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COMMITTEES OF THE SENATE. There are twenty Standing Committees in the Senate, appointed at the commencement of each Session of Congress : eighteen consist of five mem. bers, and two of three members each. In the appointment of the Standing Committees, the Senate proceeds by ballot, severally, to appoint the Chair.

man of each Committee, and then, by ballot, the other members necessary to complete the same ; and a majority of the whole number of votes given, is necessary to the choice of a Chairman of a Standing Committee. All other Committees are appointed by ballot, and a plurality of votes makes a choice. All Bills on a second reading are considered by the Senate in the same manner as if the Senate were in Committee of the whole, before they can be taken up and proceeded on by the Senate, unless otherwise ordered.

STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE SENATE. 1. Foreign Relations.--Mr. W11.. |11. Indian Affairs.—Mr White,

KINS, Chairman. Messrs Rives, Chairman. Messrs Frelinghuy

Forsyth, Sprague, and Mangum. sen, Tipton, Smith and Swift. 2. Finance.-Mr. WEBSTER, Chair- 12. Claims - Mr Bell, Chairman

Niessrs. Tyler, Ewing, Wil- Messrs Brown, Naudain, Wright kins and Mangum.

and Tipton. 3. Commerce.-Mr.SILSBEE, Chair. 13. Judiciary.--Mr. CLAYTON,

Messrs. King, of Alabama, Chairman. Messrs Bibb, PresWright, Waggaman and Sprague. ton, Smith and Bell. 4. Manufactures.--Mr. FRELING- 14. Post Office and Post Roads.-M,

HUYSEN, Ch'u. Messrs Knight, GRUNDY, Chairman Messrs Ew.

Morris, Lino, and Prentiss. ing, Rives, Clayton and Knight. 5. Agriculture -Mr. Brown, Ch’n 15. Roads and Canals.-Mr HEN

Messrs. Robinson, Kent, Wright, DRICKS, Chairman. Messrs Hill, and Swift.

Southard, Shepley and Kent. 6. Military Affairs.- Mr. BENTON, 16. Pensions - Mr. TOMLINSON,

Chairman. Messrs Tipton, Pres. Ch’n Messrs Prentiss, M'Kean, ton, Clayton, and King.

Tailmadge and Kane. 17. Militia. -Mr. ROBINSON, Ch'n.17 Revolutionary Claims.----Mr.

Messrs Hendricks, Waggaman, MOORE, Ch'n. Messrs Smith, M'Kean and Clayton.

Hill, White and Shepley. 8. Naral Affairs.--Mr. SOUTHARD, 18 District of Columbra --Mr.

Chairman. Messrs. Bibb, Rob CHAMBERS, Ch'n. Messrs Ty

bins, Tallmadge and Chambers ler, Southard Bibb and Tomlinson 9. Public Lands.-Mr. POINDEX- 19. Contingent Expenses of Senale.

TER, Chairman. Messrs Moore, Mr. KNIGHT, Chairman. Messrs

Prentiss, M•Kean and Clay Tomlinson and Tallınadge. 10. Privale Land Claims.- Mr.20. Engrossed Bills.Mr. SHEP

KANE, Chairman. Messrs Liun, LEY, Chairman. Messrs Morris Naudain, Poindexter and Silsbee. and Robinson.

SELECT COMMIT I EE. French Spolialions prior to 1800.- Contested Seal in Senale.--Messrs. Messrs WEBSTER, Preston, Cham. POINDEXTER, Rives, Frelinghuy

bers, Grundy, and Prentiss. sen Wright and Sprague.

The Joint Commillee on the Library, consists of Messrs. Robbins, Poindexler, and Bibb, on the part of the Senate, and Messrs. £. Evereli, Wayne, and Loyall, on the part of the House of Representatives.


All Committees are appointed by the Speaker, unless otherwise specially directed by the House, in which case they are appointed by ballot; and if upon the first ballot, the number required shall not be elected by a majority of all the votes given, the House then proceeds to a second ballot, when a plurality of voles prevails. There are twenty-nine Standing Committees in ihe House of Representatives; twenty one consisting of pine members, and eight of five members each. Twenty-three of these Comunitiees are a ppointed it the conimencement of each Session, and continue for one session only ; six are appointed at the commencement of each Congress, and continue to the first session of the succeed. ing Congress. All the standing Committees have leave to report by bill or otherwise, upon any matter committed to them. The Standing Committees are

1. A Committee of Elections, to examine and report upon the certificates of election, or other credentials, of the members returned to serve in the House, and 10 take into their consideration all petitions, and other matters touching elertions and returns.

2. A Committee of Ways and Means, to take into consideration reports of the Treasury Department, and all propositions relative to the revenue ; to inquire into the state of the public debt or the revenue, and of the expenditure ; to examine into the state of the several public Depart ments, and particularly into the laws making appropriations of moneys; and to report whether the moneys have been disbursed conformably with such laws; and, also, to report, from time to time, such provisions and arrangements as may be necessary to add to the economy of the Depart

ments, and the accountability of their officers. In preparing bills of appropriation for other objects, the Committee of ways and Means must not include appropriations for carrying into effect treaties made by the United States; and, where an appropriation bill shall be referred to them, which contains appropriations for carrying a treaty into effec and for other objects, they are to propose such amendments as shall prevent appropriations for carrying a treaty into effect being included in the same bill with appropriations for other objects.

3 A Committee of Claims, to take into consideration all petitions and matters or things touching claims avd demands on the United States.

4. A Committee on Commerce, to take into consideration all petitions and matters or things touching the commerce of the United States.

5. A Coininitiee on the Public Lands, to take into consideration all petitions and matters or things respecting the lands of the United States.

6. A Comınittee on Post Offices and Post Roads, to take into conside. ration all petitions and matters or things touching the post office and

pust roads.

7. A Committee for the District of Columbia, to take into consideration all petitions, matters, or things, touching the said District.

8. A Committee on the Judiciary, to take into coosideration all peti. lions and matters or things touching judicial proceedings.

9. A Committee on Revolutionary Claims, 10 trie into consirleration ill prtitions and matters or things touching claims and demands originatg in the revolutionary war, or arising the refrom. 10 A Committec on Public Expenditures, to examine into the state of


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the several public Departments, and particularly into laws making appropriations of moneys, and to report whether the moneys have been disbursed conformably with such laws; and, also, to report, from time to time, such provisions and arrangements as may be necessary to add to the econoiny of the Departments, and the accountability of their fficers.

11 A Committee on Private Land Claims, to take into consideration all claims to land.

12. A Conimittee on Manufactures. The rules of the House assign 13. A Committee on Agriculture. no special duties to these Com14 A Committee on Indian Affairs. mitlees,

15 A Committee on Military Affairs, to take into consideration all subjects relating to the military establishment and public defence and, also, to report, froin time to time, such measures as may contribute to economy and accountability in the said establishment.

16 A Committee on Naval Affairs, to take into consideration all matters which concern the naval establishment; and, also to report, from time to time, such measures as may contribute to economy and accountability in the said establishment.

17. A Committee on Foreign Affairs, to take into consideration all marters which concern the relations of United States with foreign nations,

18. A Committee on the Territories, 10 examine into their legislative, civil, and criminal proceedings, and to devise and report to the House such means as, in their opinion, may be necessary to secure the rights and privileges of residents and non-residents.

19. A Committee on Revolutionary Pensions, to take into considera. Lion all matters respecting pensions for services in the revolutionary war, other than Invalid Pensjons.

20 A Committee on Invalid Pensions, to take into consideration all matters respecting Invalid Pensions.

21. A Committee on Roads and Canals, to take into consideration all petitions and matters or things relating to roads and canals, and the improvement of the navigation of rivers.

22. A Committee of Rrvisaland Unfinished Business, to examine and repori what laus have expired, or are near expiring and require to be revived or further continued ; also, to examine and report from the Journal of last session, all such matters as were then depending and undeter. mined.

23. A Committee of Accounts, to superintend and control the expenditures of the contingent fund of the House of Representatives, and to audit and settle all accounts which may be charged thereon ; and also to aurtit the accounts of the meinbers for their travel to and from the Seat of Government, and their attendance in the House.

Committees on so much of the Public Accounts and Expenditures24. As relate to the Department of State ; These six Committees 25. As relate to the Treasury Department; are appointed at the 26. As relate to the Department of War; commencement of a 27 As relate to the Department of the Navy ; [ Congress, and conti28. As relate to the Post Office ; and.

nue to the 1st Sess, of 29. As relate to the Public Buildings.

succeeding, Congress. It is the duty of the six foregoing Committees to examive into the state of the accounts and expeurtitures respectively subinitted to them, and to


inquire and report particularly-Whether the expenditures of the respective Departments are justified by law: Wheth: the claims from ftime to time satisfied and discharged by the respective Departments are supported by sufficient vouchers, establishing their justness both as to their character and amount : Whether such claims have been discharged out of funds appropriated therefor; and whether all moneys have been disbursed in conformity with appropriation laws: and whether any, and what. provisions are necessary to be adopteil, to provide more perfectly for the proper application of the public moneys, and to secure the Goveroment from deinapds onjust in their character, or extravagant in their

And it is, moreover, the duty of the said Committers to report, from time to time, whether muy and what, retrenchment can be made in the expenditures of the several Departments, without detriment to the public service; whether any, and what, abuses at any time exist in the failure to enforce the payment of moneys which may be due to the United Siates from public defaulters or others; and to report, from time to time. such provisions and arrangements as may be necessary to add to the economy of the several D-partinents, and the accountability of their officers. STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

(I'he Chairman is the first named on each Committee.) 1. Du Electrons.-Messrs. Clai |3. On the Judiciary.- Messrs. Bell

borve, Griffin, Hawkins, of N. C. of Ten. Ellsworth, Foster, GorBanks, Vanderpoel, Jones, of Ga. don, Beardsley, Thomas, of Md

Peyton, Hamer and flannegan. Hardin, Parks and Pierce of N.H. 2. On Ways and Means:-Messrs. 9. On Revolutionary Claims.

Poik, Wilde, Cambreleng, Gor- Messrs. Muhlenberg, Crane, Bates ham, Mekin, Binney, Loyall, Stapdefer, Boulding Marshall, McKinley and Hubbard.

Young, Baylies and Turrill. 3. On Claims — Messrs Whittle-10. On Public Expenditures.

sey, of Onio, Barber, McIntire, Messrs. Davenport, Lyon, Page, Greonell, H. King, Gholson, Cra. Clark of Penn Tweedy, Gillet,

mer, Forester and Bynum. Hall, of Vt. McLene and Kinnard. 4. On Commerce.-Messrs. Suther 11. On Privule Land Claims

land, Davis, of Mass.; Harper, of Messrs. Johnson of Tenn. Mardis, N. H.; Toot, McKay, Lawrence, Carr, Galbraith, Mann of N. Y.

Pinokney. Heath and Selden. Cage, Felder, Casey and Bull. 5. On the Public Lands.-Messrs. 12. On Manufactures.--Messrs. Ad

Clay, Duncan, Boon, Mason, ams, of Mass Huntington of Con. Claytoo, Slade, of Vt. Leavitt, Denny, Davis of . C. Corwin, Ashley and Inge.

Dickerson, Martindale, McCo. 6. On Post Office and Post Roads. mas and Osgood.

--Messrs. Condor, Kavanagh, 13. On Agrioulture.-Messrs. BocPearce, of R. I.; Thomas, of lou. kee, Taylor of Va. Hathaway, Briggs, Murphy, Lane, Lytle, Barnitz, Bean, Dunlap, Clowney, and Laporte.

Turner and Davis of Ky. 7. On the District of Columbia.- 14. On Indian Affairs.--Messrs.

Messrs. Chino, W. B Shepard, Lewis, Gilmer, McCarty. Everett McKennan, Sloddert, Allen, of Va of Vt. Grahain, Allen of Ohio, Denois, Heister, Fillinore, Taylor, Dickinson of Ten. Howell, Love, of N. York.

15. On Military Affairs.Messis,

Johuson of Ky. Van'e, Speight, ness. -— Messrs. Dickson, Harris
Ward, Blair of $. C. Thompson son, McVean, Shinn, Beally,

of Ohio, Burd, Coffee ani Bunch. 23. On Accounis. - Messrs. Mann 16. On Naral Affairs. Messrs. of Pa. Lee of N, J. Mitchell

White of NY. Milligan, Wat. of N. Y. Crocketi and Miller. nough, Patton, Lansing, Reed, 24. On Expenditures in Ljeparl.

Grayson, Parker and Smith ment of Slale.Messrs. A. H. 17. On Foreign Affairs.-Messrs. Shepperd, Day, Beaumont, Bodle

Archer, Evereti of Mass. Wayne, and Patterson.
McDuffie, Hall of N. C. Coulter, 25. On Expenditures in Deparlo

Jarvis, Pierson and ' armichael. ment of the Treasury.-Messrs. 18. On Territories.-Messrs. Wil. Allen of Vt. P C. Fuller. Harper

liams, Allan of Ky. Putis, Joho- of Pa. Spangler and Clark of N.Y. son of N. Y. Anthony, Wilson, 26. On Expendilures in DeparlJones of Ohio, Ewing, Gamble. ment of War.- Messrs. Whittle19. On Revolutionary Pensions.- sey of N. Y. Deberry, Chambers,

Wardwell, Barringer, Tompkins Webster, and Halsey.
Moore of Va. Lea, Deming, W 27. On Expenditures in Depart.

K. Fuller, Fowler and Bell of O. ment of Nary.-Messrs. Hall of 20. On Invalid Pensions.--Messrs. Me. Huntingdon of N. Y Ram

Eurges, Evans, Beale, Schley, say, Sloane and Van Houten. Adams of N. Y. Schenck, Chilton, 28. On Expenditures in Department

Chauey and Mitchell of Ohio. of Post Office.-Messrs. Hawes, 121. On Roads and Canals. Messrs. Fulton, Burns, Wagener, Lay.

Mercer, Blair of Tenn. Vinton, 29. On Expenditures on Public Stewart, Rencher, Johoson of Md. Buildings.-Messrs. Whallon,

Lucas, Pope and Slace of Ill. Darlington, Brown, Henderson 22. On Revisal and Unfinished Busa- and Hard.

SELECT COMMITTEES. 1. On Mililia.-Messrs. Hubbard,|4. Assay Offices, &c.-Messrs. Con

Griffin, M.Carty, Lyon, Plum- nor, Blair, S. C. Gordon, Mann, mer, Hazletine, Beall, Grabam, Pa. Kavanagh, Schley, and Lee, aud Anthony

N.J. 2. On the Public Buildings.-Messrs 5 On Patents and Patenl Laus.-

Jarvis, Ward, Watmough, Tho- Messrs Vinton, Bullard, Slade, mas, Lov. and Lytle.

Vt. Stoddert, Moore, Va. Fill13. Gold and Silver Coins.-Messrs. more, Galbraith, and Schenck.

C. P. White, Gorham, White, La 6. On Engrossed Bills. Messrs Wise, Pinckney, Barnitz, and MóKeunan, Dickson, Briggs, MaTuraer.

son, Me, and Deming.

COMMITTEES OF THE WHOLE HOUSE. It is a standing order of the day, throughout the session, for the House to resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union, in which every proposition for a charge upon the people, and for appropriations of moneys, must be first discussed.

No sum or quantum of tax or duty, voted hy a Committee of the whole House, can be increased in the House until the motion or proposition for such increase shall be first discussed and voted in a Cominittee of the Whole House ; and so in respect to the time of its continuauce.

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