 89 1816 135,189 21. 67,153 77 8,400 00

77,745 77 1817 107,738 38 35,953 39 47,236 96

28,721 57 1818 103,652 04 98,856 09 69,778 37

51,412 21 1819 98,221 13 29,851. 07 47,521 68 24,246 91 13,520 00 1820 108,653 03 28,414 48! 40,247 00

2,250 00 18,851 97 1821 45,524 91 21,662 77 92,522 66

13,896 15 1822 86,014 78 23,648 88 40,512 45

1,143 00 1823 170,848 56 30,584 37| 43,681 13

9,020 22 1824 | 137,568 19 20,145 73 42,410 39| 4,891,368 561 10,550 00 1825 159.603 82 25,474 95 27,708 13 93,243 51 26,108 67 1826 161,476 90 18,627 07 20,500 00 9,867 88 2,086 08 1827 135,030 0736,284 63 25,471 50 401,283 45 26,505 54 1828 | 119,651 24 18,791 97 11,691 02 793,729 74 34,730 00 1829 | 122,452 14 15,515 16 19,280 22 28,168 781 11,938 88 1830 187,252 65 30,000 00 5,757 11

36,500 00 1831 156,471 73 87,148 06 10,953 47 281 76 22,161 25

168,847.5177,849 181 18,020 59 2,254 08 32,819 58

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DEPARTMENT OF WAR, November 29, 1833. To the President of the United States.

Sır: In submitting to you, agreeably to your instructions, a report of the operations and admwistration of this department for the past year, it afforiis me pleasure to bear my testimony to the zeal and ability of the respective officers at the head of the various bureaus, and of those employed to aid them in the performance of the important functions committed to this branch of the Executive Government

A reference to the accompanying reports and documents will show the state of the army, as well with relation to its numbers, and their position and condition, as to the progress of the various works entrusted to

them, and the collection and preservation of the necessary misteriel for offensive and defensive operations which is indispensable to the safety of the country. The principle, which governed the reduction of the arıny froin a war to a peace establishment, has been found, by subsequent ex. perience, to be salutary; and its practical operation has been to form a body of office s, equal in all the requisites of military knowledge and efficiency to those of any other service, which is known to us. The army is so organized, that should an increase become vecessary, in consequence of those conflicts of interest and opivion to which all nations in their intercourse with one another have been exposed, and from which we have no right to expect perpetual exemption, any reasonable addition may be made to it, without disturbing its arrangement; and the profes. sional knowledge and experience embodied in it will be immediately felt in the new corps, and will identify them with those previously in service. The military experience of other countries, as well as of our own, has shown that the system of extension, by which new and old troops are

incorporated together, is much better calculated to produce discipline and subordination, and thus to meet the exigencies of a service which does not allow large bodies of troops to be kept up in time of peace, than the organization of separate corps, composed of inexperienced officers and men, with all their military knowlerige to acquire, and all their military habits to form. And this is more particularly true of the staff departments of an army, upon wirich its movement, its subsistence, and the economy of its administration must principally depend. The system established in our service is equally creditable to the army, and satisfactory to the Givernment, and may be applied to any necessary extent, without any diminution of that economy and efficiency which have here tofore marked its operation.

Much advantage is anticipated from the operation of the act, passed at the last session of Congress, for inproving the condition of the army Already its effects have been felt, as the subjoined documents will show, in the decrease of desertion, and in the increasc of the business of re

cruiting. The addition to the pay of the rank and file, the reduct on of the term of service, and the improved condition of the non-commissioned officers, promise important meliorations in the character of the army.

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