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President of the Senate, in which body he has only a casting vote, which is given in case of an equal division of the votes of the Senators.

The Vice President of the United States, when he acts as President of the Senate, receives no addition to bis pay as Vice President, which is 85,000 per annum. In his absence a President pro tempore is chosen, who, during the period of his serv ces, receives $16 per diem for every day he attends

The House of Representatives is composed of members chosen every second year by the People of the several States; and the election in each

State must have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most nu. merous branch of the State Legislature.

Representatives are apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, which are determined by adding to the whole number of free persons, including thuse bound to service for a term of years, and excluding Indians not tased, three-fifths of all other persons.

An enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States must be made every ten years. The first enumeration was made in 1790, the fifth in 1830.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is chosen by a majority of the members of the House, for the terms of the Congress to which he belongs as member of the House. His privileges are the same as those of any other member; and his compensation is $16 per diem.

The Congress must assemble, at least once in every year on the first Monday in December, if not otherwise provided by law. The President of the United States may convene them at any time upon giving forty days notice. Neither House can adjourn for more than three days, with out the consent of the other, nor to any other place than that in which the two Houses shall be sitting. In case of disagreement about the time, the President of the United States may adjourn them to such time as he thinks proper. The Senate and House each form their own rules, and are, respectively, judges of their own election.

Senators, when elected, must be thirty years of age ; and Repre. sentatives twenty five years; and each Senator and Representative, must, when elected, be an inhabitant of the State in which he shall be chosen

The times, places, and manner of bolding electivos for Senators and Representatives, is prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may, at any time by law, make or alter such regulations, excepi as to the places of choosing Senators.

Both Senators and Representatives are, in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of the peace, privileged from arrest during their attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and is going to er res Turning from, the same ; and for any speech or debate in either House they cannot be questioned in any other place. Bills for raising revenue inust originate in the House; and the House solely has the power of im peachment.

No Member of Congress, can, during the time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil office under the authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the emoluments whereof shall have been lucreased, during such tiine ; and no person holdwg any vffice under the United States, can be a nember of either House during his continua ance in office; nor can he be concerned either directly or indirectly, in whole, or in part, in any contract, &c. with the United States.



First Session, Twenty-Third Congress.

MARTIN Van Buren, of New York, Vice President of the

United States, and President of the Senate.


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• ... .. 1835

......... 1837

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North Carolina. Peleg Sprague.... 1835 Bedford Brown.......

1895 Ether Shepley .1839 Willie P. Mangum.............

.. 1837 New Hampshire.

South Carolina Samuel Bell

1835 John C. Calhoun b)........ 1835 Isaac Hill......................1837 W . C. Preston (c) ............1837 Massachusetts.

Georgia. Nathaniel Silsbee....

1835 Joho P. King, (d).... Daniel Webster................. 1839 John Forsyth..................1837 Rhode I-land.

Kentucky. Nehemiah R. Knight...........1835 George M. Bibb......... 1835 Asher Robbins

......1839 Henry Cluy..... Connecticut.

Tennessee. Gideon Tomlinson..... .1837 Hugh L. White........ .1835 Nathan Smith..... ..1839 Felix Grundy.......

1839 Vermoni.

Ohio. Samuel Prentiss.. .... 1837 Thumas Ewing....

. 1837 Benjamin Swift........ .1839 Thomas Morris.

. 1839 Nero York

Louisiana. Silas Wright jun. (a)...........1837 George A. Waggaman......... 1835 Nathaniel P Tallmadge., ...,1839 Alexander Porter (e)..

........... 1837 New Jersey.

Indiana. Theodore Frelinghuysen .1835 William Hendricks............1837 Samuel L. Southard..........1839 John Tipton........... ..1839 Pennsylvania.

Mississippi. William Wilkins...... .... ..1837 George Poindexter...... .1835 Samuel McKean............ ..1839 John Black.....

1839 Delaware.

Illinoos. John M. Clayton... ...

1835 John M. Robinson............ 1835 Arnold Naudajn.. 1839 Elias K. Kane........

..1837 Maryland

Alabama Ezekiel F Chambers.......... .1837 William R. King

1835 Joseph Kent.....

.......1839 Gabriel Moore. ........ Virginia.

Missouri. William C. Rives..................!

.1835 Lewis F. Linn, (f )...........1837 John Tyler.......... .1839 Thomas H. Benton............. 1839

(a) In place of William L. Marey, resigned, elected Governor of New York.
(b) In place of Robert Y. Wayne, resigned, elected Governor of South Carolina.
(c) In place of Stephen D. Miller, resigned.
(d) In place of George M. Troup, resigned.
V In place of Josiah S. Johnson, deceased.

Lo place of Alexander Buckner, deocased.

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HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Members of the House of Representatives, for the First Session of the

Twenty Third Congress; showing the Congressional Districts in each State, and the Counties represented by each Member, where the Stale is diraded into Districts.

Note.-The Post Office of each Représentative, follows immediately after his name; the county in which he resides is in Italic. Andrew Stevenson, of Virginia, Speaker.

MAINE. 1 Rufus M'Intire, Parsonsfield, York. 2 Francis O. J. Smith, Portland, Cumberland, excepe three towns. 3 Edward Kavanagh, Damariscotta Mills, Lincoln, except four towns 4 George Evans, Gardiner, Rennebec, west of Keuneber River, except

4 towns, Somerset, west of Kennebec river, and I town in Lincoln 5 Moses Mason, Jr. Oxford, part of Cumberlanı, Lincoln, Kennebec. 6 Joseph Hall Camden, Waldo, and Kennebec, east of Kennebec river 7 Leonard Jarvis, Ellsworth, Hancock, and Washington. 8 Gorham Parks, Bangor, Penobscot, Son.erset, east of Kennebec river.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. 1 Benning M. Bear, Moultonborough, Stafford. ? 2 Robert Burns, Hebron, Grafton,

Elected by General 3 Joseph M. Harper, Canterbury Merrimack

Ticket. 4 Henry Hubbard, Charlestown, Sullivan 5 Franklin Pierce, Hillsborough, Hillsborough.

MASSACHUSETTS. 1 Benjamin Gorham, Boston, Suffolk. 2 Ruius Choate, Salem, Essex. 3 Gayton P. Osgood, North Andover, Essex. 4 Edward Everett, Charlestown, Middlesex. 5 (Vacant)* Worcester, Worcester. 6 George Greonell, Jr. Greenfielit, Franklin. 7 George N. Briggs, Lanesboro, Berkshire, 8 Isaac C. Bates, Northampton, Hampton. 9 (Vacant)t Norfolk. 10 William Baylies, West Bridgewater, Plymouth. 11 John Reed, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Nantucket and Dukes. 12 John Quincy Adams, Quincy, Norfolk.

RHODE ISLAND. 1 Tristam Burges, Providence, Providence Elected by General 2 Dutee J. Pearce, Newport, Veroport.

Ticket. CorneCricut. I Noyes Barber, Groton, New London 2 William W. Ellsworth, Hartford, Hartford. 3 Samuel A. Foot, Cheshire, New Haren.

Elected by Gen. 4 Jabez W. Huntington, Litchfield, Litchfield eral 'I'icket, 5 Samuel Tweedy, Danbury, Fairfield 6 Evenezer Young, Killingly Centre, Windham. • Occasioned by the resignation of John Davis, elected Governor of Massachusetts. + There has been no election in this District.


VERMONT. i Hiland Hall, Bennington, Benninglon, Windham, and Seven

Towns of Windsor. 2 William Slade, Middlebury, Addison and Rutland, 3 Horace Everest, Windsor, residue of Windsor and Orange. 4 Arman Allen, Burlington, Chittenden, Franklid, Grand Isle, and

part of Orleans 5 Benjamin F. Denuing. Dansville, Caledonia, Essex, and residue of Orleans.

NEW YORK. 1 Abel Huntington, Easthamption, Suffolk, and Queens. 2 Isaac B Van Houten, Clarkstowi), Rockland, Richmond and Kings.

Churchill C. Cambreleng, New York.
Campbell P White, New York.

City and County of
Cornelius W. Lawrence, New York.

New York.
Dudley Selden, New York
4 Aaron Ward, Mount Plea-ant, Westchester, and Pulman.
5 Abraham Bockee, Federal Store, Dutchess.
6 John W Brown, Newburg, Orange.
7 Charles Bodle, Bloomingburg, Sullivan, and Ulster.

Aaron Vanderpoel, Kinderhook, Columbia : Columbia, Greene
John Adams, Catskill, Green,

and Scoharie.
9 Job Pierson, Schaghucoke, Rensselaer.
10 Gerrit Y. Lansing, Albany, Albany.
11 John Cramer, Waterford, Saratoga and Schenectady.
12 Henry C. Martindale, Sandy Hill, Washington.
13 Reubeo Whallon, Split Rock, Essex, Warren and Clinton.
14 Ransom H Gillet, Ogrlensburg, St. Lawrence, and Franklin.
15 Charles M Vean, Conajoharie, Montgomery and Hamilton.
16 Abijab Maon, jon. Fairfield, Herkimer and Lewis.
Samuel Beardsley,Ulica, Oneida

Oneida and Oswego. Joel Turrill, Oswego, Oswego s 18 Daniel Wardwell, Mansville, Jefferson. 19 Sherman Page, Unadilla, Otsego. 20 Noadiah Johnson, Delhi, Irelaware and Broome. 21 Henry Mitchell, Norwich, Chenangu

Samuel G. Hathaway, Solen, Cortlandl. 2 Cortlandt, Tompkins 22

Nicoli Halsey, Halseyville, Tompkins S and Tioga.
William Taylor, Maolius, Onondaga. Onondago and Madi.


23 som }


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24 Rowland Day, Sempronius Cayuga.
25 Samuel Clark, Waterlo, Wayne and Seneca.
26 Joho Dickson, West Bloomfirlin, Ontario.
27 Erward Howell, Bath, Steuben and Yates.
28 Frederick Whittlesey, Rochester. Monroe.
29 George W. Lay, Batavia Gennessee.
30 Philo C. Fuller, Alleghary and Livingston.
31 Abner Hazletine, Jamestown, Chaulauque, and Cataraugus.
32 Mellard Fillmore, Buffalo, Erie.
33 Girteon Hard, Albiun, Orleans, and Niagara.


Horace Binney, Philadelphia

. } city of Philadelphia.

NEW JERSEY. 1 Phileinon Dickerson, Patterson, Essex. 2 Samuel Fowler, Hamburg, Sussex. 3 Thomas Lee, Port Elizabeth, Cumberland. Elected by Gen4 James Parker, Perth Amboy, Middlesex.

eral Ticket. 5 Ferdinand S. Scheuck, Six Mile Run, Somerset. 6 William N. Shinn, Mount Holly, Burlington

PENNSYLVANIA. 1 Joel B. Sutherland, Philadelphia, East and West Southwark, Moya.

mensing, Passyunk, Kingsessing, Blockley, Penn Township, Ger

mantown, Roxborough and Bristol, in the County of Philadelphia 2

, 3 John G. Watmough, Philadelphia, Residue of Philadelphia County

William Heister, New Holland, Lancaster. 4 David Potts, Jr. Pottstown. Chester.

Delaware, Chester

and Lancaster. 5 Joel K. Mann, Jenkintown, Montgomery. 6 Robert Ramsay, Hartsvill, Bucks, 7 David D. Wagener, Easton, Northampton, Pike and Wayne. 8 Henry King, Allentown, Lehrgh and Schuylkill. 9 Henry A. Muhlenberg, Reading, Berks. 10 William Clark, Dauphin, Dauphin and Lebanod. 11 Charles A. Barnitz, York, York. 12 George Chambers, Chambersburg, Franklin, and Adams. 13 Jesse Miller, Landisburgh, Perry, Cumberland and Juniata. 14 Joseph Henderson, Browo's Mills, Mifflin, Huntingdon and Centre. 15. Andiew Beaumont, Wilkesbarre, Luserne and Columbia. 16 Joseph B Anthony, Williamsport, Lycoming, Union and Northumberland.

(and M.Kean. 17 John Laporte, Asylum, Bradford, Susquehanna, Tioga, Potter, 18 George Burd, Bedford, Bedford. Somerset and Cambria. 19 Richard Coulter, Greensburg, Westmoreland and Indiana. 20 Andrew Stewart, Uniontown, Fayette and Green. 21 T M. T, M'Kennon. Washington, Washington. 22 Harmar Denny, Pittsburg, Alleghany. 23 Samuel S. Harrison, Kitlaning, Butler, Clearfield, Jefferson, and

Armstrong. 24 Johu Bapks, Mercer, Mercer and Beaver. 25 Johoi Galbraith, Franklin, Venango, Crawford, Erie aad Warren.

John J. Milligan, Wilmington, New Castle.

MARYLAND. 1 Littleton P Dennis, Somerset, Princess Anne, Worcester, Somerset, and Dorchester.

[Kent and Cecil. 2 Richard B. Carmichael, Centreville, Queen Anne, Caroline, Talbot 3 Jaines Turner, Wiseburg, Baltimore, and Harford. 4 James P. Heath, Baltimore, 611, 71h, 8th, 9th, 10, 11th, and 121h

Wards of the City of Baltimore. 5 Isaac McKim, Baltimore, 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th Wards of the City

of Baltimore, Anne Arundel and the City of Anva polis.

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