History of Arizona and New Mexico: 1530-1888

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History Company, 1889 - 829 strani
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Stran 469 - Norte, or opposite the mouth of its deepest branch if it should have more than one branch emptying directly into the sea; from thence up the middle of that river, following the deepest channel where it has more than one, to the point where it strikes the southern boundary of New Mexico; thence westwardly, along the whole southern boundary of New Mexico (which runs north of the town called Paso...
Stran 297 - Rivers; performed by order of the Government of the United States during the Years 1805, 1806, and 1807. And a Tour through the Interior Parts of New Spain, when conducted through these Provinces, by order of the CaptainGeneral, in the Year 1807. By Major ZM Pike.
Stran 417 - House dissenting) had declared that 'by the act of the Republic of Mexico a state of war exists between that Government and the United States...
Stran 417 - The undersigned has instructions from his government to respect the religious institutions of New Mexico — to protect the property of' the church — to cause the worship of those belonging to it to be undisturbed, and their religious rights in the amplest manner preserved to them — also to protect the persons and property of all quiet and peaceable inhabitants within its boundaries against their enemies, the Eutaws...
Stran 689 - To my old comrades in arms, still in the ranks of the usurpers of their government and liberties, I appeal in the name of former friendship; drop at once the arms which degrade you into the tools of tyrants; renounce their service, and array yourselves under the colors of justice and freedom! I am empowered to receive you into the service of the Confederate States; the officers upon their commissions, the men upon their enlistments.
Stran 469 - ... to the point where it strikes the southern boundary of New Mexico; thence westwardly, along the whole southern boundary of New Mexico (which runs north of the town called Paso) to its western termination; thence northward along the western line of New Mexico until it intersects the first branch of the river Gila (or, if it should not intersect any branch of that river, then to the point on the said line nearest to such branch, and thence in a direct line to the same); thence down the middle of...
Stran 418 - Don Manuel Armijo, the late governor of this department, has fled from it. The undersigned has taken possession of it without firing a gun or shedding a drop of blood, in which he most truly rejoices, and for the present will be considered as governor of this territory. Given at Santa Fe, the capital of the territory of New Mexico, this 22d day of August, 1846, and in the 71st year of the independence of the United States.
Stran 517 - A steady, persistent campaign must be made, following them to their haunts — hunting them to the " fastnesses of the mountains. They must be surrounded, starved into coming in, surprised, or inveigled — by white flags or any other method, human or divine — and then put to death. If these ideas shock any weak-minded individual, who thinks himself a philanthropist, I can only say I pity without respecting his mistaken sympathy. A man might as well have sympathy for a rattlesnake or a tiger; '...
Stran 41 - I still found my selfe the farther off: in such sort that when I arriued at Chichilticale I found myselfe tenne dayes iourney from the Sea : and the father prouinciall sayd that it was onely but fiue leagues distance, and that hee had seene the same.
Stran 425 - It is foreseen that what relates to the civil government will be a difficult and unpleasant part of your duty, and much must necessarily be left to your own discretion.

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