Feudal and Military Antiquities of Northumberland and the Scottish Borders

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Bell and Daldy, 1858 - 312 strani
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Stran lxxxvii - Ildesemensis salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. Cum a nobis petitur, quod justum est et honestum, tarn vigor equitatis quam ordo exigit rationis, ut id per sollicitudinem officii nostri ad debitum perducatur effectum.
Stran lxxvi - In cujus rei testimonium has litteras nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste me ipso apud Westmonasterium octavo die Julij anno regni nostri quartodecimo.
Stran 210 - In such access of mind, in such high hour Of visitation from the living God, Thought was not ; in enjoyment it expired. No thanks he breathed, he proffered no request; Rapt into still communion that transcends The imperfect offices of prayer and praise, His mind was a thanksgiving to the power That made him; it was blessedness and love!
Stran 217 - O'er either door a sacred text Invites to godly fear ; And in a little scutcheon hung The cross, and crown, and spear. Up to the altar's ample breadth Two easy steps ascend ; And, near, a glimmering, solemn light Two well-wrought windows lend.
Stran 217 - There, decked with many a flower and herb, His little garden stands ; With fruitful trees in shady rows, All planted by his hands. Then, scooped within the solid rock, Three sacred vaults he shows : The chief a chapel, neatly arched, On branching columns rose.
Stran 161 - ... is forfeited. The system of servitude formerly observable in the northern parts of Germany did not escape the notice of Tacitus, who speaks of a class corresponding to our modern hinds in the following words : " Suam quisque sedem, suos penates régit. Frumenti modum dominus, aut pecoris, aut vestís, ut colono injungit: et servus hactenus paret.
Stran 135 - This year went Siward the earl [of Northumbria] with a great army into Scotland, both with a ship force and with a land force, and fought against the Scots, and put to flight King Macbeth, and slew all who were the chief men in the land, and led thence much booty, such as no man before had obtained. But his son Osbarn, and his sister's son Siward, and some of his house-carles, and also of the king's, were there slain, on the day of the Seven Sleepers," (July 27.) Bishop Aldred, of Worcester, is sent...
Stran 251 - On the west« parte of the said house is another little house, standing east and west, upon the south wall, called the nursery, in length tenn yeards, and in breadth six yeards, or thereaboutes, of two house height, covered alsoe with slate.
Stran cxix - Salvo custodiri fac donee aliud inde preceperimus et per sacramentum proborum et legalium hominum de Balliva vestra per quos rei veritas melius sciri poterit diligenter inquiratis quantum terre idem Rogerus tenuit de nobis in capite in Balliva vestra die quo obiit et quantum de aliis et per quod servicium et quantum...
Stran 251 - ... and in breadth six yards, or thereaboutes. There is opposite to the said gatehouse-tower, joyning to the north wall of the said castle, one hall of eighteen yeards of length, and nine yeards of breadth, or thereabouts, within the walls, covered alsoe with lead; albeit the tymber and leade in some decay. Between the said...

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