Histoire de la conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands: de ses causes et de ses suites jusqu'à nos jours, en Angleterre, en Écosse, en Irlande et sur le continent, Količina 4

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Stran 381 - KING Richard hearing of the pranks Of Robin Hood and his men, He much admir'd, and more desir'd, To see both him and them. Then with a dozen of his lords To Nottingham he rode ; When he came there, he made good cheer, And took up his abode. He having staid there some time, But had no hopes to speed, He and his lords, with one accord, All put on monks
Stran 387 - O narrow is my gown, Willie, That wont to be sae wide; And gane is a' my fair colour, That wont to be my pride.
Stran 389 - But gin my daughter be dead or sick, Or yet be stown awa, I mak a vow, and I'll keep it true, I'll hang ye ane and a...
Stran 384 - Yes, with all my heart, bold Robin said. So they flung off their hoods, To serve the king in every thing, They swore they would spend their bloods. For a clergyman was first my bane, Which makes me hate them all, But if you will be so kind to me, Love them again I shall.
Stran 386 - I know what you mean ; Come, take your gold again ; Be friends with me, and I with thee. And so with every man. ' • Now, master sheriff, you are paid, And since you are beginner, As well as you give me my due, For you ne'er paid for that dinner. " But if that it should please the king So much your house to grace, To sup with you, for, to speak true, [I] know you ne'er was base.
Stran 385 - I am the king, thy sovereign king, That appears before you all : " When Robin saw that it was he, Strait then he down did fall. " Stand up again," then said the king, " I'll thee thy pardon give ; Stand up, my friend ; who can contend, When I give leave to live ? " So they are all gone to Nottingham, All shouting as they came : '•'» But when the people them did see, They thought the king was slain ; And for that cause th...
Stran 383 - And when they came bold Robin before, Each man did bend his knee O, thought the king, 'tis a gallant thing, And a seemly sight to see.
Stran 385 - So they are all gone to Nottingham, All shouting as they came : But when the people them did see, They thought the king was slain ; And for that cause the outlaws were come, To rule all as they list ; And for to shun, which ' way' to run, The people did not wist.
Stran 78 - Hood soit né comme le dit cette romance ; " dans le bois verdoyant, au milieu des lis en fleur," c'est dans les bois qu'il passa sa vie à la tête de plusieurs centaines d'archers, redoutables aux comtes, aux vicomtes, aux évêques et aux riches abbés d'Angleterre, mais chéris des fermiers, des laboureurs, des veuves et des pauvres gens. Ils accordaient paix et protection à tout ce qui était faible et opprimé, partageaient avec ceux qui n'avaient rien les dépouilles de ceux qui s'engraissaient...
Stran 388 - Intill a robe o' red scarlet She lap, fearless o' harm ; And Willie was large o' lith and limb, And keppit her in his arm.

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