The works of Daniel De Foe [ed.] by W. Hazlitt, Količina 1

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Stran clii - ... for, after all my ruminating upon it, and what course I should take with it, or where I should put it, I could not hit upon any one thing, or any possible method to secure it, and it perplexed me so, that at last, as I said just now, I sat down and cried heartily. When my crying was over...
Stran 75 - It is true that the original of this story is put into new words, and the style of the famous lady we here speak of is a little altered ; particularly she is made to tell her own tale in modester words than she told it at first, the copy which came first to hand having been written in language more like one still in Newgate than one grown penitent and humble, as she afterwards pretends to be.
Stran 76 - But as this work is chiefly recommended to those who know how to read it, and how to make the good uses of it...
Stran xix - The original Power of the Collective Body of the People of England examined and asserted...
Stran xlvii - Caledonia, &c. A Poem in Honour of Scotland, and the Scots Nation (1706a).
Stran clii - I took that up, and wrapt it all together, and carried it in that a good way. I have often since heard people say, when they have been talking of money that they could not get in, I wish I had it in a foul clout...
Stran lvii - A New Test of the Sense of the Nation: Being a Modest Comparison between the ADDRESSES to the late King James, and those to her present Majesty. In order to observe how far the Sense of the Nation may be judged of by either of them.
Stran xiii - He says, that one of his ancestors remembered De Foe, and sometimes saw him walking in the streets of Bristol, accoutred in the fashion of the times, with a fine flowing wig, lace ruffles, and a sword by his side. Also, that he there obtained the name of " The Sunday Gentleman," because, through fear of the bailiffs, he did not dare to appear in public upon any other day.
Stran 98 - I had been tricked once by that cheat called love, but the game was over; I was resolved now to be married or nothing, and to be well married or not at all.
Stran xi - Fenwick, they proceeded to enact several laws for regulating the domestic economy of the nation ; among others they passed an act for the more effectual relief of creditors in cases of escape, and for preventing abuses in prisons and pretended privileged places.

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