The New York Annual Register

Sprednja platnica
Edwin Williams
J. Leavitt, 1832
Containing an almanac; civil and judicial list; with political, statistical and other information respecting the state of New York and the United States.

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Stran 246 - Court of the city of New-York." 4th. Each of the assistant justices in the city of New-York are required to hold a court in the said city within the ward or wards for which he is appointed. 5th. The justices of the Justices' Court of the cities of Albany and Hudson, are authorized to hold courts therein, to be called respectively " The Justices' Court of the city of Albany," and " The Justices
Stran 236 - Our schools are in the lowest order — the instructors want instruction ; and through a long shameful neglect of all the arts and sciences, our common speech is extremely corrupt, and the evidences of a bad taste, both as to thought and language, are visible in all our proceedings public and private.
Stran 138 - ... time of his giving bond, or from the date of his last quarterly account. 2. The days on which sales were so made, and the amount of each day's sale, designating the sales made by himself, or in his presence, and those made in his absence by his partner or clerk, and the causes of his absence.
Stran 246 - New York) shall have the power to hold courts of general sessions to try all crimes except those punishable with death or imprisonment for life. The mayor, recorder, and...
Stran 236 - New- York is one of the most social places on the continent. The men collect themselves into weekly evening clubs. The ladies, in winter, are frequently entertained either at concerts of music or assemblies, and make a very good appearance.
Stran 353 - ... dollars per ton: Provided, That all iron in slabs, blooms, loops, or other form, less finished than iron in bars or bolts, and more advanced than pig iron, except castings...
Stran 235 - to think no more of it, and that the occasion justified it, according to the principles and rules of war. He did more." said Burgoyne, " he sent an aid-de-camp" to conduct me to Albany, in order, as he expressed it, to procure better quarters than a stranger might be able to find. That gentleman conducted me to a very elegant house, and, to my great surprise, presented me to Mrs.
Stran 162 - The members of said board, and the secretary and -chief clerk thereof, shall take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office to be filed with the Secretary of State. The members of said board shall receive an annual salary of two thousand...
Stran 243 - Establishment and Improvement of Roads and Bridges, and the Incorporation of Turnpike Companies — Messrs.
Stran 234 - Our master and his mate determined to try some of the chiefe men of the countrey, whether they had any treacherie in them. So they tooke them downe into the cabin, and gave them so much wine and aqua...

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