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GENERAL LAND OFFICE. Elijah Hayward, Cominissioner, 83 000 per annum Prior to the 25th of April, 1812, grants of lani were issued by Letters Patent from the Department of State. By an act of that date, a Generla Land office was established, in which all patents for land are now made out aud recorded.

By the art of 241h of April, 1820, all sales of Public Lands, made aft-r July 1st of that year are made for cash ; and complete payment must be made on the day of purchase, The minimum price is fixed at $1 25 per acre, below which they cannot be visposed of.

By the act of 1812, the President was required to sigo all land patents, but under a law of the last session, a Secretary has been appointe i to sign them for him. During the past year, upwards of forty thousand parents for lands sold have been issued.


$1700 00 Samuel D King, has in charge the reports of the Commission

ers on private land claims-attends to all enquiries connect. ed with those claims, and issues the patents therefor-attends to the subject of the locations of Indian reserves, with various miscellaneous duties...

1150 00 Frederick Keller, issues the patents for the Virginia Military

bounty lauds, and exaniipes warrants and prepares documents whereon military bounty land Scrip is issued at the Treasury, and attends to the miscellaneous enquiries and correspondence connected with these subjects..........

1150 00 R bert Mills, draughtsman.....

1150 00 Joseph S. Wilson, superintends the issuing of patents for lands

sold by the United States, and patenis for military bounty lands of the late war-attends to the preparation of exemplifications of records and documents, and to the correction of errors of entry at the District Land Offices.....

1150 00 Sterling Gresham....)

[ 1150 00 James R. M Bryant Accountants. Their duties are to 1150 00

1150 00 * William S. Smith... } chasers of public lands and to examinek 1150 00 +Sackett Reynolds.... , and report ou quarterly accounts of

1400 00 Mead Fiizhigh... the Receivers of Public Money.

1150 00 IN. A. Randall..

1000 00 T B. Reily.,

1000 00 John Wilson........

1000 00 Joseph Collins .......

1000 00 Samuel Hanson Write and record patents.........

1000 00 Edward Barnard....

1000 00 Joseph T. Walker messenger.... .............................

700 00 Roderick Hamplon, assistant messenger...........

350 00 * William Smith, also acts as agent for the payment of Şalaries, and for the disbursement of the Contingent fund and extra appropriations for Clerk bire.

+ Sackett dieyno ds, has also in charge ihe accounts of th three per cent fund accruing on the nett procerds of public lands payable to the states wherein those lands are situated, |for which he receives 8250 per alzbum,


} Assistant Accountants......


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SECRETARY FOR SIGNING LAND PATENTS. Andrew J. Donleson....................

• 1500 00 An Act prescribing the mode by wnich Patents for Public Lands shall

be signed and Executed. Sec 1. Be it enacted, &c. That it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, by and with the advice and co sent of the Senate, to appoint a Secret ry, with a salary of one thousand five hundred dollars per annum, whose duty it shall be, under the direction of the President, to sign in his na nie, aud for hiin, all patents for lands sold or granted under the authority of the United States.

SEC 2. And be it further enacted, That this act shall continue and be in force until the fourth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, and no longer.

| Approved March 2, 1833.] MINT OF THE UNITED STATES The Mint of the United States was established by act of 2d of April 1792, at Philadelphia ; where, in virtue of several acts of Congress, it has ever since cintinued. Samuel Moore, Director.. 2000 00 Joseph Cloud, Melter and Wm. Fiudlay, Treasurer 1200 00 Refiner..

1500 00 A4. Eckfeldt, Chief Coiner 1500 00 William Kneass, Engraver 1200 00 Jacob Eckfeldt, Assayer.. 1500 00J. S. Benezet, T, sr's Clk 1000 00)

COMMISSIONERS OF INSOLVENCY. The Commissioners of Insolvency dre appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury, under the authority of the act of March 2, 1831, “ for the relief of certain Insoolvent Debtors of the United States.” For their powers, duties, and compensation, and the maquer prescribed for application for relief by an insolvent riebtor, together with the form of proceedings on such applicatio:1, see the acts, Vol. X. p. 124, and Vol. XI. p. 106. District of Maine.

District of Maryland. William Richardson, April 1st, 1831 Beale Randall.... March 22, 1831.

District of Massachusetts. Alexander Chevees, Mar. 22, 1831. Williain Parmentier, Mar. 29, 1831 District of Georgia. Samuel S. Lewis, March 29, 1831. Richard B Cuyler.. April 7, 1831.

District of Connecticut Mordecai Myers......... ....1832. John Beach, .......... April 9, 1831. William T. Williams, Feb. 2, 1931.

Southern District of New York. Easlern District of Florida. Johu W. Mulligan, March 22, 1831. William H. Simmons, April 25, 1831 Dominic T Blake.... Nov 19, 1832 Southern District of Alabama. Thomas Jefferson Smith, Feb. 1833. George W. Owen..... June 1, 1831.

Disl ict of Nero Jersey. Easlern District of Louisiana. James G. Green.... April 25, 1831. Charles M. Conrad....Oct. 4, 1831.

District of Columbia. John N. Duncan., ....Oct, 4, 1831. William Hebb.... .. July 30, 1831. H. B. Cenas.......... Dec. 3, 1931. District of South Carolina.

District of Missouri. Benja inin Elliott..... . April 1, 1831. Arthur L. Magenis, April 20, 1831 Martin Stroble.. . April 1, 1831.

District of Ohio. James Jervey........ April 1, 1831. John A. Bryan ..... April 25, 1831,

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WAR DEPARTMENT. LEWIS CASS, of Ohio, Secretary, $6,000 per annum.

The War Department, as organized under the present Constitution, was created by act of 7th August, 1789. The Secretary of War, at first, had the superintendence of Naval Affairs. On the 37th of April, 1789, however a separation took place and a Navy Department was established. The Secretary of War superintends every branch of ihe Military Department; and is, hy usage, a member of the Cabinet.

He holds his office at the will of the President. Attached to the War Department, and under the immediate direction of the Secretary, are, a Requisition Bureaui, a Bounty Land Bureau, a Pension Office, an Office of Indiam Affairs ; and an Engineer Office, a Topographical Office, 'n Ordvance Office, an Office for the Comnissary General of Subsistence, an office for the lothing Department, a Paymaster General's office, and a

Surgeon General's office. All these. offices, together with the Head Quiriers of the Commanding General, (najor General Macomb) and the adjutant General's and Quartermasters General's offices, are located at Washington. To this Department belongs the erection of all fortifications, making all topographical surveys; surveying ani leasing the national lead mines; and the direction (under the laws) of intercourse with Indian tribes.


2000 00 Cary A. Harris, Clerk.......

.............. 1400 00 John C. Reynolds, Clerk.................

1000 00 William Markward, messenger..............••

650 00 Francis Dalcher, assistant messenger.......................


1600 00 From this Bureau all the requisitions of the War Department are made out on the Treasury, and salaries and the contingencies of the Department paid.


..1400 00 Edward Stephens, Clerk......

1000 00 The Bounty Land Bureau of the War Department is a Bureau in whicle claims for military bounty lands, originating in the revolutionary and late war, are examined, and from which military bounty land warrants issue.

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.......3000 001 Daniel Kurta, Chief Clerk.....

1600 00 Hesekiah Miller, Clerk............

. 1400 00 muel J. Polls, Clerk......... .........................

...1000 00 Villiam Wild, Clerk......

...1000 00 This office which had previously been one of ile Bureaus of the tail Department, was created by an act of July 9, 1832, entitled "an actio pro

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vide for the appointinent of a Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and for other purposes." This act provides that the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, who shall be appointed by the President and Senate, shall, under the direction of the Secretary of War, and agreeably to such regulations as the President may, from time to time prescribe, have the direction and management of all Indian Affairs, and of all matters arising out of Indian relations.All accounts and vouchers for claims and disbursements connected with Indian affairs must be transınitted to the Commissioner for administrative examination, and by him be passed to the secord Auditor of the Treasury for settlement.

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Nathan Rice, Clerk...... 1000 00 missioner ...... ..2500 00 William R. Palmer, Clerk 1000 00 G.W. Crump, Chief Clerk 1600 OQ William M. Slewart, Clerk 800 00 Benjamin L. Beall, Clerk 1400 001.John Cromwell, Clerk.... 800 00

French S. Evans, Clerk... 1400 00 Daniel D. Addison, Clerk 800 00 R. Ela, Clerk...... ***.. 1400 00 F. F. Franoiosi, Clerk 800 00 William S. Allison, Clerk 1400 00 Daniel Boyd, Clerk.. 800 00 Henry H. Sylvester, Clerk 1200.00 Newlon Berryman, Clerk 800 00 Vinal Luce, Clerk......

.... 1200 00 Erasmus D Bullock, Clerk 800 00 Daniel Brown, Clerk.. .. 1000 00 John T. Sprague, Clerk.. 800 00 John D. Wilson, Clerk .. 1000 00lJames Benson, messenger 300 00

The Pension Office was created by Congress, at its last session : the claims for Pensious had been previously settled by a Bureau of the War Department. (See Vol. XI. p. 115.) In the office, as now established,

the Commissioner of Pensions executes under the direction of the Secreta-
ry of War, such duties in relation to the various Pension laws, as may
be prescribed by the President of the United States.

Major General Alexander Macomb, General-in-Chief.:
Lieutenant Samuel Cooper, Aid-de-Camp, 4th Artillery.
Lieutenant Abraham Van Buren, Aid-de-Camp, 2d Infantry.

The Army of the United States is placed under the command of the Major General, who is generally styled, the General in Chief.

His duries comprise the arrangement of the military force in such manner as to give protection to the maritine frontier and to the interior border. He superintends the recruiting service: the discipline and police of the army; orders ge eral courts mar ial, and decides on all cases, except when the life of an officer or soldier is affected, or the commission of an officer. It is his province to see that the laws and regulations governing the army are enforced, and that justice is done to all concerned In his dutie; he is assisted by the Adjutant General, through whose office all orders are issued to the army, and reiurns of its strength made, as well as the general military correspondence in relation to the dtails of service He is also assisted by the two Inspec: tors Generals, who, inder his orders, inspect the condition of the several regiments, corps, and posts, and inquire minutely into ev'ry subject relating to he welfare of the army; and recommend such improvements as may adul o the comfort of the officers and men; they also report on the general con


Adjutant General's Office


dition of corps, and the individual character of its o evibers. The General in Chiet has iwo who assist him in his corresponder.ce and in the recording of it, and who also perform the duties of assistant adjutants general.

There are no clerks attached to the head quarters of the army, the correspovdenie and duries being of a delicale and confidential nature, in a great degree, it is entrusted only to those who, by previous education and experience, can properly appreciate and understand its object.

Colonel R. Jones, Adjutant General.
Lieutenant William B. Davidson, 30 Artillery.
Lieutenant James H. Prentis, 1st Artillery.
Lieutenant Lorenzo Thomas, 4th Infantry.
Brooke Williams, Clerk........

.......................1150 00 John H. Hepburn, Clerk... ..........................

.........1000 00 James L. Addison, Clerk.......

.......800 nol This office is the repository of the records which refer to the personnel of the Army, in war, as well as in time of peace, and of the military history of every oficer and soldier, from the earliest period of the government, so far as these may have been preserved. It is here where all military appoiuiments and commissions are made out and registered, where the names of all enlisted soldiers are entered, and their size, roll, and enlistments, recorded and filed, &c. It is in this office where the moni hiy returns of the troops, and mister rolls of companies, required by the 13th and 19th Articles of War are received and preserved ; where the original proceedings of General Courts

Martial are deposited and entered, where the inventory of the effects of deceased officers and soldiers are forwarded and recorded. [901h and 94th Articles of War.]

The Adjutant General of the Army is charged with the registery of all commissioned officers, and with the distribution of their commissions; with the

record of all appointments in the Army, promotions, resignations, deaths, &c. All orders which emanate from General Head Quarters of the Army, and all regulations and general orders from the War Office, are communicat. ed to the iroops by the Adjutant General

In this office, the annual returns of the Militia of the several States and Territories are deposited for safe keeping, as well as arms, munitions, and accoutrements pertaining to the same, required by law to be made to the President of the United States. The general returns of the militia of the United States, required for the use of Congress, pursuant to the act of March 120, 1803, are consolidated in this office. Here all appointments and commissions of the officers of the militia of the District of Columbia, are registered and distributed.

ENGINEER DEPARTMENT. Brevet Brig. Gen. Charles Gratiot, Corps of Engineers, Chief Engineer. Lieutenant W. H. C. Bartlett, of the Corps of Engineers, Assistant. Benjamin Fowler, Clerk.........

.........1150 00 J. C. Wilson, Clerk.........

......... .........1000 00 Willis Fawcett, Clerk......................

........800.00 The chief of the Corps of Engineers is stationed at the seat of Government, and directs and regulates the duties of the Corps of Engineers, anı! Those also of such of the Topograr hical F.ngineers as may be attached to the Engineer Department; and also is the Inspector of the Military Academy, and is charg. ed with its correspondence.

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