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Residents of the City of Stockton,
over the age of 10 years, may draw
books from the Library, and take the
same to their homes, subject to the
conditions and liabilities provided in
Rules and Regulations.

Works of fiction may be retained 14
days; other books 28 days. Books in
this class may be drawn two consecu-
tive terms, upon return and renewal.

A fine of five cents per day shall be paid on each volume which is not returned according to the provisions in the preceding rules.

All injuries to books beyond reasonable wear, and all losses shall be promptly adjusted to the satisfaction of the Librarian. If the book lost or damaged be one of a set, the person shall pay the full value of the set. All books or sets of books so paid for shall become the property of the person paying for them.

Borrower Cards should not be used by any one outside of their own household.


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