William Makepeace Thackeray

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W. Blackwood, 1903 - 262 strani
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This 1903 volume offers a collection of essays on Thackeray's life and literary career, including a look at popular taste in London during his time.

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Stran 182 - The first sense of sorrow I ever knew was upon the death of my father, at which time I was not quite five years of age; but was rather amazed at what all the house meant, than possessed with a real understanding why nobody was willing to play with me.
Stran 12 - Rauch's statuette. His complexion was very bright, clear and rosy. His eyes extraordinarily dark,* piercing and brilliant. I felt quite afraid before them, and recollect comparing them to the eyes of the hero of a certain romance called Melmoth the Wanderer...
Stran 91 - And, as we bring our characters forward, I will ask leave, as a man and a brother, not only to introduce them, but occasionally to step down from the platform, and talk about them : if they are good and kindly, to love them and shake them by the hand : if they are silly, to laugh at them confidentially in the reader's sleeve : if they are wicked and heartless, to abuse them in the strongest terms which politeness admits of.
Stran 11 - Of course I remember very well the perturbation of spirit with which, as a lad of nineteen, I received the long-expected intimation that the Herr Geheimrath would see me on such a morning.
Stran 11 - DEAR LEWES, — I wish I had more to tell you regarding Weimar and Goethe. Five-and-twenty years ago, at least a score of young English lads used to live at Weimar for study, or sport, or society ; all of which were to be had in the friendly little Saxon capital The Grand Duke and Duchess received us with the kindliest hospitality. The Court was splendid, but yet most pleasant and homely. We were invited in our turns to dinners, balls and assemblies there. Such young men as had a right, appeared...
Stran 112 - Arbuthnot was a man of great comprehension, skilful in his profession, versed in the sciences, acquainted with ancient literature, and able to animate his mass of knowledge by a bright and active imagination; a scholar with great brilliance of wit, a wit who, in the crowd of life, retained and discovered a noble ardour of religious zeal.
Stran 220 - ON the library wall of one of the most famous writers of America, there hang two crossed swords, which his relatives wore in the great War of Independence. The one sword was gallantly drawn in the service of the king, the other was the weapon of a brave and honored republican soldier. The possessor of the harmless trophy has earned for himself a name alike honored in his ancestors' country and his own, where genius such as his has always a peaceful welcome.
Stran 164 - Is it that we grow more tender as the moment of our great separation approaches ? or is it that they who are to live together in another state, (for vera amicitia non nisi inter bonos,) begin to feel more strongly that divine sympathy which is to be the great band of their future society...
Stran 147 - There she is — the great engine — she never sleeps. She has her ambassadors in every quarter of the world — her couriers upon every road. Her officers march along with armies, and her envoys walk into statesmen's cabinets. They are ubiquitous. Yonder journal has an agent, at this minute, giving bribes at Madrid ; and another inspecting the price of potatoes in Covent Garden. Look! here comes the Foreign Express galloping in. They will be able to give news to Downing Street to-morrow : funds...
Stran 92 - This, dear friends and companions, is my amiable object — to walk with you through the Fair, to examine the shops and the shows there ; and that we should all come home after the flare, and the noise, and the gaiety, and be perfectly miserable in private. " If that poor man of mine had a head on his shoulders,

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