Histoire de la conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands: de ses causes et de ses suites jusqu'à nos jours, en Angleterre, en Éncosse, en Irlande et sur le continent, Količina 4

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Stran 401 - KING Richard hearing of the pranks Of Robin Hood and his men, He much admir'd, and more desir'd, To see both him and them. Then with a dozen of his lords To Nottingham he rode ; When he came there, he made good cheer, And took up his abode. He having staid there some time, But had no hopes to speed, He and his lords, with one accord, All put on monks
Stran 89 - ... les rôles de Robin Hood, de Petit-Jean et de toute la bande. Des traces de ce long souvenir, dans lequel s'anéantit pour le peuple anglais le souvenir même de l'invasion normande, subsistent encore aujourd'hui. On trouve dans la province d'York, à l'embouchure d'une petite rivière, une baie qui, sur toutes les cartes modernes, porte le nom de Robin Hood ; et...
Stran 407 - And come o' high degree ; And he is gone to Earl Richard To serve for meat and fee. Earl Richard had but ae daughter, « Fair as a lily flower ; And they made up their love-contract Like proper paramour. It fell upon a...
Stran 90 - On en compila même plusieurs collections complètes à l'usage des lecteurs des villes, et l'un de ces recueils portait le titre élégant de Guirlande de Robin Hood. Aujourd'hui ces livres, devenus rares, n'intéressent que les érudits; et l'histoire des héros de Sherwood, dépouillée de ses ornemens poétiques, ne se lit plus que parmi les contes à l'usage des enfans.
Stran 409 - He took the bonny boy in his arms, And kist him tenderlie ; Says, " though I would your father hang, Your mother's dear to me." He kist him o'er and o'er again ; " My grandson I thee claim ; And Robin Hood in gude green wood, And that shall be your name.
Stran 405 - I give leave to live ? So they are all gone to Nottingham, All shouting as they came : But when the people them did see, They thought the king was slain ; And for that cause the outlaws were come, To rule all as they list ; And for to shun, which ' way' to run, The people did not wist.
Stran 406 - And that the truth was known, They all did sing, God save the king ! Hang care, the town's our own ! What's that Robin Hood? then said the sheriff, That varlet I do hate; Both me and mine he caus'd to dine, And serv'd us all with one plate.
Stran 409 - And mony ane sings o' corn ; And mony ane sings o' Robin Hood, Kens little whare he was born. It was na in the ha', the ha', Nor in the painted bower ; But it was in the gude green wood, Amang the lily flower.
Stran 415 - Tos temps segran vostr' estrieus, Sol tant lare vos tenga dieus. Be m par , quan vos diziatz Qu'ieu soli' aver valor , Que me laysassetz ses honor , Pueys que bon me laysavatz ; Pero dieus m'a fag tan bon Qu' entr' el Puey et Albusson Puesc remaner entr' els micus, Qu'ieu no soi sers ni juzieus.
Stran 404 - Yes, with all my heart, bold Robin said. So they flung off their hoods, To serve the king in every thing, They swore they would spend their bloods. For a clergyman was first my bane, Which makes me hate them all, But if you will be so kind to me, Love them again I shall.

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