The Modern City and Its Problems

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1915 - 390 strani
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Stran 358 - ... reservations in and about and along and leading to any or all of the same ; and after the establishment, layout, and completion of such improvements, may convey any such real estate thus acquired and not necessary for such improvements, with reservations concerning the future use and occupation of such real estate, so as to protect such public works and improvements, and their environs, and to preserve the view, appearance, light, air, and usefulness of such public works.
Stran 350 - One principle should invariably be recognized : namely, where there is local benefit there should be local assessment. There can be no improvement which has been intelligently planned and executed which will not result in some local benefit, and it follows that there should always be some local asesssment.
Stran 305 - ... to grow up. It is more than an essential part of his education; it is an essential part of the law of his growth, of the process by which he becomes a man at all.
Stran 197 - There is no place in New York where a stately building can be looked up to from base to turret, none where it can even be seen full in the face and all at once taken in by the eye; none where it can be viewed in advantageous perspective. . . . Such distinctive advantage of position as Rome gives St. Peter's, Paris the Madeleine, London St. Paul's, New York, under her system, gives to nothing.
Stran 350 - It needs no extended argument to prove the equity and wisdom of local assessment wherever there is local benefit. That it has been done to such a limited extent in the past is no reason why it should not be more generally done in the future. That certain property owners have heretofore been treated with such prodigal liberality is no good reason why others should fatten through a continuation of an irrational and essentially unfair policy.
Stran 306 - Why does a flower need the light ? The child needs a playground because his growth is through activity, through those specific forms of activity which his nature has prescribed, and because, accordingly, he will never grow up — or he will grow up stunted and perverted — if he is denied those opportunities and objects to which his vital, instinctive and formative activities relate.
Stran 352 - Street to Spuyten Duyvil was about $69,300,000. If an estimated normal rise of $20,100,000, based upon the rise of the previous seven years, be subtracted from this, it leaves a rise of about $49,200,000, apparently due to the building of the subway, which is 104 per cent, increase on the value of 1900. "The rise in land values of the Bronx is likewise very noticeable. Taking a district along the subway extending in width about a half...
Stran 363 - the burden of municipal taxation should be so shifted as to put the weight of taxation upon the unearned rise in...
Stran 350 - There can be no improvement which has been intelligently planned and executed without some local benefit, and it follows that there should always be some local assessment. No improvement, however small or however large, will be of equal benefit to the entire city and to distribute the burden of paying for it over the whole city according to taxable values is unfair in that it Is not placed according to the benefit.
Stran 310 - ... year. In Chicago more than two-thirds of our children leave school to go to work before, or when, the eighth grade is reached. Since the dominant interest in the life of a youth is play and not work, and since the best growth and development at this age comes from play and not from work, it seems that more attention should be given to an all-year playground service and that it should take into consideration the young working boys and girls quite as much as the children in school.

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