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*222A-222B. Medieval Latin Sources of History. (2-2) Yr.

M, 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Selections from medieval authors will be read to teach fluency and accuracy in medieval Latin. The form and content of a large variety of texts will be studied critically. Open to qualified graduate students and to seniors who have had at least four years of Latin in the high school.

241A-241B. Seminar in Modern European History. (2-2) Yr.

W, 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Assistant Professor PALM

Subject for 1926-27: History of modern Europe, 1789 to the present


245A-245B. Seminar in Anglo-American Relations. (2-2) Yr.

Tu, 3-5.

Assistant Professor GUTTRIDGE Subject for discussion: English opinion in the American War of Independence.

251A-251B. Studies in English Constitutional History. (2-2) Yr.

Th, 3-5.

Professor MORRIS Subject for 1926-27: Studies in the Institutions of the Angevin Period.

261A-261B. Studies in the History of (1) Spain and Portugal; and (2) Hispanic America since 1810. (2-2) Yr.

Tu, 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Associate Professor CHAPMAN

265A-265B. Studies in the History of (1) Modern European Expansion; and (2) Mexico. (2-2) Yr. W, 3-5.

271A-271B. History of the United States.


(2-2) Yr. Tu, 1–3.

Professor MCCORMAC

Subject for 1926-27: Diplomatic History of the United States, 1815-1860.

281A-281B. Seminar in the History of Spanish North America. (2-2) Yr.

Th, 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Professor BOLTON

282A-282B. Seminar in the History of the Trans-Mississippi West. (2-2) Yr. W, 7:30-9:30 p.m.

299. Thesis for the Master's Degree.

Professor BOLTON


*Not to be given 1926–27; probably to be given 1927-28.


MARY F. PATTERSON, Associate Professor of Household Art and Design (Chairman of the Department).

HOPE M. GLADDING, Assistant Professor of Household Art and Design. HELEN W. FANCHER, Associate in Household Art.

MAE LENT, Associate in Household Art.

Letters and Science List.-Courses 1A-1B, 6A-6B, 176, 193A-193B, 194A194B, 195A-195B, 197A-197в, 199 are included in the Letters and Science List of Courses. For regulations governing this list, see page 4.

Preparation for the Major:

Required: High school courses in botany, chemistry, clothing. Freehand and mechanical drawing are recommended.

Lower Division Courses: Household Art 1^-1в (6), 6a-6в (4); History 4A-4B (6) or equivalents.

Recommended: Art 14 (2); Economics 1A-1B (6); Psychology 1a, 1B (6); Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, or German.

Note. Students who present three or four years of high school history at entrance to the University need not fulfill the prerequisite of History 4A-4B.

Interior decoration is a subject for advanced study requiring additional preparation in lower division courses. Students desiring to follow this advanced study should add Architecture 12A-12B and 13A-13в. Some of these courses may be deferred till graduate status has been reached. Household Art 193A-193в, 194A-194B, and 195A-195в should precede the graduate status. Architecture 12A, 13A, 14A are recommended.

The Major:

Twenty-four units of upper division work as outlined in Group I or II. I. General Course, preparatory for teaching:

Junior Year: Household Art 193A-193в (6), 194A (2); Civil Engineering 125 (2), I or II.

Senior Year: Household Art 197A-197в (4), 195A (3) or 195в (3), seven units selected from the following: Household Art 194B (2), 160 (2); Architecture 110 (1); Art 127 (2), 128▲ (2).

II. General Course, preparatory for advanced work in Costume Design and Interior Decoration.

Junior Year: Household Art 193A-193в (6), 194A (2) or 194в (2);
Civil Engineering 125 (2), I or II.

Senior Year: Household Art 195A (3), 197A (2), nine units selected from the following courses: Household Art 195в (3), 197в (2), 177A (2) or 177B (2), 160 (2); Art 127 (2), 128A (2); Architecture 110 (1); Economics 182 (3); Philosophy 136A (3). Honors Students in the Upper Division.-Honors at graduation will be awarded to students who have completed their major work with distinction and have attained uniformly high grades in all their college work. For students who attain the honors status an opportunity is offered to pursue a special line of work carrying 1 or 2 units of credit, which shall be determined in advance upon consultation with the instructor in Household Art 199, or a student may add 1 or 2 units of intensive work in connection with 193A-193в, or 194A-194в, or 195A-195B.

Laboratory Fees for each semester are payable as follows: Household Art 1A-1B, 194A-194B, each $1.50; 197A-197в each $2.00; 177A-177b, 193a193B, each $3.50. These fees cover blue prints for the history of costume, supplies for analysis, and construction problems. Materials for individual designs are to be furnished by the students.


1A-1B. Clothing, (3-3) Yr.

Associate Professor PATTERSON, Miss FANCHER, Miss LENT Lectures illustrated with stereopticon, W, 1; laboratory, Sec. 1, M, 1-4, W, 2-5; Sec. 2, Tu Th, 1-4. Prerequisite: matriculation credit 'clothing" or the equivalent.


Lectures on artistic appreciation through design; pattern and color in materials; the evolution of typical forms in clothing and household articles; the simplification or standardization of dress individualized by color and decorative features; uniforms; laces of historic character and those in common use; modern dress from the standpoints of hygiene, economics, and design.

6A-6B. Theory of Design and Color. (2-2) Yr.

Associate Professor PATTERSON

Lectures and laboratory, Tu Th, 9-12. Prerequisite: Freehand and mechanical drawing. Students electing this course may not receive credit for Art 6A-6B.

Principles of design; analysis of historic examples; original problems in the general field of design; outside work required.


193A-193в. The History of Costume and Evolution of Ornament. (3-3) Yr. Associate Professor PATTERSON Lectures illustrated with stereopticon, M W F, 10. Prerequisite: History 4A-4B or its equivalent. For students whose major is household art, course 193A should precede 193B.

Costume as pictured in the art of all ages, with a background of contemporary historical periods and their characteristic ornamental motives. Students will be required to make a style book.

194A-*194B. The History of Costume. Laboratory. (2-2) Yr.

M W, 1-4. Assistant Professor GLADDING Prerequisite: Household Art 6A-6B. Household Art 193A-193в should precede or be taken concurrently; Art 14 is recommended. With the approval of the insrtuctor 194в may be taken without 194A.

The application of the principles of design and color in costume and the decoration of fabric, inspired by a study of historic ornamental motives and ancient processes of decoration.

195A-195B. House Furnishing.

(3-3) Yr. Assistant Professor GLADDING Lectures illustrated by stereopticon; laboratory and field work. Lectures, Tu Th, 1; laboratory, Tu Th, 2-4.

Prerequisite: Household Art 6A-6B; Civil Engineering 125 should precede 195в. Course 195A is not prerequisite to 195B.

195A: The history of furniture as introductory to a study of "Period Styles' their origin, development, and influence on modern interior decoration, and their suitable application to its problems.

195B: The modern house-its site, plan, space relations and proportions, built-in equipment, hardware, finishes for walls, woodwork, floors; color and textures in furnishings; design, selection and placing of furniture, textiles, and decorative objects.

197A-197в. Advanced Clothing Design and Construction. (2-2) Yr.


Lecture and laboratory, M W, 9-12. Prerequisite: Household Art 1A-1B and 194A. For students whose major is household art, course 197A should precede 197в.

Application of the fundamental principles of design, color, theory, and construction to original problems in modern costume, designed and executed in material.

160. House Management. (2) II.


Lecture, M, 1; laboratory, discussion, and field work, M, 2-5. Prerequisite: Civil Engineering 125; Economics 1A-1B is recommended. Organization of the work of the household from the standpoint of efficiency, service, convenience: consideration of equipment and of a variety of systems for heat, light, ventilation, water; demonstration of labor-saving devices and improvement of method in common household tasks; household finances-budgeting, recording, buying. Visits will be made to institutions and manufacturing plants.

*Not to be given 1926-27; probably to be given 1927-28.

*177A-177B. Metal Work and Jewelry. (2-2) Yr.

Associate Professor PATTERSON F, 1–4; S, 9–12. Prerequisite: Household Art 6A-6в or equivalent. Recommended as a parallel: course 193A-193B.

An historic study of household silver-plate and other kinds of metal work, their typical ornamental forms and constructive processes in relation to modern design in jewelry and household ornament. Original designs will be executed in material.

199. Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates or Honors Students. (1 or 2) Either half-year.

The STAFF (Associate Professor PATTERSON in charge)

A reading knowledge of Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, or German is most desirable for this course. The field of study may include any type of decorative and applied art. Only specially qualified students will be admitted.

Methods of Instruction in Home Economics. (See Education 316.)


Concerning conditions for admission to graduate courses see page 3 of this announcement.

1294A-294B. Seminar in Costume Design. (3-3) Yr. M, 1-4; W, 2-5.

Associate Professor PATTERSON

This should be preceded by 193A-193B, 194A-194B, 197A-197в, and Art 128A.

Original designs for modern costume. Historic research in "Period Styles" for stage settings and costumes. Drawings, renderings in water color and other mediums.

+295A-295B. Seminar in Interior Decoration. (3-3) Yr. M, 1-4; W, 2-5. Associate Professor PATTERSON, Assistant Professor GLADDING Prerequisite: courses 193A-193в, 194a, 195a–195b.

Historical research in individual "Period Style" furnishings and interiors; analysis of the decorative and constructive processes employed and their application in original designs for modern purposes. vidual problems, conferences, and reports.

297. Advanced Study. (2) Either half-year.


Associate Professor PATTERSON, Assistant Professor GLADDING Research and study in the field of decorative design and household art contributory to the subject chosen for the Master's Degree or as preparation for teaching.

299. Thesis for the Master's Degree.


Associate Professor PATTERSON, Assistant Professor GLADDING

Not to be given 1926–27; probably to be given in 1927–28.

+ Either 294 or 295 will be given according to the needs of students.

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