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ination. They form one vast brotherhood, England's sweetest religious bard,* with and their trials, their labours, and their which we bring this book to a close : hopes are common. Neither difference of “Come, then, and, added to thy many crowns, language, nor separating oceans, nor diver. Receive yet one, the crown of all the earth,

Thou who alone art worthy! It was thine sity of government and of ecclesiastical

By ancient covenant, ere Nature's birth ; organizations, nor variety of modes of wor

And thou hast made it thine by purchase since, ship, can divide them. They have their And overpaid its value with thy blood. various difficulties to encounter, and their Thy saints proclaim Thee king; and in their hearts respective works to perform. And how T'hy title is engraven with a pen they should delight to encourage each oth

Dipped in the fountain of eternal love.

Thy saints proclaim Thee king; and thy delay er in every good enterprise, rejoice in each

Gives courage to their foes, who, could they see other's success, stimulate and reprove each The dawn of thy last advent, long desired, other (when reproof is necessary) with Would creep into the bowels of the hills, kindness, and not with bitterness; and thus

And flee for safety to the falling rocks. strive to hasten the universal triumph of

The very spirit of the world is tired

of its own taunting question, asked so long, the kingdom of their common Lord! And • Where is the promise of your Lord's approaca ?"" how appropriate to them is the prayer of

* Cowper-The Task, book vi.


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Abolition Riots, how viewed in this country, p. 331. Camp-meetings, origin and nature of, 216.

exaggerated report of, in Europe, Carolina, North and Sonth, benefits of dissolution of
333, note.

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Aborigines (see North America).

Charters of American Colonies, curious character
Academies and Grammar-schools, 148.

of, 27, 28.
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America (see North America);

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edge of, 29.

Christianity, happy influence of, on public order,
American Revolution, effects of the, on religion, 102. 332, 333.

morals, character of two foreign censors Christianity, only remedy for slavery in the United
of, 335, note.

States, 336, 337.
American, meaning of, when annexed to religious Churches and ministers at the Revolution, 103, 104.
societies, 140, note.

membership in, how obtained, 185.
American Sunday-school Union and Auxiliaries, 152.

evangelical, order prevalent in the, 218.
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three divisions of, 220.
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general statistics of the, 264,
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the, 140.

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union of, with State, when and how dissolv-
different methods of, 191.

ed, and effects, 112, 323, note.
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Church edifices, how built in cities and large towns,
Theology, great achievement of, 291.

Colonization Society, history of the, 314. Church edifices, how built in new settlements, 134.
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mis-

supply of, in the large cities, 134.
sions, origin and constitution of the, 300.

number annually built in United States, 324.
history of the, 301.

efficiency of Voluntary Principle in erecting,
statistics of the, 304.

plan of, for training a native ministry, 305. Church edifices, average size of congregations in,
annual meetings of, 306,

publications of the, 307.

Church edifices, estimate of number of, annually
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Anecdote of two young ladies under conviction, 212. Church edifices, grounds of alleged destitution of,
Anglo-Saxon Colonists, character of

, 23.

effect of Norman conquests upon, in Cobb, Mr. Nathl. R., charitable resolutions of, 328.
England, 29, 30.

Colleges and universities, 150.
Anti-slavery Societies, 176.

effect of state control upon,
Associate Reformed Church, 255.

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Colonial era, state of religion in the, 99.
Atonement, doctrine of, illustrated by American Colonists, religious character of the early, 51, 62.
theology, 291.

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advantages of African, 315.
Ballou, Rev. H., work of, on the Atonement alluded

plan of Gustavus Adolphus, 68.
to, 275.

Coloured people, our reported quarrels with the, 332.
Banditti, no organized hordes of, in United States,

disturbances chiefly between them

and foreigners, 332, note.
Baptists, Regular, account of the, 229.

Colony, influence of, at Liberia, 315.
Independents in church government, 230.

at Plymouth, account of the, 47-51.
Declaration of Faith of, 230,

ecclesiastical regulations of
statistics of the, 232.

the, 84.
Roger Williams not the founder of the Colony at Plymouth, causes of aversion of, to prel-
231; note.
Baptists, Board of Missions of, 309.

Congregations, new, how formed, 133.
Home Missions of the, 144.

Congregationalists, parent stock of those in Eng-
Seventh-day, notice of the, 251.

land, 224,
Free-Will, history of the, 251.

Congregationalists, not Dissenters, 225.
Missions of the, 312.

present religious system of, 225.
Campbellite, account of the, 251.

mode of church discipline among, 226.
Benevolence, interesting exainples of, 329.

mode of, for supporting public worship, 227.
Bible-classes, 156.

nature of the Associations" of, 228.
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pastoral office among early, lost by dismis-
Blind, asylums for the, 180.

sion, 228.
Boston, early settlement of, 54.

Congregationalists, ordination among, how perform-
Bouck, Hon. W. C., proclamation of, 320,

ed, 228.
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Congregationalists not Independents in practice, 229,
missionary labours of, 295.

• Consociations" among, nature of, 229.
Burr, Mr. Joseph, and Seniinary, notice of, 149, Congregationalism, opinions of, as to preventing
Bush-whacking" defined, 22.

heresy, 279.

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acy, 86.



Connecticut, early settlement of, 17, 56.

Jefferson, Hon. Thomas, proposal of, for establish-
union of Church and Slale in, dissolved, ing religious freedom, 110.

Jews, notice of the, 283.
Convent at Charlestown, burning of the, 270, nole. American Society for benefit of the. 313.
Conversion of a young man by a particular mode of Judicial order, striking instance of, in a new settle
preaching, 205.

ment, 332, note.
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Covenanters (see Reformied Presbyterians).

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effects of early union of Church and State
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effects of disunion of Church and State in,
English language first introduced in Dutch church. 115.
es of New York, 65.

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the last to dissolve union of Church

and State, 116.
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Massachusetts, dissolution of union of Church and
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State in, 112.

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ted States, 336, note.

statistics of the, 249.
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death of, 68.

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Protestant, origin of the, 262.
sembly, and opposition to, 106, 108.

Calvinistic, notice of the, 263.
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Stilwell, notice of the, 262.

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extent of support of, 137.
early opposition to Unitarianism

how trained and settled, 138.
in, 276.

proportion of evangelical Protestant, to
Henrico, University of, noticed, 61.

the population, 322.
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interesting facts respecting the, 78. Moore's Charity School,” notice of, 295.
eulogium on the, 80.

Moravians, notice of the, 81.
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Church of the account of, 250.

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Immigration, extent of, from foreign countries. 42. Mormons, origin and character of the, 285.

influence of, on the Voluntary Princi. Morris, Mr. Samuel, notice of, 105.
ple, 42, 43.

Muhlenburg, Rev. Mr., anecdote of, 113.
Indians, Society for Propagating the Gospel among, Murders, comparative number of, in England and
277, 278.

America, 334.
Indians (see Aborigines and North America). Murders, large proportion of, in United States com-
Insane, asylums for the, 178.

mitted by foreigners, 334, note.
Irish colonists, character of the, 24.
Italian colonists, character of, 25.

Nassau Hall College, when founded, 67.

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New-England, indebted to the religion of the colo- | Peace societies, 176.
nists for its character, 32, 33.

Penn, William, notice of, 69.
cause of rapid growth of settlements in, 57. Pennsylvania, early settlement of, 19, 70, 74.
apology for the Fathers of, 58.

character of colonists of, 70.
religious character of, 59.

Perkins Institution for the Blind, 180.
influence of early union of Church and State Philips Academy, notice of, 149.
in, 91-96.

Piedmont, immigration from, 82.
relations between Church and State in, 87. Plymouth Colony, account of the, 47–51.

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State in, how received, 115.

causes of aversion of, to prelacy, 86.
introduction and history of Unitarianism in, Plymouth Company, notice of, 52.
272, 275.

Poland, early immigration from, 81.
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tradition respecting the, 82.
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early eminent ministers of, 67.

sults, 333.
early relations between Church and State in, Political disturbances in United States, how exage

gerated abroad, 331.
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early relation between Church and State

deacons not members of, 235,
in, 90.

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- ministry in the, how licensed, 235.
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-origin and progress of Old and New School
views of first settlers of, on religious tolera- parties in, 242.
tion, 38.

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tion, 103, 104.

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solved, 104.

Primary schools, 146.
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obstacles to conversion of the Aborigines, 295, Prostitution, foreign exaggerated account of, 334,

sentiments respecting the extinction of the Protestant religion early established in South Caro-
Aborigines, 296.

lina, 123.
causes of the decrease of the Aborigines, 296. Protestant Episcopal Church, account of the, 220.
removal of the Indians by Government, 297.

Puseyism, how extensive in the, 223.
governmental sanction to missions among Board of Missions of the, 311.
the Aborigines, 299.

Theological Institution of the, 164.
similarity of original tribes of, 12–15. Providence, Rhode Island, settlement of, 57.
advance of civilization among Indians of, 299. Public worship, total cost of, in United States, 324,

causes of success of evangelical religion in, 325.

Public opinion, alleged tyranny of, in United States,
General and State Governments of, not indif- 292, note.
ferent to religion, 320.

Public disturbances and crimes, comparative few-
grounds of hope in relation to the churches ness of, 332.
in, 321.

Puritans, origin and character of the, 44-47.
union of Church and State in, when termi-

eulogy on the, 33.
nated, 323, note.

attention of the, to education, 147.
foreign objections to religious institutions of,

religious views of the, 272.

ecclesiastical usages of the, 272.
religious institutions of, not chargeable with
immoralities, 330.

Quakers, history and character of the, 263.
religious institutions of, not chargeable with

persecution of the,. 70, 93.
political broils, 331.
impositions in, as reported in Europe, 331, Rappists, notice of the, 283.

Reformed Dutch Church, history of the, 253.
prejudices against coloured people in, 331, Home Missions of the, 144.

Theological Seminary of the, 164.
financial integrity of General and State Gov. Religious liberality, noted individual instances cf,
ernments of, 330.

settlement of the interior of, 20–23.

Religious institutions of the United States, best
Northampton, Massachusetts, notice of revival at, means of knowing the, 31, 32.
198, 274.

Religious liberty, progress of, in America, 130, 318.
North Carolina, first settlement of, 19, 63.

present state of, in America, 318.
early relations between Church and

toleration, extract on, 319.
State in, 90.

Religion, state of, in the colonial era, 99.

exigencies of, in United States, 131.
Owenism, notice of, 286.

evangelical, causes of success of, in United

States, 320.
"Panoplist,” commencement of, in Boston, 276. Religion, true source of all success in promoting, 321.

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Religion, institutions of, not chargeable with public Success, true source of all, in promoting religion, 32).
crime, 330.

Sunday-schools, mode of conducting, 154.
Religion, institutions of, not chargeable with politi- Swedenborgians, notice of the, 282.
cal disturbances, 331.

Swedish settlements on the Delaware, 68.
Repudiation, wrong impressions respecting, abroad,

character of the colonists of, 69.

Swiss colonists, character of the, 25.
Repudiation, doctrine of, how viewed in this coun.
try, 330.

Temperance societies, 172.
Revivals of religion, nature of, 196.

Tennent, Rev. Messrs., opinion of Whitefield re-
character of early, 197.

specting, 203.
at Northampton, 198, 274.

Thanksgiving-day, publicly appointed, 320.
extensive in 1740-41, 199, 274.

governor's proclamation for, 320, note.
- peculiar character of, in Kentucky, 201. Theological Seminaries, 159–165.
remarkable, in Yale College, 2012

Tract societies, 168.
advantages of and best mode of conducting, Transcendentalism, notice of, 278, 279. ·

Transcendentalists, charged with Pantheism, 279.
consistency of, with our mental constitution, Transcendental sermon at South Boston, 279.

Trinity Church, New-York, funds of, 323, note.
instances of opposition to, disarmed, 208. Tunkers, notice of the, 282.
importance of orderly meetings in, 218.
happy instance of female influence in, 212. Union of Church and State, when terminated, 323,
alleged abuses in, 214.

pernicious effects of late meetings in, 218. Unitarianism, introduction and history, of, in New-
who oppose, 214.

England, 272, 275.
causes of prejudices against, 215.

circumstances favourable to the growth of,
Unitarian objections to, in New-England, 275. 275.
Revival preachers, objections to, 216.

different writers on, 276.
Rhode Island, early settlement of, 17, 56.

early opposition to, in Harvard College and
Rochester, rapid growth of, 135.

elsewhere, 276.
Roman Catholic Church, early establishment of, 270. early concealment of, 276.
conversions from, how checked, 272.

first disclosures of, and results, 276, 277.
statistics of the, 271.

first congregation that avowed, 275.
probable influence of, 271.

first American writer on, 275.

Unitarians, objections of, to early revivals in New-
Sabbath associations, 176.

England, 275.
comparatively good observance of, in the Unitarians, early philosophy of, 278.
United States, 334.

“ American Association" of, 278.
Sabbath, interest of railroad and steamboat compa-

religious belief of, 278.
nies to observe, 334, note.

introduction of Transcendentalism
St. Charles city, Virginia, massacre at, 61.

among, and results, 278, 279.
Scotch colonists, character of the, 24.

“United Brethren in Christ,” account of the, 261.
persecution of the, 73.

United States, geographical notice of the, 35-37.
Scotland, early cause of immigration from, 72, 73.

power of government of, in promoting reli-
religious influence of immigrants from, 75. gion, 116.
Scottish Secession churches, account of the, 255.

religious character of government of the, 118.
Foreign Missions of, 312.

action of government of, Christian, 120.
Seamen, efforts to promote the interests of, 172.

state governments of, Christian, 120.
Sects, advantages of numerous evangelical, 266.

when, may be directed to-
nature and character of theological discus- wards religion, 127.
sions among, 290.

church discipline in the, 183.
Sects, grounds of alleged want of harmony among, moral character of ecclesiastical discipline
267, 269

in, 189.
Sects, evangelical, often commingle, 268.

causes of diversity of religious doctrine in, 287.
differences between evangelical and unevan-

difference between evangelical and other
gelical, 288.

sects in, 288.
Sects, extent of doctrinal agreement among, 289.

alleged tyranny of public opinion in, 292, note.
Shakers, account of the, 283.

religious literature of the, 169.
recent extraordinary book of the, 284, note. misrepresentation of family discipline in, 335,
Slavery, true position of the country respecting, 335. note.
how entailed on this country, 335.

character of political papers in the, 171,
severe clause against, in original Declara- commencement and progress of religious lib-
tion of Independence, 336, note.

erty in, 130.
Slavery, when abolished by the free states, 336.

- comparative smallness of standing army in
increase of, since the Revolution, 336.

how to be ultimately abolished, 336.

absence of military police in the, 333.
an obstacle to promotion of religion, 40.

comparative morality of the people of the, 333.
Christianity the only remedy for, 336, 337. much of the gross crime of, imported, 334.
extent of, in the United States, 42.

Universalists, origin of, in the United States, 281.
difficulties attending the abolition of, 336.

doctrinal, belief of the, 282.
severity of foreign Christians respecting, 337. definition of, in the United States, 275, 276.
Slavery, proper Christian spirit in relation to, 337,338. difference between, and Unitarians, 277,
Smith, Mr. Normand, extract from memoir of, 327.
South Boston, Transcendental sermon at, 279. Virginia, early settlement of, 17.
South Carolina, early settlement of, 19, 63.

the first to dissolve union of Church and
early relations between Church and State, 105.
State in, 90.

religious character of first settlers of, 61.
Southern States, religious character of the early intolerance of Legislature of, 62.
colonists of, 60.

early relations between Church and State in,
State legislation here, friendly to Christianity, 126. and effects, 88, 89, 96.
Stoddard, Rev. Mr., peculiar sentiments of, 273.

legislation in, about religion, 110.
Story, Chief-justice, opinion of, on State patronage effects of dissolution of Church and State in,
of religion, 116.


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