Poetry of The Anti-Jacobin [by G. Canning and others].

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Stran 21 - Who in their coaches roll along the turnpikeRoad, what hard work 'tis crying all day, 'Knives and Scissors to grind, O'! "Tell me, Knife-grinder, how came you to grind knives? Did some rich man tyrannically use you? Was it the squire? or parson of the parish? Or the attorney? "Was it the squire, for killing of his game, or Covetous parson, for his tithes distraining? Or roguish lawyer, made you lose your little All in a lawsuit? "(Have you not read the Rights of Man, by Tom Paine?) Drops of compassion...
Stran 199 - Association for promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa...
Stran 104 - And from her own she learn'd to melt at others' woe, Scared at thy frown terrific, fly Self-pleasing Folly's idle brood, Wild Laughter, Noise, and thoughtless Joy, And leave us leisure to be good. Light they disperse, and with them go The summer friend, the flattering foe ; By vain Prosperity received, To her they vow their truth, and are again believed.
Stran 103 - Stern, rugged Nurse! thy rigid lore With patience many a year she bore ; What sorrow was, thou bad'st her know, And from her own she learn'd to melt at others
Stran 103 - Bound in thy adamantine chain, The proud are taught to taste of pain, And purple tyrants vainly groan With pangs unfelt before, unpitied and alone When first thy sire to send on earth Virtue, his darling child, designed, To thee he gave the heavenly birth, And bade to form her infant mind.
Stran 223 - As broad and general as th' unbounded sun ! No narrow bigot he ; his reason'd view Thy interests, England, ranks with thine, Peru ! France at our doors, he sees no danger nigh, But heaves for Turkey's woes th' impartial sigh ; A steady patriot of the world alone, The friend of every country — but his own.
Stran 103 - Whose iron scourge and torturing hour The bad affright, afflict the best! Bound in thy adamantine chain The proud are taught to taste of pain, And purple tyrants vainly groan With pangs unfelt before, unpitied and alone.
Stran 226 - Of aeting foolishly, but meaning well ; Too nice to praise by wholesale, or to blame, Convinced that all men's motives are the same ; And finds, with keen discriminating sight, BLACK'S not so black; — nor WHITE so very white.
Stran 106 - Each shepherd clasp'd, with undisguised delight, His yielding fair one, — in the Captain's sight : Each yielding fair, as chance or fancy led, Preferr'd new lovers to her sylvan bed.
Stran 138 - Still turn her fond hallucinating f eyes ; Thrills with Galvanic fires } each tortuous nerve, Throb her blue veins, and dies her cold reserve...

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