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birds, Earth Doctor .by hiding in his staff, and some people by going into a hole in the earth made by Earth Doctor.

“After the flood Elder Brother was the ruler and Earth Doctor and Coyote his subordinates. When they found the middle of the land they all took part in a new creation. First death caused by Rattlesnake biting Rabbit. Burning corpse stolen by Coyote; afterwards he abused the woman and in retaliation the magicians concealed all the useful animals in a cave; these released by Coyote.

“Vantre supplied with magic gambling sticks by Feather-breathing Sí van. Elder Brother interfered and caused Vantre to be turned into an eagle. Eagle lived on mountain and preyed on the people until killed by Elder Brother.

Tarsnamkam sent his parrot to steal turquoises at Casa Grande; sent football to daughter of Sí van there; child born from this became the monster Hâ-âk, who killed and ate children until destroyed by Elder Brother. Tobacco plant grew from grave of old woman who had stolen Hâ-âk's blood.

“Elder Brother fell into disfavor with the people, who killed him several times, but he always came to life again, until the magic power of Vulture was invoked, who killed him through the agency of the sun. Came to life once more, but sank through a hole to the underworld, where the survivors of the flood lived. Some of these came above under his leadership and conquered the people there.

COYOTE. “After closing up by his laughter the hole through which the underworld people were coming up, Coyote wandered to the west, and one day made two other coyotes from his image in the water, Sandy Coyote and Yellow Coyote. They sailed on logs across the water, but Yellow became blind and they turned back and went to live near the Grand Canyon. Gambled with each other and Sandy won; Yellow assisted by Finish, who causes Duck and Black Beetle to run a race, in which latter won for Yellow. Sandy finally won Yellow's body and soul and killed him. Death finally avenged by his son, who won from Sandy by Stratagem.”

CHILDREN OF CLOUD. “Twin boys immediate result of marriage of Cloud and the beautiful mat maker, who had refused all suitors. Boys grow up, inquire for father, sent to the east to find him. Meet Wind, their uncle, and Cloud, their father. Tested by rain, thunder, and lightning, and accepted. After long visit start for home; encounter Raven, Hawk, Eagle, and Coyote; stand on each side of trail to avoid latter and are transformed into mescal.'

SKULL AND HIS MAGIC. “Man by night and Skull by day, he married maiden who had refused other suitors. Successful hunter because deer fell dead at sight of him. Winner in football race, thus silencing all ridicule."

ORIGIN OF THE HORSE. “Two brothers burdened with heavy game. One conceives plan of relief and asks other to help him. Latter cuts body of former into four pieces and throws them into a lake; in four days returns and finds four horses.


THEIR AUNT. Parents killed by Apaches and unmarried aunt supported children. While hunting one day warned by cottontail rabbit that Apaches had been at their house. On return find aunt dead, but never having seen a corpse did not recognize her. With mescal kept fire against her return; at night frightened and pursued by her ghost until all turned to stone.”

COYOTE AND THE QUAILS. “Quails cut pieces of fat from Coyote as he slept; he awakened and overtook them in camp; asked for refreshment and was given of his own flesh; starting on he was taunted about it by the quails. Turned to pursue them and almost ran them down when they ran into a hole, the foremost carrying a cholla stem. Coyote asked each in turn if she were guilty; on denial let them go; finally asked cholla, and receiving no reply, bit it hard and it killed him.”

THE WOMAN AND COYOTE. . “Coyote in cottonwood tree asked woman wading in river to give him some of her tortillas; she refused, but on being threatened went up to the tree and told him to jump down, as the water was shallow; but she was standing on a stump; when he jumped he was drowned in the deep water.”


“Boy whose mother captured by Apaches lived with his grandmother. Quarreled with her and started to find his mother. Reaching her he turned into a dove, and she carried him home; Apaches heard her talking her language to it, so the chief crushed it in his hand; pieces flew up through the smoke hole and turned into flock of hawks, who beat the Apaches to death. Mother and son started home, but turned into saguaros on the way.”

COYOTE AND THE BLUEBIRD. “Bird became blue by bathing in lake. Taught Coyote how, and he became blue, too. So proud that he gazed at himself as he went along and ran into a stump, fell into the dust and became gray, as he is to-day.”

THE BOY AND THE BEAST. “Parents killed by Apache and boy lived with grandmother. Frightened from berry bushes by terrible beast. Boy took some sharp stones and approached the beast, who swallowed him, cut his way out with the stones and thus killed the beast."

THE NAUGHTY GRANDCHILDREN. “Quarreled with grandmother and ran away; when pursued the boy turned into a saguaro and the girl into a palo verde. Old woman grasped the cactus and it killed her."

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